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Matrix: Book One Revolution

Maou communist in CHina  « Hide author's note
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Year 154,INFINITY Province: section 28

Matrix a land made of 30 Provinces. Province 1 being the land of the Gods and 30 as the graveyard of those who defied these so-called “Gods”. Born in a middle-lower class farmer family of five in Province 28 there was a girl name Kina. Being born a girl her only duty in life was to marry for the sake of her family. “Nothing else, Nothing more” was all she heard through

Reyes 2
out her whole life. But as she looked out the window and gazed at the mirror, which was used in every Province to hear news, laws and order given by the Gods, she declared to her self.
“I’m more than this, I want to be more than this”
She made a resolution, to become more than what people expected her to be. To become someone special, someone who can control her own life. Day by day she planned her life once she is able to leave the Province at the age of 14. Little did she know her whole life might change faster than a blink of an eye. The following day as she arrived back from working on the farm, there stood her father at the door steps accompanied by a young man probably a few years older than her with gray silky hair, lavender eyes, wearing a suit like those who come from Province 25, as she saw through the mirror, he didn’t speak but instead he took out a small pouch that made a sound like metals clicking when it hit each other. Then, she knew they were coins, payment perhaps, but for what? Something didn’t seem right it wasn’t the usual exchange for the crops they grew on their farm. The young man soon left in a carriage, which seemed like it was made of iron, iron could only be found in Province 20 unless you were rich enough to import them.
Later that night after supper her father summoned her to his studies, which was merely a tiny room full of old, book and rusty antiques. She felt an intense feeling overwhelming her whole body. She had only ever been inside the room once before. Other than that time after the war, she or anyone else for that matter was prohibited to enter his studies. Her father looked at her and pauses for a few moments then sighted.
Then he began, “Kina did you remember the young man I was talking with earlier at the door?”

Reyes 3
He asked with a face she had never seen him make before it was as if it concerned the matter of life and death itself.
“Uh… yes, you mean the man wearing a suit don’t you?” she answered frantically.
“Yes that’s right, his parents are close associates of mine. His name is Rio. Kina in less than a week you will be of age to marry, isn’t that correct?” he asked in a serious voice.
“Yes, but father I wanted to talk to you about that you see when I turn 14 next week I was wondering if I could…” she tried to explain.
“ You will marry Rio 3 days after your coming of age. That’s final. You may leave.”
Shocked, for a moment she couldn’t even breath all her hopes and dreams shattered in front of her very eyes.
“But father I don’t want to be married I want to go out of the Province and explore the world. I don’t plan on staying here forever,” she protested.
“That’s enough! Don’t talk about foolish fantasies. You will live with Rio in Province 25 and that’s final. A weak girl like you will never make it to the outside world beyond Province 25. Your mother should know that more than anyone.” He said gasping his breath for air in the tiny room, for he spoke too many words at once.
Although scared and confused Kina knew too well what happened to those who were too weak to survive life in the middle Province. Her mother, like Kina, wanted to explore the meaning of life outside their Province, so she escaped to Province 20. A few weeks later a note came claiming that she was found dead in the street connecting Province 20 to 19. Many people who try to walk through the passages connecting one Province through another encounter the traps apparently set by ancient Gods to prevent the disruption of the balance of power in Matrix.
Reyes 4
Those who fail die within the path and those who pass moves through the next Province. Some are lucky enough to not confront any traps at all. Those who have never tried crossing the passage believe that the stories are myths made to scare people and bandits were the ones
committing the murders, some say the murders were the wrath of the Gods, but Kina believed that the “Gods” residing in Province 1 did this to prevent people from overpowering them. Only a chosen few have seen the “Gods” therefore no one really knows what they are or if they are even there at all, and no one dared to question it.
As she cried her heart out Kina remembered the present her mother gave especially to her before she left. As she took the box out of the chest she remembered her mother’s word clearly repeating itself inside her mind.
“ My darling,” she began, “more than any of your older siblings you are the most like me, therefore I believe that there will come a time when you will want to see the outside world with your very own eyes and when that time comes your father, for as long as I have known him, will surely object. So when you have lost all hope I want you to remember my words and open this box, this will guide you to the right place. And soon into the future we will meet again.”
Kina forgot all about her mothers words after she heard she had died. She believed that there was no used for the box if her mother couldn’t keep her promise of meeting once again. So she sealed it in a tiny chest that was placed under her bed to completely keep it out of sight. There were many times she thought of throwing it away out of anger but it was the last thing her mother left her with so she never had the courage to do so. As she opened the box her heart started pounding so hard that even someone from a thousand miles away could hear it.
Thump- thump- Thump
Reyes 5
Inside was a compass, which was made up with something that looked like copper. Little design circled around it and the arrows just kept on spinning at a rapid pace. Broken perhaps? She thought. At the back was an engraving that spelled out
“Mundus Ex Libertate Et Aequalitas”
At first she didn’t understand the meaning of it or why her mother would give it to her as a last hope. But as she stared at the wall in her room with a map of the whole Matrix she noticed that the symbol repeated around the compass was also the symbol in the map used to represent the pathways between Provinces. Then she knew what she had to do. She packed as little as she could and as much necessary things as she could think of, wore two layers of clothes, and took the compass on one hand and a smaller version of the map on the other, which she made by drawing a somewhat exact copy all night long. At midnight she quietly left the house without being noticed and headed for the pathway to Province 27. Before she headed towards the total darkness she looked back at her house for one last time, looked up in the stars and then at her compass, then for one last time she said her resolution “I’m more than this, I WANT to be more than this, I WILL be more than this”. She headed towards the dark path without a moment of hesitation this was the beginning of her journey.
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