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Element Enchantress

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Lady and Gentlemen

Tyler Elms. AKA the dreamiest and yummiest seventeen year old guy in the small town of Mt. Roobers, if not the world. His forest green eyes will melt your insides’, along with the help of his dark blonde and caramel colored locks of hair. You can easily see the muscular biceps, not too big and not too small, through his usual attire of a t-shirt and jeans. Tyler Elms is not only known for his looks though, he is also an amazing athlete, popular, and a rumored ladies’ man. Now, this so does not
Hope you like it!
make Tyler Mr. Perfect. Though plenty of people, the majority being female, could and would disagree with me. Tyler has a tendency of being late to school, sometimes skipping school in all, knows some not so great people, gets into plenty of fights, and can be pretty off at times. But aside from those and the unknown, Tyler Elms is unconditionally Mr. Perfect of Mt. Roobers High School. And I, Lilly Vokida, have the upmost "pleasure" of being seated directly beside him in our fourth hour physical science class together, how splendid. He might be amazingly hot and all, but who says hot is the best to be? I know, I know, most people do. Let's just say, I don't.
"Ms. Vokida!" my science teacher Mr. Smith, or as I like to call him Smith the Sniff due to his horrid scent, shouted as he hit the lab desk Tyler and I shared with a yard stick, of which returned me to reality. "Thank you for returning to Earth Ms. Vokida," says Smith the Sniff as he turns on his heel and returns to his big white board filled with equations and formulas to continue his lesson for the day. "And that is why-" Mr. Smith is cut off by the piercing bell signifying the end of the period. "Uh, well, turn in your five page reports to me Monday morning on my desk if you wish to get a good grade." With that, Smith the Sniff dismisses the class and everyone begins to pack up to leave.
I start to pick up my doodled on purple notebook when I catch something interesting out of the corner of my eye. Tyler seems to have accidentally knocked a test tube to the floor below. In my line of vision I can see that the tube landed without a noise onto the white tiled floor, but with a big break. Tyler quietly curses under his breath and goes to retrieve the piece of equipment while mumbling something under his breath. As Tyler places the tube back to its original position I see that it is now just as it had been before, no break, maybe even a bit better looking. Tyler turns his head in my direction and gives me a sly and flirtatious grin of his. He picks up his books and begins to leave as I mumble, "That was..."
As I try to think of the right word, Tyler turns to face me and looks me square in the eye before saying "That was what?" and some other words I can't make out. Oddly Tyler's eyes seem a bit mesmerizing and I can see why some girls go coo-coo for Tyler puffs. I am beginning to feel a bit woozy and dizzy, but I just brush it off.
"That was odd." I say with no emotion what so ever. Then I begin to ramble, oh crap, I hate when I do this. "That was really freakin’ weird. I could have sworn the tube broke. It's like you fixed it as you picked it up. It looked as if it hadn't been broken at all! Heck, it looked brand new when you put it back up." I'm about to keep talking when I see Tyler's expression. He looks... Shocked. I'm about to ask why when he suddenly just turns and walks out of the class room, hand scratching the back of his head. Like I rambled... Odd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After my fourth hour science I have lunch. Oh, how I detest lunch time. Everyone has their own little groups and cliques they belong to and friends to hang out with, me on the other hand, nope. Going into the lunch line I make sure to stay near the end, making it so I have less time to eat and be alone, and so I can chat with the lunch ladies a bit before having to sit at a table. Making my way up to the line, I end up behind the one and only Jack Woods.
My, oh my. How Jack gets on my nerves. And what’s even worse is that this line can take from ten to twenty minutes! No way do I want to stick around this jerk for that long! I'd rather starve! Jack and I used to be best buds, he was like a brother to me, but when we were about fifteen we separated and started bickering all the time. He has these big dark blue eyes that seem to pierce your very soul and his hair is a chaotic mess of black. He isn't popular, but he isn't unpopular. Jack is seventeen, soon to be eighteen. He's one of those guys that can fit into any group of people. He is also on the swim team and works at Pool Palace in our town. Pool Palace is a place with a pool, obviously, and can make you feel like royalty. He's a really sweet, understanding, and great guy, until you aren't on good terms with him.
I try not to let Jack realize I'm behind him by keeping my eyes aloof and looking at random things and not him. He can always tell when someone's looking at him. He has an amazing sixth sense. Just then, Jack spins on his heel and stares into my set of brown eyes, a kind of brown that looks red in a certain light. "What's up Shorty?" Jack hollers at me and grins at me, knowing I've hated that nickname.
"I'm not so short any more you know." Jack just gives me a devilish and playful grin and laughs, taking a sip of a water bottle. "You seem to like water..." Greatest comeback ever just popped into my mind. Genius! "What are you, Aqua Man?" I say as I push a lock of my bright red hair behind my ear. I know that Jack has always hated Aqua Man, saying he was stupid and didn't know anything. Calling him Aqua Man would sure get on his nerves. Like I said; genius!
Jack's eyes glance down and I just know what he's about to say... He should not go there right now. "Oh, really? That all you have to say, Tiny Tits?" Jack looks at my chest and indicates the general area as he shows off to him, me, and people around that I have tiny boobs. "Doesn't all your family have huge racks? Even your dad? I wonder why you didn't inherit it..." He went there! "It's like you aren't even related to them. You look completely different than them."
I'm about to yell at Jack when a hand appears on his shoulder and Tyler Elms is shaking his head at Jack. "Stop it man, it's so not worth it." Tyler looks at me then gives me a playful wink. That pisses me off! Jeez, I hate my fiery temper!
Jack doesn't want to listen to Tyler his friend right now though. He is 'on a roll' and apparently doesn't want to stop harassing me. "Why man? It's hilarious when she gets upset over her boobless chest and difference from her family!" Jack is about to pass the line... "Say, do you think your mom might've cheated on your dad? Maybe that's it..."
"Shut the hell up you piece of crap! Don't you dare say those things about my mother!" I scream this and now I can feel dozens of pairs of eyes on me, no sixth sense is needed to sense these. "You want to know why, do ya? Then I'll freaking tell you!" I can feel my face is blood rushed and red all over. I don't have much oxygen left in my lungs and need to say it before I take my next breath so I can leave quickly. Though honestly, I don't want to. "My real mom died giving birth to me and my 'dad' went crazy after that! Samantha took me in after that and adopted me as her own!" Tears are springing to my eyes and sobs are catching in my throat, I need to get this out quickly before I break down. Samantha, oh how I wish I could be in my adoptive mother's arms right now. "Samantha only told me this last week and I'm not so sure what to think right now! So leave me the hell alone! Stupid Aqua Man!" At that I feel my feet take off and push me off towards another location, anywhere besides there would be great.
As I run I feel tears stain my cheeks and hear someone yell, "Fire in the kitchen!" and people start to go frantic as I rush off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After about six minutes of searching, I find the perfect place to cry to my heart’s content. The parking lot has all sorts of cars in it and snow covering the cars, and if I go far enough behind them then no one can see me. Going behind the parking lot, I can see a spot about two and a half feet big both ways, a nice little square. The grass is plush, green, snow free, and looks very cry worthy, so soon I am falling over myself onto the green grass, balling my eyes out. I can't believe what just happened! I yelled... That! I yelled it and now everyone knows. I wish... I wish I had actual friends right now that I could confide in and cry on and with. But no, no one wants to be my friend, I'm an outcast.
Thinking these things makes me ball up in a ball and weep even harder and louder, if I don't get ahold of myself then I will surely be found. Just as this thought reaches my mind I feel someone sliding down next to me and putting an arm around me. Gosh, this better not be Jack or Tyler. If it is then I'm going to lose it. Looking up I expect to find a pair of green or dark blue eyes, but instead find famine light blue eyes that show great compassion and friendliness. Lifting my head up I can see that it's a female with platinum blonde hair, the blonde that looks nearly white, that is shoulder length. She hands me a tissue and I silently take it, blowing my nose into it then using the non-snot area to dab at my eyes.
"Are you okay?" the girl asks, her voice sounding so small, frail, and innocent. She sounds like an angel. Handing me another tissue she gives me a slight smile, gosh, she's so pretty. Her small and frail looking hand starts to rub my back and I am soon feeling a feeling of relief and numbness. "Hey, are you okay?" She asks again. This time I give her a nod and she smiles at me in return. "That's good." Her hand stops rubbing my back and she begins to introduce herself. "My name's Faith, Faith Doggers."
Faith puts out a hand and I stretch mine out and we are soon shaking hands. "It's, uh, good to meet you Faith." Faith smiles then looks at me with concern. I can already guess what she wants to ask. "I'm sorry, I'm okay now. Just some stupid jerk." I try to give her a believable chuckle, but she gives me an 'I'm not buying it' grimace. "I'm Lilly by the way. Lilly Vokida." Faith gives me a smile.
"It's lovely to meet you Lilly Vokida." Faith gives a giggle and stands up. She then extends her hand to me again, wanting to help me. No one, and I mean no one, has done that for such a long time. I accept her hand and soon I am standing back up. Looking at the ground I realize it looks... A bit deader where I sat at. Oh well, whatever. "So, Lilly, how old are you?"
"16," I answer. "I'll be seventeen tomorrow though."
"Really?" Faith looks at me with a gleam in her eyes. "I absolutely L-O-V-E birthdays! How are you going to celebrate?"
"Um, I was going to sleep in and then maybe go watch TV with my, uh, mom..." I answer. This is... Awkward.
"No! That's all? No! No!" Faith was jumping all over the place now, acting like a little kid. "Idea! You should come hang out with me! We can go to a restaurant, of your choice, and then go to the mall and shop!" Faith quite jumping for a moment and looking into my eyes, asked, "Do you want to spend your day with me Lilly?"
How can I say no to her cute angelic face? I nod hesitantly and Faith jumps for joy once again. I can feel a great big smile spreading across my face now. "Oh, Faith, how old are you exactly?"
"Me? Oh, I just turned sixteen a few months ago." Faith says, still jumping. Wow, sixteen? I was guessing about fourteen or fifteen. "Oh darn! Uh, Lilly, would you mind if my other two dear friends tagged along? They won't be a bother, really..."
Gosh... What a puppy dog face... "Uh, sure I guess." I say.
"Awesome!" Faith exclaims. "Let's meet at the mall in the entrance way at 2 o'clock tomorrow, okay?" I nod and Faith squeals for joy. Suddenly we can hear the period bell going off. "I've gotta go. Here's my number," Faith hands me a piece of paper with her number written in pretty handwriting on it. "I've gotta get to class. Math. Ugh! Buh-bye Lilly!" I give Faith Doggers a smile and watch her head inside
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QueenIsland123 said...
Mar. 8, 2016 at 10:32 pm
That's really good! I love the idea! Are you going to write more chapters:)

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