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Bullied Love

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First Day

Why is it all so complicated
Baby this should be simple
It's telling me mental
When you back it up
It really drives me crazy
And you know what I'm into oohhh
Make me forget what we arguing about yeah

I woke up to the sound of Chris brown singing love more. I got out of bed taking my pink blanket with me on the floor. I shut the alarm and my eyes got wide opened when I saw that it was 9:29 am. “MOM!” I screamed “I AM LATE FOR SCHOOL.” I ran to my closet put on my grey sweatpants and threw on a black long sleeve shirt that was on the floor with the word love written in pink on the front. Rushing to the bathroom, I call mom once again to make sure she heard me. “Alright... I’ll drop you off,” I heard mom say with her sick voice. I tied my hair high into a messy bun and put on a little mascara. Running downstairs I grab the potato chips that were left on the couch last night and my black purse with a pink bow walking towards the door.
“Mom I’m ready,” I said stepping outside to wait in the car.
Car rides with mom were always fun. She would be blasting 92.3 radio stations and always moving her shoulders to the rhythm. Besides that, her car always smelled like pink chiffon. I sat there in the passenger seat pressed up against the window eating my chips. “So are you excited about your first day of school?” Mom asked. I looked at her, “I’m nervous mom, what if people don’t like me?”
“Try to make new friends” she said.
“Mom, you know I have trouble making new friends.”
She laughed, “Honey I was just like you always had trouble speaking to new people. I know it’s hard but I have learned that if you talk with confidence, people will love to get to know you”
Mom did have a point with being confident with myself, but she would never understand how hard to be the new girl because she was in the same school since k-12 with the same people. She didn’t need to worry about meeting new people. I just nodded my head to avoid moms’ mini lessons in life and looked out the window watching the houses and trees go by.

“We’re here,” mom said. I stepped outside the car smiled and waved at mom. “Have fun,” she said driving off until I couldn't see her red Porsche anymore. I took a deep breath and turned around, “please be a great year,” I said to myself as I walked to the front door. “You are late” the security guard says to me once I walk in. “I’m sorry it’s my first day and I’m not sure where to go,” I said with a smile. “ oh welcome to Roswell high school, you need to go to the office it’s the 2nd door on the left,” she said “ here take this you will need it.” She handed me a paper, looking at it, the paper reads LATE PASS → Excuse new student. I nodded and said thank you then went to the 2nd door to the left.

OFFICE the door read, I knocked and entered. The office smelled like old newspapers but in a good way. “Good morning,” I said sitting on of the black chairs in front of the principal. looking at his desk I read his name bar ‘Mr. Allen’ in small font right under that the word principal was written. I looked up to see this young man in his 30s smiling at me, he said, “Good morning, you must be Carly Scott the new sophomore.”
“Yes I am,” I said smiling back
“Well, here’s your schedule,” he said while handing me an orange paper
“Oh okay thank you Mr. Allen,” I mumbled looking over it as I got up.
“Hope you have fun” I heard Ms. Allen says. I smile and exit; looking down at my schedule I see that I have English first period in room 201. I went to the second floor and looked for room 201. I enter the room and all eyes were on me. This woman with black hair and pale skin looked at me. “Hello Carly I’m Ms. Rose, welcome to English class,” she said
“Good morning, Ms. Rose” I said handing her the paper I got from the security guard.
“Class, please welcome Carly Scott, she will be spending the year with us.” She said, “Carly, please take a seat next to Cindy.” Ms. Rose pointed to a seat next to this girl with brownish hair and hazel eyes. She was so pretty. I walk over and took a seat. Soon as I sit Cindys’ hand gets raised “Ms. Rose I don’t have enough space to sit, Ms. Scott here took all the space. Can I move next to matt?” My face got red and I heard giggles from the back tables.
“CINDY that is not a way to talk to your peers, please take a step outside. I need to talk to you.” Ms. Rose eyes moved as Cindy made her way to the door. I moved my stool to the edge of the table so Cindy has space when she comes back. I sat there speechless taking a closer look at the paintings around the room. They all had Ms. Rose’s signature and looked beautiful. Then the door opened. Ms. Rose entered followed by Cindy rushing to her seat.
“So Cindy, do you want to tell Carly something”
I could hear Cindy breathe through her nose so loudly wanting to kill me.
“I’m sorry Carly for being rude.”
I looked at her and said, “It’s alright.”
The rest of class time was going well, until the last five minutes of class when Ms. Rose wanted me to go up and give a little information about myself.
I’ve always hated speaking in front of people. I remembered mom words ‘be confident’.
I stepped to the front and looked at everyone. “Umm, hi guys. My name is Carly Scott. I just moved here from New York and yeah.” My palms were sweaty and my heart beat increase every minute.
“What got you from New York to Florida?” Ms. Rose asked.
“Well, my dad is an actor and they wanted him to film here and my mom is a model for Victoria secret. They need for her to take pictures on the beach, so my parents decided to move to Florida.”
Cindy mouth opened wide “NO WAY YOUR DAD IS KEVIN SCOTT!!”
“Yup that’s my dad. “I never liked tell about my family because I thought people will fake our friendship to get to know my parents, but I felt that I had to be honest and start with a clean slate.
“Are you sure? And why did you decide to come here to Roswell?”
“Yes, I am sure, and I came here because I want to become an art teacher. Not really into acting or modeling.”
“Wait, if your mom is a model then why don’t you have her body?” Cindy sounded like those mad bitches that always get food spilled on them at the end of a movie. Since I wanted to have a clean slate I was being honest.
“I know that I have a...” I paused knowing that the next words were going to bring me down but I had to say it, “I have big body, but I have dad’s brown hair and my mom’s blue eyes.”
The bell rang and in less than a second no one was in sight except for Ms. Rose.
“I knew that would work” she said smirking.
“What would work?”
She laughed, “Carly, I made you tell us about your family because I thought that it’s better if people knew you”.
“Ohhh, well I better get to my next class. Don’t want to get a late pass again.” I said taking my bag and schedule off the table.
Looking down at my schedule, I see that I have gym second period. I always hated gym. I knew I had to make it this year to get the credit.
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KNN9 said...
Apr. 1 at 1:56 pm:
 I thank it was good
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sandy1234 said...
Feb. 10 at 9:04 pm:
I really love how the character changes at the end and I like the personality of the character through out the book.
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