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Overcoming diversities as a teenager.
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As a teenager, you shouldnt have to go through bad experiences. Its hard enough when you cant handel the situations by yourself. (more »)
Life Changes
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After Losing her Father at 16, Kayleena is forced to leave home and moves to Arkansas where she battles her monsters everyday. Can she survive the emotional roller coaster her life has taken? (more »)
Four Minutes
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An account of a girl who survived a car accident under unusual circumstances, and how it impacted her afterwards. (more »)
Behind the musical: part 1
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This story is a personal experience and was one that really changed me. There are 2 parts to this and this is part 1. I'm hoping I'll be able to write part 2 really fast! (more »)
The Struggle
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My life has NOT been easy. It's been difficult, and I'm willing to speak out. I was bullied and abused. (more »)
Reflections of a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl
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This book recounts a series of events that may or may not answer the question raised by John Green in his novel, Looking For Alaska: "How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?" (more »)
Mind Over Body
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Camp changed my life. In an amazing way. I found that my mind should control my body and not vice-versa. (more »)
Broken, Scared, and in Love
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What happens when the one you love most, turns your life from Heaven to Hell? (more »)
You and I
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You. I. Together. Forever. (more »)
Kiss This: Part 1
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My journey through life as a fifteen year old girl who goes through misunderstanding, abuse, lies, and distant emotions underneath the complexion of her "perfect" family. (more »)
To Be Petite Me
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This is a memoir. My memoir of how it felt to grow up to be me. And petite. If your a girl read this book. If you want to know the mind a girl who never felt they were good enough for others, read this book. If you can relate, read this book. (more »)
Talent Does Not alwys Equal Success
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The book follows me through a year of AAU basketball. (more »)
Nothing Is Impossible
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The way how I learnt that nothing is impossible when I gave it a try facing all the difficulties I had in my way through. (more »)
An Incredible Journey to the South - A Home...
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In January I went on a great expedition through part of the country to meet people I met online nearly two years ago now that I call my best friends; this is the story of my weekend stay. (more »)
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My Dearest Aunt's Death
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It is not that everyone has a story about himself in his life. Nevertheless I had so many ups and downs in mine which were gathered up as a story of my life. One of those is this in which I learned death is something simple for human beings. (more »)
The Lost Decade
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Written by a sixteen-year-old who witnessed unemployment and cancer in her own household, this memoir documents the decade 2000-2009 from a kid's perspective. (more »)

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