Parker Are You Here? Where Are You?

October 16, 2012
By Shanda, Montpelier, Indiana
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Shanda, Montpelier, Indiana
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Author's note: I hope people will enjoy this story that I have chosen to write!

Chapter 1 : The Day
“PARKER WHERE ARE YOU!!!!” It was a nice warm summer day. Parker and Jessica were playing hide and seek in the woods around the corner from their house. They were neighbors and both 6th graders at West Dale Elementary School in Manhattan, New York. Jessica was trying to find Parker and could not even catch a sight of him. “Parker I give up I have spent one hour looking for you I give up you can come out now.” yelled Jessica! Finally, when Parker did not come out she discovered Parker had gone missing. Jessica ran through the woods towards their house… A the sudden she stumbled over something. She looked back to find Parker’s school bag with one of his shoes with blood on them. Jessica ripped open his back pack only to find three bright green pieces of paper with pictures of Parker being strapped into a chair. Jessica started running even faster now. Finally she made it to his house. “Hello is anyone here”. She heard voices from the kitchen so she ran in to find Parker's mom Linda… Jessica said crying “Linda, Parker and I was playing hide and go seek in the woods and all the sudden he disappeared then I saw his back pack with one of his shoes and his shoe has blood on it.” Parker’s mother immediately called 911. Jessica ran back into the woods and heard the small, sad, crying voice of the one that she loved so much. Soon sirens covered the sound of the crying. Next thing that Jessica knew was the two detectives of the NYPD squad named Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler was racing to her. “Hey detectives he is crying I hear him I just don’t know where he is” screamed Jessica. All the sudden Jessica overheard a man’s voice yelling “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WHO HAVE YOU TOLD? YOU DESERVE TO DIE RIGHT NOW!” The two detectives heard the man yell the same words so they took off running with their guns pointed ahead of them. Jessica saw something ahead, a cabin or something she couldn’t place what it was. She raced off towards it .Finally she saw what it was. A cabin! A boy! A boy strapped in a chair! Parker! Parker with his mouth duck tapped…Soon the police saw what Jessica saw. They raced past her and straight into the cabin where Parker was laying with a gunshot wound to his knee cap. Jessica was crying harder now to see the one she loved in pain. She
knew she had to go make sure he was okay so she ran up with the detectives to the cabin!

Jessica and Parker told the two detectives, Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, that they would meet them the next day at their station in Manhattan after school. As soon as school was over they went to the station to see Olivia and Elliot. When they got there they put Parker and Jessica into different rooms with a door and a window with bars and glass in it. Finally Olivia walked into the room and asked him “What time did the guy take you?” Parker replied “About 5:00 o clock” Olivia asked the next question which was “How long did the guy have you?” Parker’s reply to that question was 20 minutes. Olivia asked Parker how many times he had been attacked and he told her three times and yesterday would have been the fourth time. She then asked him if the guy had attacked anyone else and Parker told her that he had murdered two girls and three boys while Parker was with him and he was planning to murder four more girls that he had got mad at. Finally the question that Parker stumbled on answering came “Parker why didn’t you tell anyone about him attacking you?” Parker sat there as silent as a rock under the blue ocean water he was frozen. Finally Olivia asked him if he needed a break for a minute or so and Parker replied “Yes.” After Parker sat there for a little bit, Olivia walked back in. Olivia asked Parker the same question “Why didn’t you tell anyone you were being attacked.” Parker once again didn’t answer then he started explaining. “The first time the guy attacked me he put a chip in my right arm. He said that he could hear anything I said and he could track where ever I was. He said that if I told anyone he would find me and kill me. If I told anyone I would have been dead and I didn’t want that to happen. Tonight he told me to come into the woods and go back to his Fort. He said if I didn’t show up then he would kill me. So I thought if I could get Jessica back there then she would notice that I was gone so she would come and find me and then she would go get help and she did just that” Olivia asked Parker if he was planning this all along and he said “Yes” Olivia then asked Parker “What happened on his first attack?”

Chapter 3: The First Attack
Parker began to describe his first attack. “I was walking around the block and I saw a cat. He was the cutest little thing. Then he ran into the woods so I followed him to see if I could catch him. When I made it into the woods this guy was walking around as soon as he saw me he called the cat and the cat went to him. He told me I could come a pet it. As soon as I got to him, he threw the cat down and grabbed me. He put duct tape on my mouth so I couldn’t scream. Then he dragged me to the Fort. As soon as I got there I saw a girl and a boy. He put me in a chair and tied me down. Then he took a knife I thought I was dead but instead he walked up to the girl and sliced her neck. Then he walked up to the other boy and he pulled out a gun and he shot him. That was when I thought I would be dead too. After he killed them, he put them into black trash bags and he took them outside and buried them. When he came back in he stuck a shot in my arm it had a chip in it so he could track where I was and what I say. After he got the chip set up, the untied me and made me go to a neighbor’s house of his he told me to ask her to come and play and then he let me go. I tried to take off running and he grabbed me. He tied me to the chair again and said I blew my chance at being his favorite. He kept me at his Fort for five hours. The last hour I was crying because I was scared he wouldn’t let me go. When I got home my mom asked me where I was and I told her walking around. I got grounded because I was out to long. Also before he let me go he told me to be back in three days. I didn’t show up so he came and grabbed me off the street.” Olivia then asked Parker about the second attack so he started to explain it.

Chapter 4: The second attack
Parker started “The day he told me to come back I decided not to come because I had baseball practice. Then as soon as it was over I was walking past the woods to head home and he grabbed me. He put a knife to my throat and asked me where I was. I told him that I had soccer practice and he yelled at me and said that is not an excuse and I better come next time or I would be dead. Then he drugged me and the next thing I knew I was in his Fort again except this time I could hear crying of someone I knew. Then he opened a door to go check on something. That was when I saw it. It was Hannah. A girl in my class. She was crying with blood streaming down her leg. She had tried running and she cut her leg while she was running. I turned around to see a deer run and she didn’t make it. She fell on a rock across the window. Then she started screaming I turned my head just to see her blood splatter across her little hands and her face I still remember it today. I turned my head around so I didn’t see what he did to her next. When I turned my head around again she was gone. After he got himself cleaned up, he walked to the table and grabbed a picture of Hannah and put it in a photo album. On the front it said “The Kids that’s dead” After he finished he walked up to me and he took a picture of me too. Then he had a knife and he cut my arm. It started spraying out blood. He untied me and he told me to go home and tell my mom that I fell and cut myself in the forest. By the time I got home I was too weak to talk so my mom raced me to Bellevue Hospital to get stitches. When we got there I passed out so I had to stay in the hospital overnight and when I was strong enough to go home they let me go home. Then my mom asked me what happened and I told her what the guy told me to say. “Tell her you cut yourself in the forest.” Those words kept replaying in my mind. When we made it home I went straight to bed and I cried myself to sleep. The next morning my mom came in and woke me up to get ready for school. When I got to school all the kids asked me what happened and it made the words replay again. “Tell them you fell in the forest and cut yourself.” And that was exactly what I told everyone. When I got home, my mom and I went to the store and we saw the guy and he walked past me and told me to meet him Tuesday but once again I had baseball practice.” After Parker finished describing his second attack, Elliot asked him if he knew the guy’s name and Parker did. Parker said his name was Rodney. Olivia told Parker that he didn’t need to describe his 2nd or 3rd attack or the previous one either.

Chapter 5 Back at home
Finally the two detectives let Parker go back home. When he got home he saw a note under his bedroom door. When he opened his door he picked it up. It was folded. On the outside it said YOU WILL BE A DEAD KID! Parker opened it and saw this note

You will be a dead kid. As soon as they take your case to trial I am going to post bail. I will get out for enough time to kill you. When I go back in for the murder of you I could care less how long I go to jail. If you tell the detectives you got this you will be dead anyways. I have people watching you. Don’t forget! YOU’RE DEAD. HA HA HA HA

Love, You know who
As soon as Parker read the note he laid down and thought about what he was going to do, He asked himself if he should tell his mom or tell the detectives. The next morning his mom walked in his bedroom. Parker’s mom saw the note and she picked it up and read it. She ran into the kitchen and dialed Olivia’s number. When Olivia picked up her phone she noticed that Parker’s mom’s voice was in a panic mode. Olivia told Parker’s mom that she would be there. When Olivia got there she read the note to. They took Parker and his mom to the station where they would be safe. When they got there Parker started crying and Olivia asked him what happened. Parker told Olivia “I was walking in my bedroom and I saw a note under the door. I walked in and I read the cover first then I opened it and read the note on the inside. I got scared so I laid down in bed and thought about what to do.” Olivia told him to hang tight and she walked out of the room.

Chapter 6 More kids
After Olivia sent Parker back home Parker met up with Jessica in the woods. They went to the Fort and opened the door. Parker walked in. Parker went inside the room where the first kid was killed. Parker saw a 12 year old girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Her mouth was duct taped shut and she was crying and barley breathing. Parker walked up to her and pulled the duct tape off her mouth and Parker told Jessica to call Olivia and call 911. The girl stopped breathing right before the ambulance came. As soon as the ambulance got there Parker and Jessica heard something behind the closet door in the Fort. Parker ran to the closet and pulled open the door there was a 5 year old boy sitting in the corner with blood on his arm. Parker and Jessica heard Olivia’s and Elliot’s voice. Parker started yelling for them just as they got there Olivia started crying “Madison” Olivia was crying harder now. It was Olivia’s niece. The twelve year old girl that got kidnapped three months earlier in June. Olivia raced outside and to the ambulance where Madison lay. Parker and Jessica went back to the station to describe what happened. They put them both in the same room this time. First Olivia asked Parker what happened and Parker said “Jessica and I met up and we walked into the woods. I wanted to find the book of pictures that he had so I started looking around. I opened up the door where he killed the first kid and I saw Madison her mouth was duct taped shut and she was laying on the floor barley breathing. Right before the ambulance got there she stopped breathing. As the ambulance pulled in Jessica and I heard something in the closet and we saw a 5 year old boy. He was bleeding. Then you showed up.” Then Elliot asked Jessica what she saw and she said the same thing that Parker had said. After they finished telling their side of the stories Olivia sent them home and they had school the next morning. Right after school was over the next day they went in to the woods again to see if they could find the picture album again. That was when it happened.

Chapter 7: He makes bail!
Parker and Jessica was looking around the Fort when they saw the book right before they got to in across the room Parker’s cell phone rang. Parker looked at his phone to find Olivia calling. Parker picked up and Olivia said “Parker if you are in the woods get out. He made bail if he sees you he might kill you so go home now!!!!He will be there anytime have your mom bring you to the station so we know your safe.” Parker and Jessica sprinted to Parker’s house. They told his mom what happened and they went to the station. Parker and Jessica were scared to death. After they sat there for a few hours Olivia decided that they would be safe so they sent them home. During the night Parker’s mom heard something down stairs. She raced to their cell phone and dialed Olivia’s number then something busted through the upstairs door. Linda, Parker’s mom, screamed. Olivia was there as soon as possible. When she got there the guy was in Parker’s bedroom with a gun pointed at his head. The guy was screaming “I told you if you told anyone I would kill you. Your time is here now and I will kill you say bye to your family and friends.” Right before he pulled the trigger Olivia busted in the door and tackled him. Parker was screaming. As soon as Olivia had the guy in handcuffs Parker ran up to her and hugged her. Parker wouldn’t let go of her no matter what Parker’s mom came and pulled Parker off Olivia so she could take the guy to the police car to take him back to jail. Parker kept calling Olivia’s name followed by “please don’t leave me they are going to kill me.” When Olivia heard that she raced the guy to the car and then she ran back to Parker and asked him what he meant. Parker told her “While I was sitting there and why he had the gun pointed to my head he said they will kill you if I don’t.” Parker started crying and Olivia hugged him and said “you will be safe now no one will hurt you. I promise I will be here for you no matter what.” Parker sat there held in Olivia’s arm and he was still crying. Olivia took Parker and the guy back to the station where they waited for the guy to be taken to trial again.

Chapter 8- Trial
The D.A., District attorney, Alexandra Cabot took him to trial for attempted murder of a minor. When they got there they saw the jury group and most of them were over fifty years old. Alex figured that most of them had a child and would feel bad for Parker, The kid that almost got murdered, finally the trial started. As the trial started they asked Parker and Jessica to testify against him. Parker sat in the chair by the judge. Alex asked Parker to describe what happened. Parker said “He was in his bedroom and the guy came in through the window. He walked up to me why I was sleeping and he pointed the gun to my head. He told me to sit up. So I sat up and he kept the gun pointed to my head. He told me not to do a thing so I sat there and he told me to stop crying but then Olivia walked in.” As soon as Parker finished Alex asked him “Do you think that if Olivia wouldn’t have walked in he would have killed you.” Parker sat there for a minute. He turned and looked at the guy and he answered “Yes, I think he would have killed me.” The trial went on, they had Jessica come up and testify but she said the same thing as Parker. At the end of the trial they had to wait for the jury to come back with a verdict. Finally they called Alex in the court room again so they could say the verdict. And the judge asked “How do you find him on the charge of attempted murder of a minor.” Then one of the juries said “We find him Guilty.” Parker Stood up and yelled “YES!” He walked up to Olivia and he hugged her and told her “Thank you for your help now I can sleep without being scared during the night.” Olivia smiled and she walked with Parker back to his house.

Chapter 9 Not Again
Parker walked into his house and walked to his room only to find another note under is door. He picked it up and he read it once again it said

You will be dead I still have friends watching you. In fact I had a friend deliver this to you. They can get in your house and they will. You have stalkers and I am not one of them you have 6 stalkers make the right move or you will be dead for sure…
From, Your Friend Rodney
Parker went to his bedside and put the note in the drawer. He laid in bed and then he sat up. He walked to his window and closed it tight and then he locked it. His mom walked in to his bedroom to check on him. She saw he was crying so she called Elliot this time. As soon as Parker laid down something busted his window to his bedroom. He screamed and tried running it was too late he caught Parker. One of Parker’s stalkers. He kept crying and he sat on his bed with a gun pointed to his head. Parker heard Olivia and Elliot’s voices. In Parker’s mind he was wondering who called them then he knew it. Mom! Why did she call he kept thinking to himself. Parker soon heard other sirens coming down the street. That was when it happened. Parker heard the gun go off. He thought he was dead but instead it shot his wall. Parker started screaming “NO DON’T KILL ME PLEASE I DIDN’T DO NOTHING YOU GUYS DONE IT TO YOURSELVES.” Olivia heard Parker yell so she ran up the stairs she couldn’t knock down the door. That’s when she noticed there was something behind it. She kept pushing harder and harder each time and nothing happened. Finally Elliot got there. Olivia told Elliot about the door. He tried to help and it still wouldn’t budge. The guy shot at the door and the bullet flew through the door. It pierced the edge of Elliot’s shoulder. The kept hitting the door and then it budged.

Chapter 10 -NO HELP ME!
Once Parker heard Olivia and Elliot hit the door the guy fired the gun again. Parker started crying and screaming. He yelled to Olivia “NO PLEASE DON’T LET HIM KILL ME.” Olivia was crying to because she knew that right now Parker’s life was being at risk. Olivia was thinking no I can’t let him die it would be on me. They kept hitting on the door trying to get it knocked down. Nothing was happening. They knew if they kept trying it would finally move again, but it wasn’t moving. The gun went off again this time it busted threw the door. The bullet slammed right into Elliot’s mid arm. It started gushing out blood Olivia called for an EMS group. She took off her jacket and wrapped it tightly around the bullet wound. As soon as she finished tying it she stood back up and raced to the end of the hall way. Olivia started running straight towards Parker’s bedroom door. She got closer and closer , as she approached it she slammed into the door and the door moved even more she saw that there was something in front of it. She kept hitting the door and each time it kept budging. Parker was still crying. Olivia called for backup just as the door flew open. She pulled out her gun and pointed it straight at Rodney’s leg. She fired the gun and he fell to the ground screaming. Olivia ran over to him and took the gun and put handcuffs on him.

Chapter 11 – Parker’s rescue

Parker was trying to yell to Olivia again but he couldn’t he was crying too much. Parker saw blood on Olivia and thought that the bullet that went through the door hit her. However the bullet actually hit Elliot. Elliot was still sitting in the hall way. Olivia walked up to Parker and untied his arms and took the duct tape off his arms. Parker hugged Olivia and wouldn’t let go. Finally Parker let go and they went down stairs to see Parker’s mom and Jessica. When they got downstairs everyone was waiting on them. The EMS pulled up and they followed Olivia up to get Elliot. When they got Elliot to the hospital they put stiches in his arm and he was better. Elliot got to come home that night. Rodney had trial the next day. They found him guilty of 2 charges attempted murder of a cop and attempted murder of a minor. Rodney got put away for life and got put in a room by himself. Rodney died at the age 65. He had cancer and no one knew it. Parker and Jessica finished school. They both became detectives and got married. They are 45 now with 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls. They are living happily ever after even though sometimes Parker wakes up to nightmares about the attack.

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