After Everything

July 29, 2012
By Muppetsfan, Northwood, New Hampshire
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Muppetsfan, Northwood, New Hampshire
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Don't give up just keep trying there's hope!

Author's note: My cousins Aisling and my sister Lillian both helped me make up this story.

Everything was quite in the small room. No sound. We looked outside. No survivors found. Just me, Aisling, and Lillian. Dirt on our faces and blood stained clothes. We had no sleep at all these past few weeks. Aisling looked around. Lillian looked under the door to see if walkers were nearby.
"I don't see anything under the door." Lillian said with a quick glance at Aisling and I.
"Good. We should be safe to go to the church and see if everyone there is alright." I said.
"Are you crazy Emily! We can get eaten alive by those things!" Aisling looked up with a worried look.
We all had our guns loaded. Lillian swung open the door. I peeked my head out to make sure nothing was near. I looked back at Aisling and Lillian. Gave them a quick point outside. Aisling held up her gun and we all ran out. Quietly we went door to door. Aisling looked forward. Lillian looked back.
"I found the way out!" Aisling jumped for joy.
We all decided to bolt out. But before that happened we looked for a car to use. Lillian pointed to a huge tank looking car. Then we all bolted. Lillian, Aisling, and I ran for our lives to the truck. We popped open the car doors and jumped in. I locked the doors fast. Lillian and Aisling were in the backseat looking outside. As I was driving a whole thing of walkers were getting closer to the car. I put my foot on the pedal and ran those things over. Blood everywhere.
As we drove through the town we noticed a gate. As I got closer to the gate it started to open. I drove in. When I pulled up a man walked out. The man came up to the car and said "Lucky there are still some survivors out there. I thought I was the only one and everyone else inside. I'm Ted."
"Emily." I said with a sign of relief. "These are my friends. Lillian and Aisling." They both waved.
We got out of the car and he looked at it. "Do you guys need some fixing? I can do that for you."
"If you have to. Sure." Lillian said looking next to her.
"Okay it'll be ready in an hour."
"Okay we'll be inside." I said and walked into the hospital.
Aisling wondered off with Lillian to get some food. I went on to find more people. I noticed there was a staircase. I walked up the metal stairs. When I got up it looked like I was on the roof. I looked forward and saw a small lighthouse looking thing on top. When I got inside a man looked at me from the window. "The names Sinomoi."
"Emily." I said.
"What brings you here? Getting away from those bloody devils out there." He said crossing his arms and laying back on the desk.
"Yeah and looking at where the church is."
"You came to the right place. I can help you with anything as long as I get something in return."
"Like what?"
"Well I need some bottles to make me some Molotov. Think you can help?"
"Sure. Give me the map to the church first and then I'll hand you some of these bottles."
He handed the map to me and I gave him the empty bottles. "Thanks" I said walking away from the room and trying to find Lillian and Aisling.
I walked downstairs and saw Lillian and Aisling holding energy bar. "We could only find these." Aisling said holding one out for me to eat.
I grabbed it and we walked outside. I saw Ted finishing up the truck. It looked like a death trap. We walked forward and gazed at the truck. "How did you do that in one hour!" I said in amazement.
"Well grew up fixing cars and well this is my life."
We thanked him and walked into the car. We drove out. "I met a guy named Sinomoi and he gave me the map to the church."
Aisling looked and me then Lillian. They started laughing at the name Sinomoi. I looked in the mirror and said "Knock it off you two we have people to see if their ok."
We drove for twenty minutes and saw the church. Lillian passed out in the back and Aisling looking tiered. As I pulled up I saw walkers at the gate to the church. My heart raced. I looked in the back and woke them up. I told them to get their guns ready. I opened the roof top of the truck and started shooting. Aisling was blowing head shots and Lillian getting the ones that were coming for us. I was blowing head shots from the other gate around the side. After all the walkers were dead we got out and started to walk into the church. People were everywhere. Crying that their loved ones were gone forever and cursed into the walking devils. As we walked forward more people praying that they would live. I looked over to see a nun. I walked over to her. "Mother Helen is everyone ok?"
"No all their families have been separated when they got here. Some got bit and some never made it."
"Does anyone need anything?"
"No. I think we'll be safe here. I don't know when the invasion will end but I hope soon. With your team I think you can help us find a plane and get out of here."
"We'll try."
I walked away to go to my team mates and looked at them. "We have to find a plane for all these people to live. I don't care if we make it I want them to be safe."
"Umm Emily are you ok? I don't want to stay here with zombies all my life. I want to get out of here!" Said Aisling.
Lillian looked at the map and said "There's an old airport down the road. If we can find some working planes we can get these people out of here."
Since Lillian was the smartest she knew what she was talking about. We left the church and ran back to the truck. Lillian told me the directions and Aisling was on the roof killing the zombies. Forty minutes later we arrived at the airport. We walked inside. Aisling heard noises. She whipped her head around. She shot a couple of shots and heard things hit the ground. Luckily Lillian found the light switch. She pulled the switch and bright lights came on. We looked for planes. Aisling was worried about that zombie she shot. Aisling walked over to the dead body across the room. Lillian went after her. "How did that get in here?" Lillian asked looking at Aisling and the body.
"I..I don't know." Aisling had this look like she just saw a ghost.
Lillian helped Aisling up and walked her to the window to get some air. "I feel like I knew that person."
"Who was it? Do you know?"
"I know that face." Aisling looked up with tears and remembered her dear friend was attacked by one of those things and never made it. "No!" Aisling put her hands on her head and backed away. She fell to the floor and started to cry. "I killed my best friend!" Aisling said with tears running down her face.
Lillian hugged Aisling and told her that she's now in a safe place. Aisling got up and took Lillian's word about her friend going to a better place than being a dead zombie. They walked over to me and helped me look for planes. We found one working plane. We got out of the airport to go back to the church and get all the people. We swung open the doors and ran to our truck. By the time I started up the truck zombies came running to us on fire. I quickly backed up and went forward. When I hit them all I felt that the truck was going to get on fire but when I looked at the front I noticed that this truck was fire proof. We finally got back to the church. As we walked in Mother Helen was standing in front of the church. I walked up to her and told her that there was only one working plane. One man came outside and Lillian noticed that he had a pilot badge on. Lillian walked up to him and asked if he was a pilot. The man said yes and we had him on board to fly the plane.
After we gathered all the people into groups to get rides from us to the airport. When we got the last group there was enough for a whole other row of people. I thought about all those people from the hospital. "We have to go get the people from the hospital."
"Are you crazy! Their so far away from the church! We have to let these people go now." Aisling said helping the last few people into the plane.
"Fine then I'll go back and get the people from the hospital. There's enough room in the truck to help save all of them.
I walked out and went to the truck. As I drove to the hospital everyone was standing outside. I got out of my truck and told them that we found a working plane and gathered them into the truck. When I got back to the airport with everyone from the hospital we helped them into the plane fast. The plane was packed with everyone. When I got down the stairs from the plane I remembered that Sinomoi was on the top of the hospital. It was already too late for me to go back and get him. My team and I got back into the truck and drove around to see if anyone was still out there. No one. I got out of the truck and Aisling and Lillian followed me. "We need food. We don't have much left."
"There's a stand over there. We can check if there's any food in there." Lillian said pointing.
"Good eye Lil."
We walked over to the stand and walked inside. When I opened the door there was some food. We ran to it. All there was was oranges, bananas, and coconuts. It was good enough. We grabbed it all. Walked out and went to the truck. We camped in our truck for a day. "We should try finding a helicopter." I said shoving a piece of an orange in my mouth.
"Give it up Em we're never getting off this island! We gave that plane to all those people." Aisling said handing Lillian a blanket.
I looked away and put my hand on the wheel. I drove to the hospital. We all got out and went upstairs to see Sinomoi. Sinomoi was sitting in a chair and looking out the window. "Hey Sinomoi. It's me Emily."
He looked over and saw that I brought my team mates. "Good to see your still alive. What do you need?"
"Nothing I just came to tell you that we found a plane and got all those people from here and the church to safety. I'm so sorry I forgot to come up here." I looked down at the ground.
"Well that's fine. I'd rather be here watching those things burn."
"Well we're trying to find a plane or a helicopter to get us off this island. Do you want to help us?"
"Sure." He said with a smile. "I saw this spot that had a helicopter."
We got out of the hospital and walked to the truck. I sat in the driver's seat, the girls sat in the back, and Sinomoi sat in the passenger seat. He told me the directions. We ended up at this war field. We got out of the truck, grabbed our food and supplies. We walked into the building. Sinomoi heard something running. He looked back and shot the zombie in the head with one single bullet. It dropped to the ground. We started to run. When we got to the roof we saw our trip to safety. "I told you we'd find one!" We all ran.
When we got to the top there was a man. "I see you made it Sinomoi."
"I brought some friends to come with me. They helped those people from the church and the hospital to a working plane and getting off the island."
I looked at the man. He was buff and had guns everywhere. When I looked over to the helicopter I noticed a cage. With a person in there. "What's that?" I asked pointing.
"My wife. She got infected my one of those things. This here in my hand will help cure her." He held out a needle. "Scientist think this is the cure."
Lillian walked over to the back of the helicopter. "It's not going to work. It's going to make her more infected. No one's found the cure to helping someone who got infected.
"You don't know that!" The man yelled and got his gun out and pointed it at us. "Not one step closer or I'll shoot!"
"I know you won't. That cure will only kill her. She's already infected and there's no coming back."
Lillian backed up to where Aisling and I were standing. Sinomoi walked up to him. The man turned around and shot him. Sinomoi was on the edge of the building and fell. I closed my eyes and a tear fell. I walked over to the cage. I pressed the button that unlocked the cage. The women ran out and bit her husband.
"No!" The man yelled and fell to the ground when his wife came near him.
The man shot her. Looked at me and said. "Why did you do that!"
"You killed my friend. He was going to get us to safety."
The man got up and took out it gun. Reloaded it. I held Lillian's hand. Lillian held mine and Lillian held Aisling's. The man shot the gun. Before I knew it everything went black. I felt myself slip away from Lillian's grip and hit the ground. Aisling looked at me and the man. Lillian took out her gun and so did Aisling. They pointed and shot him. They picked me up and put me into the helicopter. They got in and the pilot shut the door and walked in. The helicopter started. The man looked at me and said "It was only in the shoulder. You're going to be ok." The man walked over to me and looked at the shot. He bandaged me up and I felt fine. We started to leave. I looked at Lillian then Aisling and hugged them. They were happy I was alive. "I told you we'd get off this island alive."
The End

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