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Unperfect Girl

Author's note: This isn't really a book.... I just figured it was too long for the regular memoir section!
Author's note: This isn't really a book.... I just figured it was too long for the regular memoir section!  « Hide author's note
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Written By Alea Kim Nomis
Nomis takes the tale of Rumplestiltskin to a whole new level in this thrilling fairy tale about true love, triumph, and the way to get around barriers that separate all you’ve ever known and the infinite possibilities of the future.
If this were the summary on the back of a book on a shelf at eye level in Barnes and Noble, would you possibly pick it up and carry it up to the counter? Would you pay for it, content that you had gotten your money’s worth? Would you glide down the stairs to the coffee shop that resides within the building, order a take out cup of whatever was the crazy flavor of the day, and settle down at one of the square tables? Would you glance around to see if you knew anyone at the surrounding tables as your coffee cooled? Would you, not seeing anyone that you could talk to, open your plastic bag and retrieve Smithy’s Girl from it? Would you sit, as the time passed by, remaining in the same position, as customers came and left, not realizing that closing time was drawing nearer and nearer? Would you finally glance up as an announcement came over the speakers, saying that Barnes and Noble would be closing in five minutes? Would you be half way, three quarters of the way, or completely done the book? Would you step outside, in a muddled stupor, amazed that reality still exists when this book has taken you so far out of the realms of your life? Would you then take a sip of your coffee, amazed and befuddled that it has gotten so cold when, just a moment ago, it was too hot to sip?
This is what I want my novels to do. I want them to cause you to lose all sense of the real world, so that the world within the story becomes the real world, the only world. Smithy’s Girl is my current novel, and Alea Kim Nomis is my pseudonym, or my pen name. When I become a published author, I won’t use Mikaela Ruth Simon on the cover. I’ll Use Alea Kim Nomis. Alea Kim is Mikaela backwards, and Nomis is Simon backwards. It’s just by some chance of fate that my name is laden with vowels, and not a jumble of consonants. If my name was Jennifer Carll-Simon, for instance, and I used the same method, I’d have to use Refin Nej Nomis-Llrac, which makes no sense. Unless, of course, you were born in a different country. But since I was, indeed, born in this country, I am lucky that my name worked out.
Some of the most famous people in the country have used pen names. Dr. Seuss’s real name was Theodore Geisel. Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens. Bruno Mars’s real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. Jennifer Aniston’s real name is Jennifer Anistonapoulos. Usually, people only know the celebrities by their nome de plume, which is exactly the way I want it.
Since I was little, I have read anything I can get my hands on. Novels, short stories poetry, magazines, and, when I’m extremely bored, medicine bottles. It’s been said, by many trained professionals, that good readers make good writers. I suppose they are right. I began the Harry Potter Series in first grade, the Chronicles of Narnia in the summer after first grade, and the Series of Unfortunate Events in second grade. In first grade, I was tested by my teacher. When the results came back, it said that my reading level was at least at a sixth grade level. My parents were, predictably, proud.
I wrote this last year. I don’t actually know why--sometime inspiration just hits me for absolutely no reason.
The rainbow
Its rosy fingers curl,
Like the tendrils of dawn,
Around the hillsides and beyond,
Never stopping in its hunt for splendor.
Its beautiful colors burn,
Like the pigments of the toucan,
Filling the sky with enormous chaos,
But giving it perfection, all the same.
Its arch is everlasting,
Like the green hue of a pine,
And you know that wherever you go,
It will always be there, to guide you.
Its pot of gold taunts,
Like the legends of fairy tales,
Drawing you ever closer,
To the harmless believing of childhood.
I don’t know if you think it’s good, but to me it seems like something that could be found between the glossy covers of a hardback poetry book in Barnes and Noble.
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