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My High School year

Author's note: I was inspired when strange things began to happen in my life and some of my friends lifes...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I was inspired when strange things began to happen in my life and some of my friends lifes too. Those strange things are changes, people come and people go. But the people that love you most will never leave you alone.

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The Day

It was a Thursday afternoon I was still in school, waiting minute after minute for the bell to finally ring. I was sitting next to a girl named Nancy Rose. My first day of school I thought that when I met her she was very kind. But later on in the school year, I realized that she was a two faced, lying, sneaky, and very delinquent girl who gets what she wants or someone will end up hurt. I mean I am really tough but who knows what Nancy would do if someone got in her way, she is super young looking as if she looked like she is in the fourth grade but that girl could get away with murder if she wanted to. Anyways I had just gotten into class and I took my seat in art class the day that it happened.

Nancy sat by me, she asked me how I have been doing lately. I told her about how I was dating someone named Danny. She asked to see him so I showed her a picture of him that I had saved in my chromebook.

When she had seen the picture she asked “That is who you are dating”?
I answered “ Yes, why is there something that you don’t like about it”? “Well there’s nothing wrong with him, it’s just that he is so cute but you are just you.” she said. I felt like jumping over the table and punching her in the face.

An hour later that same day in art we were making clay pots. She grabbed a big ball of clay and dumped it in a bucket of water. She rubbed it all over her hands once the clay was soaking wet and she put her hands right in front of my face, waving them around and saying “Hey Sara, I am now changing your skin color.” I told her that if she didn’t move away from me in the next twenty seconds than I would jump over the table and she would be laying on the floor while I will be walking away from her unconscious body.

That was the day that I realized you can never trust Nancy and I realized that day that you should not judge a book by its cover. That same day two hours after that happened I went to the counselor's office to talk with Mrs. Danielle, I told her about what Nancy said. Mrs. Danielle told me to talk to my vice-principal about it all. So, like she told me to I went to Vice-principal Robert and he told me that he would take care of the situation. I was happy that he would do something about what Nancy said and did.

I was walking through the halls after my talk with Mr. Robert and you wouldn’t believe who walked up to me. Nancy came running to me open armed and crushed me in a bone crushing hug. “I realized today that what I said in art earlier was not something to say to a friend.” is what came out of her mouth before I could get a chance to breathe again.

I tried to find a way to tell her nicely that I didn’t want to be her friend.
But all I said was “It’s ok.”  I mean really “It’s ok” is all that I could say to her after the hurtful and racist kind of talk that she said to me just yesterday. I was in big trouble if I didn’t tell her the truth of what I think of her.
What would I tell my friends if they see Nancy giving me another hug and a perky yet friendly “What’s up Sara.” They would hate me if they thought that I was still friends with Nancy after I got done telling them about what happened.
What am I saying my friends would totally understand that Nancy just thought that we were friends. I mean if I tell them that she thought that we were friends. They would understand that thought was the key word.

RIGHT? The next day when I got on the bus I was talking to one of my best friends, Katie. I told her about what else happened the other day in school after I was done talking to Mr. Robert. I told her everything about it including the fact that Nancy still thinks that her and I are still friends.

Katie told me about how I need to just walk up to Nancy and tell her I don’t want to be friends anymore. And when Katie told me to do that I remembered how many people told me not to be friends with Nancy on the first day of school and I just told them that I didn’t believe them. I noticed then that we were almost at school so I put my chromebook in my bag.

And we got off of the bus and right there coming off of her own bus Nancy walks up to me and says “Sara how could you tell Mr. Robert?” I thought that we were friends, but now I know that you are just someone that acts as if you are the victim in situations!”

“Nancy I was the victim, you made fun of my skin color and you basically called me ugly when you said that about me and my boyfriend!”

“Sara, don’t talk to me at all but trust me when I say this, I will get you back for this and I will never forgive you, I hate you Sara Summerrs.” And with that she walked away not looking back I knew that she meant what she said. Katie turns to me and says “You did it, Nancy doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.”
“No, Katie you don’t get it I wanted to tell her nicely, not have her hating my guts. And did you hear her, she said that she would get me back, and who knows what she will do to me. She could do something like embarrassing me in front of the whole school. Or worse.” I gulped as I wanted to melt into my shoes. I walked into the school as I found out that nearly every single freshman knew what happened already and what it looked like they were all on Nancys side of the war and they all wanted to kill me too. Katie looked at me with a look that made me feel as if she turned on me even though she knew what actually happened, she turned on me and I was all on my own in this war.

So, this is how Nancy wants to attack me in this war. I let my guard down, I had no one on my side, and Nancy attacked and I was the first to go.

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