My High School year

May 15, 2017
By Volleyball_Life BRONZE, Wautoma, Wisconsin
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Volleyball_Life BRONZE, Wautoma, Wisconsin
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Author's note:

I was inspired when strange things began to happen in my life and some of my friends lifes too. Those strange things are changes, people come and people go. But the people that love you most will never leave you alone.

It was a Thursday afternoon I was still in school, waiting minute after minute for the bell to finally ring. I was sitting next to a girl named Nancy Rose. My first day of school I thought that when I met her she was very kind. But later on in the school year, I realized that she was a two faced, lying, sneaky, and very delinquent girl who gets what she wants or someone will end up hurt. I mean I am really tough but who knows what Nancy would do if someone got in her way, she is super young looking as if she looked like she is in the fourth grade but that girl could get away with murder if she wanted to. Anyways I had just gotten into class and I took my seat in art class the day that it happened.

Nancy sat by me, she asked me how I have been doing lately. I told her about how I was dating someone named Danny. She asked to see him so I showed her a picture of him that I had saved in my chromebook.

When she had seen the picture she asked “That is who you are dating”?
I answered “ Yes, why is there something that you don’t like about it”? “Well there’s nothing wrong with him, it’s just that he is so cute but you are just you.” she said. I felt like jumping over the table and punching her in the face.

An hour later that same day in art we were making clay pots. She grabbed a big ball of clay and dumped it in a bucket of water. She rubbed it all over her hands once the clay was soaking wet and she put her hands right in front of my face, waving them around and saying “Hey Sara, I am now changing your skin color.” I told her that if she didn’t move away from me in the next twenty seconds than I would jump over the table and she would be laying on the floor while I will be walking away from her unconscious body.

That was the day that I realized you can never trust Nancy and I realized that day that you should not judge a book by its cover. That same day two hours after that happened I went to the counselor's office to talk with Mrs. Danielle, I told her about what Nancy said. Mrs. Danielle told me to talk to my vice-principal about it all. So, like she told me to I went to Vice-principal Robert and he told me that he would take care of the situation. I was happy that he would do something about what Nancy said and did.

I was walking through the halls after my talk with Mr. Robert and you wouldn’t believe who walked up to me. Nancy came running to me open armed and crushed me in a bone crushing hug. “I realized today that what I said in art earlier was not something to say to a friend.” is what came out of her mouth before I could get a chance to breathe again.

I tried to find a way to tell her nicely that I didn’t want to be her friend.
But all I said was “It’s ok.”  I mean really “It’s ok” is all that I could say to her after the hurtful and racist kind of talk that she said to me just yesterday. I was in big trouble if I didn’t tell her the truth of what I think of her.
What would I tell my friends if they see Nancy giving me another hug and a perky yet friendly “What’s up Sara.” They would hate me if they thought that I was still friends with Nancy after I got done telling them about what happened.
What am I saying my friends would totally understand that Nancy just thought that we were friends. I mean if I tell them that she thought that we were friends. They would understand that thought was the key word.

RIGHT? The next day when I got on the bus I was talking to one of my best friends, Katie. I told her about what else happened the other day in school after I was done talking to Mr. Robert. I told her everything about it including the fact that Nancy still thinks that her and I are still friends.

Katie told me about how I need to just walk up to Nancy and tell her I don’t want to be friends anymore. And when Katie told me to do that I remembered how many people told me not to be friends with Nancy on the first day of school and I just told them that I didn’t believe them. I noticed then that we were almost at school so I put my chromebook in my bag.

And we got off of the bus and right there coming off of her own bus Nancy walks up to me and says “Sara how could you tell Mr. Robert?” I thought that we were friends, but now I know that you are just someone that acts as if you are the victim in situations!”

“Nancy I was the victim, you made fun of my skin color and you basically called me ugly when you said that about me and my boyfriend!”

“Sara, don’t talk to me at all but trust me when I say this, I will get you back for this and I will never forgive you, I hate you Sara Summerrs.” And with that she walked away not looking back I knew that she meant what she said. Katie turns to me and says “You did it, Nancy doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.”
“No, Katie you don’t get it I wanted to tell her nicely, not have her hating my guts. And did you hear her, she said that she would get me back, and who knows what she will do to me. She could do something like embarrassing me in front of the whole school. Or worse.” I gulped as I wanted to melt into my shoes. I walked into the school as I found out that nearly every single freshman knew what happened already and what it looked like they were all on Nancys side of the war and they all wanted to kill me too. Katie looked at me with a look that made me feel as if she turned on me even though she knew what actually happened, she turned on me and I was all on my own in this war.

So, this is how Nancy wants to attack me in this war. I let my guard down, I had no one on my side, and Nancy attacked and I was the first to go.

Chapter two
Lights, Camera, Confession

After that catastrophe I went to go sit down and eat breakfast but there no empty tables so I tried to sit by my friends Mia, Katie, Marya, and Luke and they just stared at me as if I was undeserving of that seat and said to me “Sorry this seat is taken.”

“What are you talking about? This is my regular seat. Or did we switch seats again?” I asked my friends with a small laugh trying to lighten the mood. All Mia said was “ I’m sorry, did I stutter?” She was staring at me with a look that could stop a man in his tracks possibly even a bear would stop seeing that look, it was such a scary look on her face as if she would get up and throttle me.

I asked what she was talking about and then I brought up the fact that she was my most understanding and sweet friend. And all she told me was how she heard what happened from Nancy. I said in my mind how Nancy probably lied of what happened to get everyone on her side, that lying, cheating little snake I thought. “Mia, Nancy is lyi…..” “Shush and listen if you think that you can just hit someone and call your best friends and every other freshman students some stupid, nasty little rats that are just stepping stones as your popularity boost to impress the sophomores then maybe we’ll use you as stepping stones to our successful fun filled future. Now walk away this seat is infact reserved for Nancy. “NANCY!!! Over here we saved you a seat since you are so sad right now.” Then she looked at me. I turned to see Nancy with her breakfast tray walking with fake little tears coming down her face. She is such a fake.
As she turned to sit down she turned to me and gave me that evil little smile that people would do to let others know that they were faking.
Ok, that’s it, that was the last straw I was going to do it.

She had lied about being a nice person, she had lied about me being her friend, she lied about what really happened between me and her, she is stealing my friends and my seat, and now it was time for her to realize the consequences of lying because honestly she was doing to much of it, I know that if I would have ever lied that much I know that I would have gotten the worst beat down in history of all freshmans. I mean I’ve always wanted to beat a record but not when I have missing body parts and a black eye or two.

Later on that day my plan was working so far. I was going to trick Nancy into telling the truth to everyone that heard her stupid lie that she made up and I was going to show it on national television because I don’t know if she just walked up to random strangers and told about that stupid lie and they feel bad for her.I was able to schedule a meeting with one of the top TV producers around.

She may have everyone on her side but the battle has just begun and I am about to finish it.

I mean I know that Nancy has fifth period Science so I was standing right out there with the producer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really exciting meeting an actual TV producer. She was going to help me by pretending to give Nancy her own actual TV show called The Truth! It was going to be a reality show where Nancy thinks that she can spill all of her darkest secrets and her feelings. We told her that it was going to be live.

Oh here she comes now I have to get to makeup that way I can pretend just to be some “backstage help.” I was even told that Nancy told everyone at school to watch “her” tv show. And she can’t resist telling people all of the real gossip going on in her life.
Ok Nancy are you ready Lights, Camera, ACTION.
Nancy decides to talk about the gossip in hair and makeup catastrophes that are happening these days, It went on for an hour and thirty minutes.
Oh I didn’t tell you yet I broke up with Danny, it’s not about what Nancy said at all it’s just that last night he ended up saying that I can’t talk to kids at my school anymore (he lives in Chicago) after I told him what happened with Nancy so I dumped him last night.

How does she know about fashion emergencies? Every single day she wears no makeup and always has her hair down or in a high-ponytail. Now it was time for our special guest, Selena Gomez who was really a stunt double who happened to look a little bit like Selena we just used a bit of makeup, a voice desguise mojulator, and voila there is Selena Gomez, who was going to ask Nancy about the gossip that has been going on in her life especially at school. And BOOM! There it was something came thrashing through the curtains and there it was where my makeup and wig got knocked off as I fell over into the studio fishtank. A cameraman turned the camera towards me and I was there on national television soaked in a janitors uniform I bet everyone at school was sitting at home laughing their butts off at me. I was just too embarrassed I ran out of there like I was The Flash.

I ran backstage and started to cry but thank god that Nancy was too busy bragging about herself that she didn’t see me, is what I was told but when she gets home tonight then I bet she will. They were able to keep the show going but I doubt now that Nancy will admit what she had done I bet she is just talking about how she would hate to be like me as she knew right now the “stagehand” that got pushed into a fish tank. I looked down at my knees starting to cry in pain as I noticed how when the fish tank shattered I got cut up pretty badly. My life is terrible right now and if I don’t find a way for Nancy to admit to what she had done my life will get a whole lot worse.

I got home and hopped in the shower to clean up my scratched up knees.
As I walked into my bedroom I saw a replay of the show thank god that I was so fast running out of there that the camera didn’t catch my face they only saw the back of my head.
I looked over at my bed and it had some roses on the bed with a box of chocolates and a card. The card read “Meet me at Mantiye Park tomorrow night at 8:00.” I realized that it was signed From: Landon Lentworth. Was this real? The only person that I like is Landon Lentworth he was by far the hottest sophomore ever but I was always too afraid to get rejected but now HE is asking ME, he has blond hair and when you looked into his blue eyes you would just get lost in them, and he wanted to meet with me after he just broke up with Sydney Owens the prettiest freshman at school. What I have always wondered from the first time that I laid eyes on him, why he would nearly always go out with freshman girls. Was it because he thought that we had some of the prettiest girls that weren’t, sometimes were but he never cared, already taken.Was it because he may have skipped a grade and he was actually supposed to be back with the rest of us freshman. What was it, I just can’t wait to find out tomorrow night.Wait but I can’t go I have to go to the first volleyball game of the season other wise I can’t attend any others.

Oh but this is my chance to possibly go out with my crush, the hottest Sophomore in school.
You know what I might just get my mom to right a note to get me out of volleyball like that I am sick and I don’t want to get anyone else sick and then my mom can take me to the park.
YES! I have a plan and I will get to go out with the hottest guy I have probably ever seen. But once again the fish tank fall was probably the worst Lights, Camera, Confession/mess up EVER!

Chapter three
The Big Night:)

It was my big date with Landon. Oh my gosh I am excited and nervous, I am excivous, I do that sometimes when I have more than two words to describe what I am feeling. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,OH MY GOSH!
I just hope that we go somewhere fantastic but at the same time I hope I am not going to overdress I have to decide between two beautiful dresses.

Oh my gosh I think I am going to go with B no... A
I don’t know which one to choose you know what I am just going with dress A for the first date and then dress B for the second date.Now for the shoes.
I think I’ll go with the sparkly silvers they are super expensive so these would be perfect with the dress, both cost $150 anyways so why not?
I have to do my prayers before I go I always pray before special things happen for me and before 7:30 so I have to do it in three minutes…………….
Ok now I can get going, my mom is driving me and we have to drive the long way because down the street they are shooting a movie.
I was just about to walk out of the car when I got to Mantiye Park and I called out loud “Landon” he didn’t come yet so I got out my phone and messaged him “Where r u, at Park right now, mom just left.”
I waited for his message for five minutes and then it finally said “Srry be there soon just grabbing something 4 u.”
I texted back “where should we meet because I frgot my jacket, getting colder out.” He said “at John Shippeas.”
I texted back “OK”
Now I am even more excited John Shippeas is like the best French and most expensive restaurant in town and it is beautiful there.
I started to walk, it was only 3 blocks away and in track last year I had to run the mile which is way way worse and 3 blocks isn’t that bad and plus
I need to lose weight I look really pudgy.

OH just got another text from Landon. AWWWWWWWWWW, he looks so hot getting ready right now, then again he is always hot.

He says he got his sister to take the picture for him and that he is bringing some roses. How sweet is he?
Well almost there only one more block to go.

I was at the restaurant waiting for Landon to get there for a little while but for him I wouldn’t mind waiting for the rest of my life if I had to.
We were sitting in a booth the seats were made out of a gorgeous red leather material and the lights above the booth were turned dim.
Oh yay he is here, he walks in with a tux and everything. He has someone laying down a red carpet with rose petals and he even has a bouquet of roses for me.

I stood up and walked over to him and said “Hi Landon.”
“Wow, Sara you look great.”
“ Thank you, you clean up pretty well yourself.” Nice nailed the flirting.

Now just got to eat, talk, more flirting, do a couple flirtatious giggles, and then we plan our next date. I ask him if he would like to order and he says “Not yet I think I am already getting lost in your beautiful eyes.”
Maybe I blushed just a smidge, he is really sweet.
“So, I have a quick question for you.”
“Ok and what is the question you want to ask me?”
“So we’ve been going to the same school for almost two years and we’ve never really talked or anything….”
“That’s all true, what about it?”
“And you just ask me out, why?”
“I guess I was just always nervous to talk to you.”
“Yeah but…..”
OMG. He just leaned in and kissed me. I think I blushed a lot more, I think I had sparks flying out of my ears, that kiss was perfect.
He backed away gave me a little smile, he wrapped his hands around my waist and I put my hands in his hair, and then he kissed me again and it was even better than the first…….surprisingly!!!!!!!!!
I think that I may be about the second girl he has dated this year, right after Sydney Owens and I don’t think that he has ever kissed her like that before.
He backed away, I smiled and he had said “I love your smile.”
I blushed again “Should we get drinks?” I asked.
“Sure, and then I planned a little surprise for you after this.”
He asked the waiter to come over and I ordered a diet coke he ordered a pepsi.
And then we just talked about our hopes, dreams, our biggest fear.
We waited patiently for our drinks and then he drunk his Pepsi and I drunk my diet coke I could see his reflection through my glass and he was looking at something behind me. As I turned toward what he was looking at I saw a man in a tux with a violin and he started to play. It was beautiful; how could Landon afford all of this? Why would he go out of his way to do all of this for me? He must really like me and I really like him.

Landon ordered his meal in french so I didn’t understand that much of what he said because I only took french for a year and we only got to the basics time, alphabet, numbers. I ordered crepe Suzette. When the food came we ate in silence for a while and then when we were done eating we ordered dessert. I just ordered a fruit platter which turned out to be bigger than I thought it would be; but all the same it was delicious of course I didn’t eat it all on my own I shared it with Landon.

The next day it was back to school after the date with Landon the other night. I felt like Cinderella but this time the prince new who I was and I think that our fairy tale was better than any of the love and princess movies. After the date he even took me for a horse drawn carriage ride through the most beautiful spots around the park.
I was………… “Ms. Summerrs!?” Oh I was daydreaming of the date again.
I think that Landon might ask me to be his girlfriend.
“OH sorry Mr. Klabinc.”
“Ms. Summerrs see me after class.”
And then he handed me a test with the letter A on the top; why does he want me to see him after class if I got a perfect score on my english test.
I will try to make it through today without getting distracted by anything even Landon. Because I can’t let anything get in my head not even the way his deep dark blue eyes stare into mine with his gorgeous blond flippy hair.
I was able to make it through the class and I was about to go talk to Mr. Klabinc.
“Mr. Klabinc? I don’t know why you want me to talk to you but if it’s about how I haven’t been very focused in class it’s just because I have been really tired with setting up for this years High school dance, homework, forensics, student council, Volleyball, Football, Cheerleading, gymnastics, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Softball, Destination Imagination, Teen Action Group, Kindness Zone, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Singing, Dance, Academic Bowl, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Fiji, Acting, soccer, Mathmaniacs, yearbook, Cross Country, Drum Lessons, my job as a babysitter, After school Program, and trying to keep my normal teenage girl life in order. I promise you I will be more focused in class for now on, just please don’t get me in any trouble with the school or my mom.” I felt like I was about to go to tears.
“Sara, I just wanted to talk to you about you joining this year's young book writing club. You have some real talent I just read your blog last night, I really love the one that you named “Life” it really captured how a young teenage girl can get caught up in her emotions and forget about keeping your head held high no matter who tries to tear you down.”
“Oh, you read my articles on my site?.”
“Yes my daughter and I love them. So what do you say about book writing club?”
“Ok thanks Mr. Klabinc I’ll have to think about it, bye.”

I was just about to turn the corner and then right there I crashed into someone. I couldn’t really tell who it was with the mashed potatoes and gravy smashed in the person's face. And as it fell off of whoever’s face I noticed that it was Nancy Rose. I haven’t seen her in days it feels like, I guess I was paying so much attention to all my clubs, activities, Landon, and the date that I never really noticed her. She looked ticked off about the mashed potatoes that went in her nose and all over her. Right then she screamed and Mr. Klabnic came rushing over shouting “What happened?!”
“Mr. Klabnic, I was coming to eat lunch with you and talk about a way to get my grade up in your class when Sara, here, came out your door saw me walking with my lunch grabbed my tray and dumped it all over me and then put the tray in my hands and slapped it out of my hands.”

“That is not even close to what happened; I mean seriously Mr. Klabnic do you honestly believe that I would do something like that?”
“I turned the corner from your door and Nancy was right there, I didn’t see her and I walked right into her and her tray splattered all over her and she dropped her tray in a surprised reaction.” I said.
“Well girls since you both have different sides to the story we will just go check my newly installed door cameras. I got them put up there last Friday because someone had broken into the room and deleted some of your papers, from the last assignment, after printing them. And since I did not know who did that I have had these cameras built into the door since they are so small only a fly could see them or a state of the art criminal.”

I took a glance at Nancy and I could completely tell that now she knows that she is going to get caught for lying. I mean the expression on her face says it all.
So I walked back in his room and said “Ok Mr. Klabnic let us see who is telling the truth and who is lying to you. Even though you already know that if any student lies to a teacher or any other school facility than they could end up with a two week suspension or even expulsion.”

Nancy’s expression got even more frightened. But then right then and there I could see how upset she would be for this and how disappointed her dad would be. Even just last year he was yelling at her when she got a B+ instead of an A in Mr. Klabnic’s class, and that was when she invited me for a sleepover when I thought that we were friends. And then I thought of the other side when she lied to make people hate me, lied about us being friends, and lied about what really happened about five minutes ago. I had to make the right choice I let Mr. Klabnic show the video when he came back with the security tv that he kept in his “Just In Case” closet. And after I apologized to Nancy about everything that has happened this year and told her that I hope that we could still be friends despite all of our differences. And if Nancy Rose is reading this I just wanted to say “I am sorry about everything, and I swear I did not do it on purpose.”

Chapter 4
I hope that we can be friends again; real friends.

So it has only been three days since Nancy got her suspension a week and a half to go and hopefully things can get back to normal. When I was walking outside of the school I saw Landon there in the bus parking lot. And he asked “Need a ride?” He had a limo there with his initials on the side his hands were behind his back holding something, he was in a tux. I had no idea what he was doing but then as he got down on one knee and swung his arms from around his back with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a small little box with a chain with a ring on it and it had my initials. I was so surprised that he was doing so much for me, I have never had a boy do something this big for me just to ask me to go out with him. And with the question still hanging in my mind I looked at Landon who had a nervous little smile on his gorgeous face and he stood up gazed into my eyes and asked “Will you go to this year’s high school dance with me?”

When he asked me that question as I looked into his eyes I knew the true answer to that question. “Yes….. Yes Landon I will go to the dance with you.” And he looked around and held the chained ring in the box in the air, he shouted “She said yes.” And that is finally when I noticed that nearly the whole school had been looking out the windows or standing around us as they were screaming and cheering.

And then after he brought his gaze back to my eyes he grabbed the chain from the tiny little box and put it on me. As I turned around with the chain on my neck I could see that he was wearing one too with his initials.
He gently grabbed my chin and lifted my lips to his and he slowly went in for a kiss. We kissed slowly and our lips were gently pressed into each others.

It was so nice to have everything back to normal besides the fact that I am dating the cutest sophomore in the entire school, Nancy is suspended, and a whole lot more; ok I wouldn't say normal, just new. Anyways I still had volleyball practice tonight and I have to go home to get dressed and my mom is waiting for me in the front of the school. “Landon I have to go, I have volleyball practice and my mom is waiting for me in the front parking lot.” I said as we backed away a little bit.
“Bye.” he said, I could see that he was sad that I have to go.
“Bye I’ll see you tomorrow.” is all I could say as I noticed that I didn’t want to ditch him like that. “I’ll call you after volleyball practice tonight.”
I could tell that he was not as sad as he was a minute ago after I said that.
So I ran up to him one more time and kissed his cheek.

And with that one small little kiss I waved good bye and ran to my mom’s car. I was going to put my butt in gear I have to work extra hard while making enough time to hang out with my new boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I just love that word now that I am with Landon, Danny was always creeping up on me and he had a bit of an anger problem I found out yesterday when he texted me.
Ugh…..why won’t he stop texting me I already told Danny thousands of times that we are through.

“U never appreciate the things I do 4 u.” is the first thing I texted back.
“Give me another chance please.”
“I moved on, why can’t u?”
“Ur seeing someone else aren’t u? What’s his name? >:(
“It’s none of ur business now leave me alone.”
“Fine I’ll see you soon, I am coming to ur school.”
“What no u can’t I am really busy. We r through and I am done with you so deal with it and move on. Infact get a life u creep.”

Oh my gosh I just wish he would stop saying that he wants to get back together. What doesn’t he get about the fact that I told him that I have moved on? Ugh…. oh Landon just messaged me a poem.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I just can’t get my mind off of you.”
Awwwwwww…… he is so sweet.
“Ugh… another message from Danny. And denied.”
So anyways I still have to plan the dress that I am going to wear for the dance. Ok so I grabbed all of my dresses out of my closet and there is one that I really want that Sydney Owens wore to last year’s dance with these really cute shoes.

She really has the legs to pull the dress and the shoes off.
I wonder if I could borrow that dress from her. Hopefully she is not mad about me for dating Landon after they broke up. I mean she is super popular and she basically has her “squad” everywhere which means that she has eyes everywhere.

But if she tries to totally humiliate me for dating Landon……. hugh popular girl going down. It will be worse than World War ll, she will be so humiliated coming to school and not being the prettiest girl there. She will be so ticked off that she might even drop out of school all together.

Anyways I have to call her about the dress and the shoes.
I dialed in her number and I could hear it ringing. Someone picked up “Hello?”
“Hi, is Sydney there?”
“Yes hold on.”
“Thank you.”
I recognized the voice of Sydney’s older sister, when Sydney and I were best friends in preschool I would always go over to her house for the best sleepovers and her birthday party’s and we would always partner up on projects when we were best friend’s. We were inseparable. I wish that we could still be friends like that but we realized our differences and decided that in the future if we had more in common then we could be friends again.
“Sydney, hi, it’s Sara Summerrs.”
“Hey, you are so lucky!”
“.......Um what am I lucky about exactly?”
“You are the second girl that has dated Landon in the past year. He told me that the second girl is usually the luckiest, he told me after we broke up.”
“Yeah so umm….. For the dance can I use that dress and those heels that you wore last year for the dance?”
“Sure thing, I will bring it to school tomorrow and give it to you there.”
“Ok. But can you make sure that Landon doesn’t know because I want everyone to be surprised about what I will be wearing.”
“Sure no problem and besides it’s not like I have something against you or anything.”
“ Hahahaha, riiiiight.” And could you please tell me why you would have something against me?”
“Oh I didn’t realize how bad that sounded on your end.” “What I meant was, there is no reason for me not to give you the dress or shoes.”
“Ok….. well I got to get back to studying for our big english test tomorrow.”
“Ok well see you tomorrow.”
“Yeah and maybe I could ask you something tomorrow.”
“Ok and hopefully I’ll have an answer for your question.”
“See ya.”
And as fast as I could I hung up. What she said kind of terrified me. What did she mean “I have nothing against you.” and as spooky as she made it sound oh my gosh what if she sabotages the dress and shoes to make me look bad at the dance in front of all those people including Landon and I really like him. Oh my god I totally forgot about Landon he asked me to tutor him for math. All right well I will just call him and tell him that I am running a little late but I’ll be there soon. Everything will be just fine.

Chapter 5
We should be studying

“Come on, come on, please pick up.”
“Hey Landon.”
“Hey!” I could tell that when he noticed it was me he perked up a bit.
“Hey I am going to be a little late getting over there. My mom is at a meeting and she won’t be home for another twenty minutes.”
“No problem it’s fine.”
“Ok good.”
“So you’ll still be able to come over, right?”
“Yeah of course.”
“All right you’re the best girlfriend ever.”
“I’ll see you soon.”
“Ok bye.”
Whooo that was a relief I thought that he might have been mad at me.
And he actually said that I am his girlfriend. Not just a friend, or a buddy, or someone that is just going to the dance with him as a friend. I like him way too much for him to just call me a friend and I think he likes me a lot too.
Well I have sixteen minutes till my mom gets home so I am just gonna whip up something to eat.
Great I forgot that my little sister, Jane, was still here. She got a small cold so my mom said that she couldn’t go to her friends sleepover.
“What do you want.”
“When is mom getting home?”
“She is going to be home in fifteen minutes.” I said as I walked into her room.
My little sister is 12 so in her room obviously she has a lot of pink with a shrine on her closet door, that was left open again, to pop star legend Ricky Morn.
“Where are you going?” she asked as she saw that I was dressed in my favorite pair of flexible skinny jeans, a grey t-shirt with a red flannel shirt tied around my waist with my favorite pair of white sneakers, and my hair flawlessly curled waving off of my shoulders.
“To a friends house.”
“You wouldn’t dress up like that to a friends. Last time you went to a friends house you wore a pair of ripped jeans, a black tank, your fifth worst sneakers, and you had your hair tied up. Wait a minute, Ohhh, Sara is going to her boyfriend's house.”
“Shut up and even if I was, which I am not, how would you know what I wear to a boyfriend’s house and to a friends house?”
“Because you never wear your good close unless you are either going to a boyfriend’s house to smooch or unless your going shopping.”
“Well how do you know that I’m not going shopping with some friends?”
“Because when I was getting help from mom with my homework I heard her tell you no going shopping with your friends until Saturday and it’s only Wednesday.”
I blushed a little bit.
“Haha, I knew it you are going to smooch with your boyfriend.” and then she sat up, turned around on her knees, wrapped both of her arms around herself, and started making smoochy noises. She is positively the most boy crazy girl I have ever met.
“Knock it off you little brat! Or he will come for you.”
She stopped for a minute and asked “Who is he? Is it your boyfriend?”
She started to make the smoochy noises again.
“Ok, fine since you don’t believe in the Silent Snatcher.”
She stopped and it went silent.
“Wh-who is the Silent Snatcher?”
“You don’t know about the Silent Snatcher?”
She shook her head no.
“He is a ghoulish green goblin who sneaks into little girls bedrooms and when they least expect it he silences the little girls, hauls them over his shoulder, and takes them to his cave beneath the sewers to feed them to his children. And the reason they call him the Silent Snatcher is because he is so quiet that you never hear him coming, and guess how he silences the little girls?”
“How does he silence them?” I can see that this story is making her quiver as she looks under her bed.
“He silences them by using his long dirty, black, slimy, sharp fingernails and slicing that little girls tongue out of their mouths, so they can’t say a word.”
“Sara stop it. I know the story isn’t true.”
“Fine but hear my warning he will come after you next and you will never even know.”
“Good night.” I said as I walked out of her room with a small little grin on my face. I know that will scare her at least until I get home.
“Kids, I am home.”
“Mom!” I zipped down the stairs grabbing my coat, bag, and giving my mom a little kiss on the cheek and a hug.
“Bye, I’ll be home by 10:00, bye!”
And with that I left.

I finally got to Landon’s house and it is huge. He even has his own butler named ‘Jameson.’ I was sitting next to Landon on the couch working with him on quadratic equations when his parents left then he turned towards me.
“Now that my parents are gone and Jameson went home. Let’s say I go make some popcorn and we can watch a movie.”
“Sure I’d be fine with that.”
“Or we could go to my movie theater?”
“You have your own movie theater?”
“Yup, right here in this house.”
“Oh my gosh, that is so cool.”
“Yup it’s pretty easy to afford all of this stuff when your mom is an attorney and your dad is a doctor.”
“You are so lucky my mom is just our ordinary Spanish teacher.”
“Well what about your dad?”
“Oh, well he left a couple of years ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I asked.”
“No it’s fine. You didn’t know, it’s not your fault.”
“Well come on let’s go watch a movie.”
And then we walked halfway around the house to get to his theater.
“So what movie are we going to watch?”
“I was thinking maybe a horror or romance movie.” Which do you like best?”
“I would probably say romance.”
“Then romance it is.”

I chose a romance movie for a reason there have been three make-out scenes and Landon didn’t even make his move yet. At this rate I might have to make the first move.
“Hey Landon?” I whispered
“Yeah?” he asked not taking his eyes off of the huge screen sitting in front of us.
“How long is this movie?”
“It is two hours and forty-five minutes long.”
“Ok.” So have you watched this movie before?”
“Yes I have watched it eight times and I memorized the best part like what happens in a minute.”
Oh my gosh I wonder what happens in the movie in a minute.
In my mind I am just itching to find out.
And then in one move so quick I had one of my hands in Landon’s hair, he had one of his hands around my waist, and his other running up and down my thigh as we kissed. Our kisses were slow and they felt meaningful. I really like Landon I think he may feel the same way about me. Our kisses went to a pause and I was the one that stopped them. “Landon, don’t you think that we should get back to studying?” “Yeah I guess we should, you might have to get going anyway.” I almost forgot I told my mom I would be home by 10:00. “Wait what time is it?” “It is 8:45.” “Oh thank god.” I was so relieved when he just told me that we still have an hour and fifteen minutes. “Well now that I know we have so much time, we could still I don’t know.” Knowing exactly what I meant Landon smiled and started kissing me again. This time these kisses were faster as if we had to hurry it up before someone caught us. Taking a minute to think about it I realized that we could do a little bit better than this. Without hesitation I had to ask a question. “Landon what do you say we take this somewhere else?” He looked at me as if I just told him that I am a lesbian or something. But then as he thought about it he began to smile. “Sure we can go to the guest room. It’s upstairs on the same floor of my parents room.”

“Let’s go.” before we went we rushed in one more deep kiss and we ran upstairs. As we reached the top of the stairs we began to make-out again. We made it to the room and I practically ripped Landon’s shirt off after he closed the door. I put my hand back in his hair and this time with my other hand pulling at him to come closer.

I pushed his strong chest into me. He was beginning to take my shirt off, when we stopped to take a breath. I finally noticed what Sydney meant when she told me that Landon told her “the second girl he dates is the luckiest one.” I knew what I had to do. When Landon got my shirt off he dropped it on the ground, he wrapped both of his hands on my waist and he began to make his way down my neck with his kisses. I put both of my hands on his shoulder and pushed him away from me. “Landon I gotta go.” I said as I started putting my shirt back on.
“What do you mean?” he asked, obviously not wanting to stop he was looking at me as if I was crazy. “I’m sorry. I just have to go.” he looked disappointed in me. “What are you talking about. A little bit ago you just said that you had plenty of time before you have to go.” I looked at him and could see that he wanted me. “I know but I can’t do this. I’m not ready yet.” He took a couple of steps closer to me. “You may not be ready but I know that I am without a doubt ready for this.” he rubbed his hand on my shoulder with his other hand going up my leg. He kissed my cheek and slowly made his way down my neck.
“I’ve got to go.” I said giving him one more kiss on the cheek and I walked out of the room as if nothing just happened even though I knew that a lot has just happened but that nothing more could happen.

I went downstairs grabbed my coat and my bag that I brought with me. I saw Landon running down the stairs still shirtless. “Sara please don’t go. I really like you and I want you to stay.” “I’m sorry I’ve got to go.” he pulled me in again and gave me another kiss. “Please stay, I am begging you if you are not ready then I promise we will just finish studying. No more making out tonight. If we kiss one or two more times than I promise it will not go any further.” I looked at him and I mean really looked at him, hey you can’t blame me he is still shirtless and he really has muscles. I don’t mean like bulging, practically popping out muscles. I mean you can really see that he is strong and has abs. Anyways I couldn’t just not trust him, he is still my boyfriend after all. I have to believe him plus if he gets any further or even tries to get any further than I know how to stop him. If I was a pro fighter most people would call it a low blow. I sighed and took my coat off and hung it back up in the coat closet. I put my bag back down on the couch. “Fine, you win but put your shirt back on. I might get distracted otherwise. But this time it won’t be for your amazing blue eyes.”

“All right. I will go get my shirt and you can wait here.” he smiled and ran back upstairs.
I can’t believe how things went almost completely out of control. Well, if I was ready I guess that not everything would be out of control. He looked extremely ready to- well you know.

Chapter 6
I’m back

I am back to school and so far everything has been really normal besides the fact the Nancy is now back at the school and she is being for real nice. She admitted to what she did to the entire school and I have my ordinary friends back. The only weird thing about it is that everyone is going ga-ga over me. Mostly because I am dating Landon, the other reason is because they are sorry for blaming me for the whole Nancy’s lie thing. Seriously girls are wanting to be my bff, boys have been giving me their numbers “just in case I break up with Landon.” Maybe this is why Sydney is popular because she dated Landon and because of her great looks. And I heard that there is a list going around the school rating girls on their hotness. I found out that I am the second on the list right after you guessed it Sydney. I forgot Sydney brought me the dress during algebra and it is gorgeous and I already had it checked out for traps/tricks. The shoes are amazingly comfortable and they are beautiful.

The only downside about them is that everyone noticed the dress and the shoes were the same ones that Sydney wore to last years dance. So I convinced Sydney to let me get the shoes in black instead of white and plus if they are in black I noticed that they would go much better with the dress and Sydney says that Landon likes the color black better than white anyways. Sydney didn’t have any black ones because she couldn’t find any in black. She told me that I could exchange the white ones for black ones, IF I could find them.

Landon is letting my friends to sit with us at his table. I am sitting right next to him and He has his arm over me. Things between us have been a lot less awkward since I told him that I wasn’t ready for what almost happened the other night.

It’s been much more comfortable with him and we agreed that next time I go over to his house and I am still unready than I can invite my friends for a study group. Things are finally somewhat back to normal.
I just got an email and it is from…………….how could he be emailing me I blocked him on everything I had him friended on. How is Danny emailing me there is just no way. “I am at your school and I am coming to find your new little boyfriend right now.”
“Someone is a little cranky. You have to leave now. Do anything to anyone here I will never forgive you.”
“I beg to differ sweet heart. I am just going to have a little ‘chat’ with your new bf.”
“Just leave me alone. What don’t you get about we r over?”
“I am halfway to the cafeteria and the receptionist told me that you are at lunch. Here I come babe.”

I had to do something quick before he gets here. “Landon.” he turned to me with a questioning look on his face. “We have to get out of here now.”
“What why?” “Sara are you ok?” I could tell that Katie didn’t understand what was happening. “No time to explain but all of us have to hide now.” Understanding that it was an emergency Landon, Luke, Mia, Katie, Marya, and I got up so quick that our chairs almost crashed to the ground. We all practically sprinted out of the cafeteria trying to find another way out before he got there. I spotted a spot where he would never find us. I pulled at all of them to make their way in and hide. Mia couldn’t fit, she is a little bit on the chubby side. I had to push at her to get in and the others were pulling on the inside. We got her in but there wasn’t enough room for me to get in. “Guys you stay here and I’ll be right back. Just don’t make a sound to let anyone know that you guys are here.” I ran back to the table and told everyone to be quiet and then I explained to them that if a guy came in here asking where I was to tell him where I was. I told the rest of the guys at my table if he asked where Landon was to tell him that they don’t know where he went and that only I knew.

Danny came rushing into the cafeteria searching, for me I guessed. He spotted me and walked angrily over to the table. He slammed his fists down on the table. “So where is Sara’s little boyfriend, fellas?” They all shrugged and said a small comment with it like “I haven’t seen him at all today.” or “Only Sara would know. She said something about him not being able to eat lunch with us.” Danny looked at me with a little grin on his face. I was shocked that he could be smiling at a time like this. All of the guys went casually to dump their trays when they all got up Danny through the table to the floor. How could I have ever dated him before? He rubbed his hands through his hair asking himself a question in his head. He looked back at me and walked over grabbed my arm and pulled me up from my seat. “You’re going to show me where he is, babe.” as he pulled me over I glanced over to see if all my friends were still hidden, they were. By now everyone in the cafeteria was quiet and all of them had their eyes on me and Danny. He looked back at me with an evil grin on his face. “Danny stop it you’re hurting my arm. Let go of me.” I tried wiggling out of his grip but it didn’t work.

“Where do we go to get to him?” Something turned his attention away from me. “What do you want?” he asked. I noticed that someone tapped him on the shoulder. “Leave my girlfriend alone.” It was Landon, what was he doing? “Landon get out of here. You’re going to get yourself hurt.” I tried to get out of Danny’s grip again to help Landon get out of here.
Danny’s grip just got tighter. I could tell that Landon heard but he didn’t listen. Danny finally let go of my arm and I went flying back into the table that was thrown to the ground. “Sara!” Landon called, he was about to come help me up but Danny stood taller and with one move threw one giant punch at Landon. “Landon, no!” I yelled out for him. I couldn’t help him my leg hit another table as I fell, the table fell on my leg and I can’t get it off. My friends came rushing to help, Luke to defend Landon and Mia, Marya, and Nancy to get the table off of my leg. Danny was just about to throw a punch at Luke but Landon managed to sneak behind him and stop him.
They worked together to stop him. Landon punched Danny and Luke was holding Danny’s arms back. Landon threw some more punches and with one last punch Danny finally was knocked out. Landon came rushing over to help me up from the floor. They got the table off and Landon took a quick look at my leg. It got bruised badly and my arm had some marks on it from Danny’s grip. I got help getting up from the floor. Landon told me to try to walk on it. I took one small step and fell on my leg, before I hit the ground again Landon grabbed me. Someone came rushing in the room it was the principal with two officers at his side. They came running over to where Landon, Luke, Mia, Marya, Nancy, and I were standing and where Danny was on the ground. I knew Landon was strong but this is a side of his strength I’ve never seen before. “What happened here?” the principal was obviously furious with the mess that we had made in all of this. “I heard all the noise called for the police that were having an inspection through students lockers for our monthly drugs check and ran down here as fast as we could.” Landon was okay with having to do all of the explaining.
When the story was done being told to the principal told the police officers to get Danny up off the ground and they put him in cuffs. It was about time that happened.

The ambulance was called and I was put in a cast and on crutches for a week. Landon has a bruised eye and his lip was bleeding a little bit. But Danny, ha-ha, it will be a hell of a time for him……... in juvie. He got bruised up really bad too, and I don’t care at all. I feel bad for pulling my friends into this mess. If Landon didn’t stop Danny from hitting Luke I would hate myself. He is one of my best friends, we’ve been friends since grade school. We were always assigned to be partners together for class projects.

I saw Landon the next day at school my mom tried to make me stay home to let my leg have a little bit of healing time. I practically begged her to let me come to school. Hey but I didn’t regret having to do it. I walked over to Landon as best I could on my crutches. He saw me coming and smiled, I got over to him. “So how long are you going to be on crutches?” “For about a week if it heals right. If it doesn’t heal like it’s supposed to a month with the crutches.” “I can still see that your eye is bruised pretty bad.” I said taking my hand and gently touching underneath his eye. “Yeah that Danny guy sure knows how to punch.” “I’m not worried about him. You were really amazing yesterday. I still can’t believe that idiot, I tried to tell him not to come and he came……. “So how did you know him?” he said cutting me off. I knew that question would come soon.

And I still wasn’t prepared to tell Landon that the guy that punched him is my ex. “Well…..” “Sara come on tell me. You know you can trust me not to be mad.” he grabbed my hand with both of his and he looked into my eyes. It seemed like he was trying to hypnotize it out of me. “I used to go out with him but I broke up with him about a week before you and I got together.”I said it really fast and I squinted my eyes and broke the gaze between the two of us, I just can’t let him yell at me, not today. He let go of my hand and he looked super surprised like somebody just slapped him in the face. He looked hurt, but not because of the eye, it was because he was about to yell at me I could feel it in my gut, brace yourself. “Oh.” “That’s all you have to say is oh. I just told you that he was my ex, and he punched you.” I said pointing at his eye. “That doesn’t matter. We are still together, aren’t we? And as long as he didn’t do anything worse to you than I am ok.” “But-” “I gotta get to class.” he shut his locker and walked off giving me one kiss on the cheek as he passed me. I was stunned, I hoped that wasn’t his way of breaking up with me.

Chapter 7
Without a doubt

I was sitting in French class taking notes. I am not losing my perfect GPA because of what happened yesterday or because of Landon being angry with me. I was such a fool, I knew that if I told him he would be mad with me. I should have kept my mouth shut.

The dance got postponed because of the damage that happened in the cafeteria. The squeaky door opening got everyone’s attention, except for mine. I was too busy taking notes but I was listening to what the person was saying. “I need to talk to Sara.” I looked up from my work at the sound of my name. All eyes fell on me, I slowly got up from my seat grabbed my crutches and walked over to the door. It was someone I didn’t even recognize that had came to the door.
She slowly moved slightly out of my way as I exited from the room. She closed the door behind her trying to be quiet with it but the doors squeakiness ruined that. She began to walk with me following behind.

She had long, glossy, blonde hair with green eyes with a slight tan, she was probably in her late twenty’s, she had the most confident walk that I have ever seen. She was dressed in a blue pantsuit that made her look even more confident. She was wearing black heels with a little point at the end of them and the heal was at least two inches from the floor. Her nails were carefully painted a light pinkish brown color and manicured to perfection. “So…” she began grabbing my attention with a perky, high voice, even her voice was confident. “I am Lora Mingi. I heard about what happened yesterday from the school and this Danny was put in juvie and he asked us if he could talk to you. We asked for your mothers permission to take you to a park near the police station in Winceford. He is currently waiting there with four guards making sure he doesn’t make a run for it.” She walked over to a blue mustang that was shined to perfection, how much perfect does this woman have. “It will be a fifteen minute talk between the two of you. We will be watching from a distance, before you say anything we will be at a close enough distance to hear what he has to say. If there is any foul or threatening comments from him than the officers will take him back to juvie and I will drop you back off at school.”
“Ok but question what if he makes any other conversation or starts looking at me inappropriately, I ask him to stop looking at me like that and he doesn’t stop?”
“There isn’t a thing to worry about.”
She opened her door and I opened the other. I got in and she started the car up and she drove in silence.

We finally got there in I would say twenty-five minutes. I could see Danny standing watching as I exited the car. I got out and walked over to where he was standing. Lora walked over to the four officers that had been keeping an eye on Danny. “You got fifteen minutes to talk and then you two are done.” I smiled at Lora admiringly, everything about her was just so confident.

I turned back to Danny, he began to sit down on the picnic table and I began to sit down as well. “So….. you look good.” he said looking me up and down with a small grin playing on his lips. “What do you want?” I replied ignoring his comment. I could see that he was trying to find an angle to see more about me than what I have ever showed anyone.

I calmly wrapped my blouse around my chest, I knew what he was trying to look at. My breasts aren’t small they aren’t humongous either. They’re just average sized teenage breasts. The table wasn’t that far across, so I wasn’t sitting that far from Danny. “Look....” he began, ignoring the fact that I know that he was trying to look at things that he knew I wouldn’t show him when we were dating. I was wearing shorts, long dark brown boots that went up to my knees, a white tank-top with a light purple blouse over it, and my hair was straight going behind my shoulders with a black skinny head band keeping my hair back. “I know that I did a lot of stupid things like showing up at your school when you told me not to, getting you hurt, punching your boyfriend, and almost hurting one of your friends.”
“You have done a lot of stupid things, but I don’t care that you hurt me, you hurt my relationship, and that I will never forgive you for.”
“And that’s why I want to fix things between us.” he said calmly leaning in a little. He put his hand on my good knee and started working his hand up my leg. He apparently thought this was a joke, that this all was one big joke, but now I would change that. His hand almost got to where my shorts began but I grabbed his hand and threw it away from my body, I stood up and slapped him right across the face as hard as I could. Lora and the other officers ran across the grass to where we were sitting. “What happened?” she said obviously heart pounding. “He touched me, he ran his hand up my leg so I stood up pushed his hand off of me and slapped him.” he began to turn back towards me his cheek burning with either anger or the sting from the slap.

“You little bi….” he began getting up, ready to grab me and kick the crap out of me. The officers grabbed him and pulled him away from me. It was a good thing that I left the crutches in the car because other wise I would have hit him with those instead. “You want a piece of me?” I said no longer scared of him.
He began pulling at the officers even more trying to get me. He got out of three of the officer's grasp but one was staying strong and holding Danny’s hands behind his back. The officer whipped out his cuffs and put them on Danny, after shoving him face down into the table to get the cuffs on him.

Danny was going mad trying to break out of the police car. I can’t believe that I dated him at all. I trusted him, cared for him when his dad would beat him when his dad was drunk. Danny comes from a dark past, sent from foster home to another back and forth until they couldn’t take it anymore and sent him to an orphanage, his biological mother abused him when he was three, his mother tried to drug him at the age of six, he’s been raped by the age of ten and twelve, but that’s no reason for him to go lashing out on everyone else.

I got a ride back to the school to collect my homework that I left in my locker. I was told to get back to class. When I got to my locker I checked the time French class had ended ten minutes ago and now it is time for Phy Ed. I could finally talk things over with Landon since we talked at his locker this morning. I am in his class because in the freshman class there were too many kids that signed up for phy ed so some freshman such as myself were put in the sophomore class.

I got dressed in the locker room and we were playing dodgeball. I could still play, I left my crutches in the locker room. I could still be involved in everything that I am participating in as long as I am light on my leg. I could still do all of the sports that I am in, everything. Which was a good thing for me, because I really want more credits for college.

I was told by our gym teacher to get a blue pinny on. I got over to the side and did not see Landon on this team. But then I looked over at the other team and there he was standing there with a ball in his hand. He looked over at me and turned away, he threw the ball at Kacy Maund. It him right in the shoulder, and he was out, he went over to the other side waiting for someone to get him back in. I picked up the first ball that came my way, and chucked it at someone on the other team. She tried to catch it but it bounced out of her fingers and hit someone else, so they were both out.

Landon looked at me with an amused and surprised look on his face. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and I was looking at him that way for a while. “Look out!” someone on my team yelled at me. Seeing what she told me to look out for a gasped and did a back handspring out of the way as a ball came hurtling towards me. I landed the back handspring, picked up a ball, and launched it right over to the boy that tried to hit me. He was out and not so happy about it. “Thanks.” I looked to Darcy Evalston, who had warned me about the ball. I looked back at the other team, and Landon was walking over to me. When he got to me I realized that he is out, “Watch out for the kid with the blue nikes.” he whispered as he walked past me. I looked for who he was talking about, I spotted him and the kid was getting people out left and right. He stopped for a minute and gritted his teeth as he turned to look at me. I grabbed Landon’s arm as he passed by me. “Meet me in the back hallway by the cafeteria after words, we need to talk.” he looked at me and nodded his head. I let go of his arm and he began to walk on. I was watching the kid in the blue nikes, and whenever he threw a ball a snuck a couple of peeks at where Landon was standing after he got back in. He looked at me a couple of times and at the kid in the nikes. I saw how the kid was throwing, he got almost everyone out on my team. He gave one kid a bruise on the stomach, I was told by Darcy that he has had to do his sophomore year three times so right now he should be almost in graduation and going off to college, he also got expelled last year for beating up four freshman guys.

Landon looked like he was getting worried. I took my best shot and got another kid out and then it was just Darcy, Shearel, Mallory, and me against Landon, blue nike kid, and four others. It looked like nike kid was coming for me next. He chucked the ball towards me and right away I went down into the splits so I wouldn’t get my head taken off. He was really angry that he missed. He took a couple more shots but I kept getting out of the way by doing things that I learned to do when I was five. It was just me and Darcy that were left. We both have been in gymnastics since grade school, and we would always help each other learn new tricks. And a bunch of those tricks were coming in handy right now. No one could get us out….until nike kid predicted Darcy’s next move.

He threw the ball at me, I did a back handspring, into a back walkover, into a ariel, into two front handsprings, and into the splits. It was just me and nike kid left in the game and everyone was cheering me on. I picked up a ball and got one other person in….. Darcy. We were basically besties since we were in diapers, we decided to do our last trick that we had. I gave her a signal and she moved far to the right side of me. I nodded and she tossed the ball high up in the air so that nike kid could try to catch it, I took one steady breath and threw the ball at nike kid when he was distracted into getting the other ball. The ball that I threw hit him right in the gut and he was out. He was pissed, He was screaming and his veins were bulging out of his skin.
Everyone was screaming and cheering for me and Darcy. All of the girls in the gym carried us the rest of the way to the locker room. I got fastly dressed into my regular clothes, grabbed my crutches, and I came out of the locker room just in time for the bell. I took the elevator up, since I was on crutches, and because it’s faster than taking the stairs. I was practically running to get to the hall where I said I would meet Landon. I waited about five minutes for him and he was there. “Hey” I sighed in relief. “For a minute I thought that you weren’t coming.” He smiled as he stepped closer to me. “Why wouldn’t I come? I mean you’re here.” I grinned and blushed a little bit. “ Well I thought that…” “Thought that what?” he asked. “Thought that I was mad with you? Thought that I didn’t want to talk to you? Thought that we were breaking up?” he asked the last question in a concerned and more serious voice. “Because none of those things are true.” he continued. I let out a breath I didn’t know that I was even holding. “Then why did you look so mad that I told you about how I knew Danny?”
“Sara I was just shocked when you told me that. I promised you that I wouldn’t get mad over it and I’m not.” he got closer to me and my heart sped up. “How could I ever get mad with you? I’m not an idiot.” my heart got even fast as he got closer trapping me up against a corner of the wall. It sure was a good thing that practically no one but me and Landon new about this hallway. He turned around to make sure no one could see us. When he turned back to face me, he kissed me gently and slowly. Now I feel better about everything that has been going on lately.

Chapter 8
Birthday Party

My little sisters birthday party is coming up in two days, and I decided to plan everything so that my mom could have a break. I got some other volunteers to help out. Landon, Luke, Mia, Marya, Katie, and Nancy. I planned for Ricky Morn to come and sing, there is going to be a huge dessert table for the kids, and there is going to be a dance between my sister and Ricky Morn. She is going to love everything. And the theme is neon, glow in the dark. Right now I am talking things over with my mom, since I love baking I convinced her to let me make a thirteen layer, thirteen layers because Jane is turning thirteen, and I am going to have all of the activities that she does put on this cake, it’s going to spin, and it will glow in the dark! She is going to love everything.

I went back outside to check on how everything was going. Landon was sending out invitations to all of Jane’s friends, Luke and Mia were working on where the decorations were going to go, Katie, Marya, and Nancy were ordering all the desserts for the dessert table since I will already have my hands busy with the cake, and there were some more people there that my mom knew and got a hold of for help. We were going to have everything at this party. It was going to be great! Or at least that’s what I thought until-
“What do you mean Ricky Morn is charging $2,500?” I didn’t expect it to be that much. “If you can’t pay that money, than there will be no dance, no free gift bags, and no Ricky Morn.” the man had a deep voice with kind of an New Jersey ring to it. “Fine, I’ll try to figure something out to come up with that money.” I said more depressed, I ended the call and sat down in the nearest chair. Landon came behind me and rubbed my shoulders. I guess he heard what I was saying on the phone. “What was that all about?” he asked seeming really worried. “Ricky Morn is charging a lot more money than we thought that it would be.” he pulled up a chair behind me and kept rubbing my shoulders as I sat there sad, angry, heart broken. “Well, I bet my parents might be able to pay for the money.” “Landon you don’t have to do that, you’re parents probably don’t want to pay all that money.” “Nonsense, my parents would love to do it for your little sister, when they met you the other day they loved you. It will be no problem for her. As long as it makes you and your sister happy.” I put my hand on his. “No, I can think of something else than borrowing money.” “Well, I bet that you will think of something great, you always do.” he gave me a kiss on the head and walked away probably to finish the invitations.
“Think Sara, What would you do in this kind of situation?” I asked myself trying to figure something out. I sat there trying to think of something to do for about ten minutes. Then it dawned on me, we could do a fundraiser.
“Guys! Hey everyone listen up.” everyone there looked over at me and started walking over to where I had been now standing. I didn’t even noticed that I stood up when I told them all to listen. “Ricky Morn is charging $2,500 to come to my little sister’s party.” They all started looking at each other surprised at the news even Landon he didn’t even know that it would have costed that much. “But don’t worry I have a plan to come up with that money.” “What’s the plan?” one of my mom’s friends shouted out.
“We will have a fundraiser. It is going to be perfect. There will be so many fun activities we will probably raise more money than we actually need to make.”
“What will some of the activities be?” a voice I recognized from somewhere asked. Then the person stepped forward, it was Lora with what it looked like a few friends of hers and some more kids from school. Even nike kid was there smiling in praise for this party. I smiled admiringly at Lora, once again so confident, bold, kind were only some of the words I could use to describe her. “We will have some fun contests, a ring toss, races, and if some of the girls don’t mind hopefully a kissing booth.” Some of the girls that I knew wouldn’t mind giggled a little bit at that last one even Katie and Marya. They were really pretty I am surprised that Landon didn’t ask one of them out instead of me. “We will help get some of the money for it all.” Lora shouted pointing at her friends and herself. “Thank you, Lora.” I whispered so only she could here. “We will all help you with this fundraiser, right everyone?!” Landon shouted out. “Yes.” everyone was practically screaming it on the top of their lungs. It sure is a good thing that my little sister is at a friends sleepover almost all weekend, otherwise there would be no way we could throw this surprise party for her. It is called a Surprise Party for a reason, it is supposed to be a surprise to the person that it is for.

Landon looked back at me with a grin playing on his lips just like the grin that Danny gave me when he wanted to talk to me the other day. It frightened me, I turned to face everyone else. “Then let’s do it. Let’s put on the best fundraiser ever!” I yelled out, everyone cheered in joy. Right away we would get started and put it on today. We have plenty of time.

Landon and I worked on building a dunking booth, he sure knows his way around tools obviously he spent the summer working with his oldest uncle at his motorcycle shop and there were tons that needed to be fixed. I was pretty handy when it came to tools too, not as much as Landon though.
Marya, Luke, and a few other people were working on building the kissing booth where I got some girls to run that. Mia, Nancy, and a bunch of others were working on ordering prizes for a bunch of the activities. And everyone else was planning and building. This was amazing with how things are going we could probably add in a raffle and a bid. So we decided to bid a bunch of nice things that everyone had but didn’t need anymore. Landon added in his hand-free electric skateboard, I entered my old journal that was voice activated but I never used it. And there was a ton of other things, we even got our school librarian to come and she is having a book fair and giving us half of the credits. And her book fairs are always a huge success, she is really pretty so there are always a bunch of guys that go and give her their numbers and buy a bunch of books.

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