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Bits and Pieces of a Distraught Child's Life

Author's note: I wrote this piece because I have learned if something bothers you and it stays locked up, your...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this piece because I have learned if something bothers you and it stays locked up, your mind can warp into the type of mind you once despised... This is the story of the Hell that turned into Heaven for me; this is MY story. A story to show the timid ones that they can talk, for their not alone!  « Hide author's note
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Finding True Love

I think a lot of third grade girls find boyfriends, but I truly think I have found true love. Oh, he is such a wonderful boy, such a darling. Wait a second- my teachers always told me not to talk to strangers so let me introduce myself so that is not our predicament.
My name is Lauren Annette Smith and I am a third grader at an elementary school in San Antonio, Texas. Even though I am only nine I believe I have found true love. As I stated above he is such a darling, even more he is a cutie.
Well, he is in my grade and is so charming. His looks make it all the better. Although a five foot third grader is hard to come by, he is real and he is mine. I am four foot six and he is the tallest in my class, but we are sooo in love. Me, a short chunky white brunette dating a tall slim tan nicely built (for a nine year old, that is) dark haired beauty may be hard to believe, but it is true.
Anyway, the best love story you will ever hear is the way we started dating! OMG, it was so amazing. Something that could only happen in fairy tales… it all started when the new kid came into our homeroom class, late. My teacher hated when any of her pupils are late so she was immediately flustered.
“Why and how could anyone be late on the first day of school? Especially, thirty minutes late!” she demanded to know.
“My dad was preparing to drive me to school and our dog slipped off his chain and ran after us, the car behind us must not have seen him because the next thing I knew was my first and only Shitzu let out a painful yelp. Soon after I saw my limp puppy on the side of the road, “ he finished as calmly as possible, but I could see tears swelling up in his large brown eyes.
My first tomboy thought was, ‘ Boy, what a wimp!’ then the girl inside of me realized how cute he looked and how much courage it must have taken to stand up and say what happened, not even an hour after the accident. I was instantly captured by his courage and his amazingly hot body as he stood staring the teacher in her eyes.
“Just sit down, and pay attention,” my teacher said trying not to show any form of sympathy, even though we all knew she felt it.
As class went by I couldn’t take my eyes off him, good thing I know how to listen without looking at the teacher because before class was out she gave a quiz over her lecture.
I soon learned his name was Juan Ramos, and it turns out he lived in the same apartment complex as me! Score! I may not have been the most attractive in my school, but I sure was the best listener. Whenever Juan had a problem he turned to me to lend an ear and maybe even some advice. Not too long after our first ‘talk’ session a friendship started to blossom.
A few weeks before Valentines day that year I was getting to be Juan’s best friend, even though I wanted to be the girl of his dreams. One day I decided I would ask him who he liked in our school, so I had the following conversation with him after school on our walk home.
”So been here almost a year, huh?” I let out as calmly as possible.
Flashing me one of his gorgeous smiles he quickly responded, “Yah, I guess so.” His response sounded more like a question than an answer.
“Well, do you have any crushes yet?” I gave a mysterious smirk to him because I totally did not want him to notice that my legs were shaking nervously even though I was walking not sitting.
His face got super red as he replied, “I don’t know.” As he said this he looked to the ground and wouldn’t look up. I guessed he was trying to hide the blush I had seen two seconds earlier. I also guessed he had an epiphany because his head shot up with a smirk on his face and asked, “how ‘bout you?”
I calmly stated, “That is sooo confidential,” throwing in a mysterious giggle accompanied by a smirk. To him I may have looked smug and acted as if we were playing a game, but inside I was totally freaking out. I was screaming on the inside, ’You’re blowing your cover Lauren. O My Gosh, what if he pries it out of me! It would totally crush our friendship!’
As we approached my apartment he looked at me and stopped. His eyes seemed to be reading mine and at the same time they were searching my soul. I turned away.
“Hey…” I looked up to see him smiling in front of me. “I tell you what, we will both spill at lunch, at the same time, on Valentines Day. Is that a plan?”
Ohhh! He is smart, cute, and comes up with romantic plans; no wonder I like him so much! As I saw my dad getting into his car I broke into a run towards him, but before I did I looked Juan in his eyes and said, “You bet!”
Those weeks crawled by slower than the days before Christmas, and that is sooo slow for a third grader! Every day was like torture, I sat right next to him in homeroom and all he would say is, “Pay attention. You now it isn’t right to stare, even if the subject is as cute as me, don’t you?” That always got me thinking how dumb I was for staring, but it never stopped me from doing it the next day. Let’s just say love can make you dumbfounded, okay?
Finally the day came and when I walked into the classroom before lunch to check my Valentine card sack, I saw it was empty. It didn’t catch me by surprise; I mean not only was I chunky I was also a very shy and quite kid. But even if all that is true it didn’t stop me from shedding tears. I was totally thinking of skipping lunch or eating it in the bathroom when I realized that I had to go to hear Juan’s decision.
I raced to the cafeteria. I found me a good spot in line one close to Juan because in my Elementary school you sat boy, girl, boy, girl, so I needed to be close to the boy I wanted to sit next to. Anyway, lunch rolled around, and I was sitting two chairs away from Juan, he knew what was coming when I loudly whispered, “Psst, Juan!”
He slowly turned around with a smile on his face. Then he started the count down. “One, two, three!”
I was about to cry just then because we had both shouted ‘you’ in unison! I was sooooo happy. From then on we were a couple. When I walked in to the class that afternoon I noticed something strange, my Valentine card bag was no longer empty. I peered inside and there I found it: a beautiful chocolate heart. ‘Good’ I thought. ‘Now I have a heart to replace the one that just melted!’
Love to a third grader is a sweet thing! It meant walking home together, while holding hands. It meant watching his favorite scary movie while I buried my head on his shoulder whenever he says, “Here comes a scary part!” And most of all, to me it meant having some one to talk to, having some one who understood you and loved you with all your flaws.
Okay, maybe I am too young to understand love, but I have grown up extremely fast and understand some people show affection better than others. Currently the only affection I was getting shown was from Juan, so I decided to call that affection love and to this day that is what I believe Juan gave me.
Well, besides the mushy stuff, Juan and I did have fun parts to our relationship. One of my favorite stories of these fun times had to do with two other people. Juan had a best friend named Rogelio, and I had a sister named Danielle. My sister was in fifth grade and Rogelio was in third grade, but that didn’t mean anything. So as the story goes Rogelio had a major crush on my sister.
One day as my boyfriend and I were sitting on my bed talking, Rogelio had a bright idea. He waited until my sister needed to go to the restroom. As soon as she left Rogelio jumped off the bed and grabbed her cotton candy body spray (which happened to be her favorite body spray) and stuck it in his underwear!!! EEEEEW! Well his plan worked perfectly as Danielle came back in announcing that our dad had stunk up the restroom, again, and she needed her body spray. My sister looked right to the spot where her spray had been seconds earlier. Her eyes sparked as she did a full 180-degree turn and glared at Rogelio. You could see the doubt of his plan in his eyes as he questioned, “What?”
“Where is my body spray?” my sister demanded. Just in case your wondering it is not a good idea to get my sister mad, mainly because she has been to detention several times for beating up kids older than her for reasons only she will ever know. Anyway, Rogelio was just remembering that now. (Not a good thing)
“I’ll tell you after you kiss me,” as he remarked this a smirk spread across his face. My sister looked as if she was about to puke. As she was recovering from what he just said I read her body language and knew what she was thinking: she had three options.
Her options were:
A. Knock him out cold and get Juan to retrieve it from wherever it was
B. Pretend to kiss him then start to choke him until he gives up the spray
C. Simply kiss the little twerp, and when he gives it to her knock him out or kick him in the groin (whichever seems like a better option when the time comes )
Finally, she decided to do none of the above; after all she and I both knew he had a really hot brother who would never go out with her if she hurt his ‘lil bro.’
After a moment of hesitation she got down to his level and gave him a peck on the lips. She immediately stuck her hand out and in a trance Rogelio pulled the bottle out of his pants and waved it front of Danielle’s face. I could tell she was about to puke. As she grabbed it with her index finger and her thumb she let out a shrill, “Eeew! Disgusting!” Soon after her comments she was in the restroom with the water running saying words that I will never repeat.
Well, I think that was one of our (Juan and I) best relationship moments, probably the funniest too. Anyway, back to the real relationship. Juan and I were a great couple, but we only lasted a year because I moved away. The last day of school he gave me a kiss on the cheek and looking as cute as possible whispered, “See you next year!” But of course that didn’t happen because of events you’ll learn later. To this day I have never seen him again and truthfully I don’t really mind. I mean what we had was good, but guys are never that great…
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Kiba1 said...
May 23, 2011 at 4:29 pm

That is all together beutiful! can you lok at mine and tell me whay you think?


Lauren S. replied...
May 23, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Of course, just tell me were to find it, I searched and it didn't pull up!

But thank you for the comment.

 I also appreciate some one else knows you can wear all black, cry alot and/or hang out with bisexeauls and still not be any type of emo or Bi person!  

Lauren S. replied...
May 23, 2011 at 6:25 pm

I just found one and loved it, I'll read some others later! You should go look at that comment though!

~Lauren Tyler-Smith~


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