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May you be in heaven?


i want to meet you

Nothing will be the same like it was, the day comes to live. But what do we live for? Anything could be possible, the smiles are the hidden language of the soul, we smile for tears, we smile for madness, for hopes, we smile for fears, for screams of a million voices... We are who we are we create the dreams, just to make that happen we need someone beside us which I searched almost my whole life and I didn’t find that person, yet …

2 years old, I didn’t saw her face; I never felt her sweet hands, was it something every kid should feel or just me? I though that I knew her. I used to run around happy & carefree until I get tired, yeah, I felt like I’m on the top of the world… the time passed, she’s gone, I cried, & cried, for to long & now am drying my eyes, here I am 15 years old it’s amazing how people let you down, it kills you deep inside, it makes you feel empty, it stops you…
I cry myself to sleep hugging my pillow tight I just feel like I’m not perfect ‘cause of something I’ve sad or something I’ve done, one night, something draws my eyes, I have to know what it is, ‘cause lately I felt like something was chasing me, I’m seeing shadows, hearing whispers it’s getting closer, I’m not scared , I know what is going on it’s time “I should go back to my room”, I enter to my room, suddenly the voices keep getting closer, “I have to hide somewhere “ something held my hand, I yell nobody is hearing me… while I’m opening my eyes, I’ve found myself on the ground, that’s awkward
Breaching my hair, I put on my clothes, & get ready for a new day at school… here I am, I enter, the class start now, our teacher of art says “may I have your attention please, everyone I present Liam the new student, he arrived yesterday..” he is so cute , but why he …”may I sit here” I don’t know what to say “sure”, oh my god did I jest sad *yes*,there is a boy sitting next to me… “Hi!! I’m Liam, what’s your name? », «me?!!! Zoë “, “it’s a beautiful name “, “yeah” oh my god I’m blushing , it’s the very first time that a boy talks to me, oh thank god it is ringing, I’m hearing someone is calling me, “hey, hey, wait,..” it’s Liam, “hi again, can you show me the rest of the school please??” did he just sad please?, “sure, why not” , “ sorry but I have to go “, Liam “really, let me give you a ride please, just to thank you for what you did to me?!!” , why not”, I arrive at home, I am thinking about yesterday, I’m wondering if there’s others like me, I’m thinking about what will happen? “ I need someplace to think,… yeah my grand mother” I’ll take to forest road to I get there quickly… knocking at the door “hello!! I miss you “. “Oh!! Hi sweeties so do I”, “can I stay here this night, please?” “Why? Is there something wrong back at home?!!” “No, not at all ““yes you can stay “
It’s night & cold, I felt like something was wrong, the phone is ringing I pick up “hello!!” “Is this Wilson’s family” “yes…what no, no, no, hold on I’m coming…” I run back, the house was all in fire I don’t know I just felt horrible I cried & cried, “Let me in, please”…
At school, I’m walking, everyone is looking at me, I just hope for today to pass well.
After school a girl came to me & told me if she can talk to me, so I’ve sad “sure why not”, she says “hi! My name is Sonny, and I think you’re searching for answers as we do” “sorry, I don’t know what are you talking about “, “yes, you do know that it’s time they are here, we can’t beet them without you, so are you in”, “there’s just the two of us!! “, “well I’m not sure about that, turn around…” “this is Josh, Liam as you know..” “What you’re with them?!!” “…Lucas & Gabrielle.” “ well, I’m Zoë “, Josh “we all have powers as you do, each time we discover one, so did you?” “Oh! Me no, I didn’t felt anything”, Gabrielle “of course …”, Sonny “hush”
They invited me to stay with they because they knew I don’t have a place to go, so sad *yes*, we got there it is huge this place I couldn’t believe my eyes, I already love it, & as Josh says I’m going to stay with Gabrielle, she’s upset I don’t know why but I think she used to stay alone & I don’t think that is a good idea…
Every child grows up with the hope of being something special in life, to be loved & I really want to feel that ‘cause I know someday I will be like everyone else… It’s the morning we are all together
“Listen everybody we are here again gathered, I know that everyone is asking for what happened & specially with their family, so we are here to announce those who enjoin to us lately, they don’t know who they really are but by time by training they will & they will be so powerful till they can beet *the vultures* & I do know that none of you know who they really are: well simply they are people like us but they let their power take control & I hope you want take their lead, so we are going to put you in groups *old once verses the new once & remember there’s no mercy, so shall we?, & before I forget let me introduce to you this new student girls: Rim, Carry, Leila, July, Sophie, & the one that just joined to us Zoë, & now here are the boys: Carter, Liam, David, John…” so here we go, the girls are few but the boys what can I say about them, I’m speechless, they putted me in a group of a very powerful members between them Sonny, she told me she will train me slowly but as they sad *no mercy*, so it is the way it is & we have to accept it with the good and the worst, Josh “hey, sleeping beauty you’re already tired”, “yes, as you can see they keep beating me in every time even the new once…”,” wow, that’s hard, hey may be you can beat me, let’s try”, “you no way…”, “ come on just try, & may be if you won we may go out for a tour… so ”, “ okay I’m in…”, I know what I’m doing is not right, but I know too that Liam won’t see me as one that he likes, so I got to move on even it’s hard, I have to…
“hey Josh can I ask you something?”,” sure”, “why did you ask to go out with you & you know that I will lose”, “actually I need you in something really important & I thought you’re the only one who can help me” “I’ll accept at one condition, I won’t fight, please I don’t want to humiliate my self one more time, I’m little bit confuse so, can we go know before I change my mind?”, “ yes, let’s go”, I really don’t know what I’m doing but let’s hope for the best, when we arrived he talked to me about Sonny and I was stupid by thinking that he likes me, she’s my best friend, “look, Josh it’s not I don’t want to tell her but it will be better if you talked to her on your own ‘cause that what girl love to let the boy speak first, so I’m sorry but you do it & now is better then tomorrow, because tomorrow is never promised...”, “you’re totally right, thanks Zoë you’re the best…”, “no problem”
Sure, I know that this thing inside of me will come out one way or another, every one here began training at the age of 15 as I am now & they keep saying to me *never say never*, I dropped everything was inside me & started, it’s the only way that can make me powerful I looked at the sky the stars are very beautiful suddenly a light fell from the sky & struck me. In an instant
The light surged through my body,
I get up & my hands was on fire put a very beautiful blue flame it came out from it a blue flower, now I know if you want something you have to get it, finely my powers came out, I can’t believe it “ t have to tell the others», I wanted to share my happiness with they but while I’m passing by the headmaster’s room, I heard him saying he will let go of me, & other words that I couldn’t hear well, I can’t believe it I though I was special but I was wrong I’m nothing…
It’s the morning, I get up, I make my bed & get ready for a new day, I was so upset, “hey, good morning Zoë, you just can’t believe what happened to me yesterday, oh he was so sweet…”, “hi! Sonny, Josh, yes, you like him too, that’s very beautiful” “and who told you” “it doesn’t’ matter, look I finally get my power out”

“Really that’s awesome & what kind of power you have?”, “well I don’t know but it came out a fire with a beautiful blue rose”, Gaby” oh my god it’s her she has it…”, “hold on, I have what? Can someone explain to me?”, Sonny “well your power is *nature*, you can’t believe how powerful you are now you just need some training that’s all, you can control of all the universe power even ours which you won’t do it ”, “hey come on let’s go we’ll be late”
All I’m thinking now is about what is a mystery is love; I thought it never happens again. But I was wrong; I’m here again to write what I feel for a guy, this guy seems like no others I met, I want to be more than just friends I know I met you recently, but I can’t help the way you gave me arises, I have a bit of crush on you, & that’s all I have to say. Why did this happen? I do not know…, what I regret? , no I do, I want to be part of your life, & someone special to you. I want to keep your hugs & stay by your side, do not judge me for what I say, but of one way or am I, love you, I do not know how it happened
But I hope I can stay with you, & that day I tell you, I love you, & there is nothing I can do about it, I tried not to feel this way, but I can not help, it’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you every where I go, but I’m doing it, still harder…

“Hey Josh what you’re doing?” “It’s for Sonny; she thinks I’m not that smart””oh really!! Okay see you later”
Liam: I saw her from distance she is writing her journals, I’m wondering what she’s writing about whom, about what, I want to tell her but I can’t, a happy person generally gets his things easily but she’s not just a thing she’s more than she thinks she is…

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