Best Friends to Lovers

July 24, 2017
By AvaH121801 SILVER, Willard, Ohio
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AvaH121801 SILVER, Willard, Ohio
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"Chin up princess or the crown slips."

Kathrine was roaming through her messages on her phone, which she did every night to see if anyone texted her. She found a message from someone she didn't know and read it in her head with a weird look on her face. It was from a guy, a cute guy as a matter of fact. His name was Harry and all the the message said was “hey”, although she knew she shouldn't answer it, she did hoping for an adventure. She was the kind of girl who never got in trouble or took risks, but what she doesn’t know is that guy will change her life forever with just a single reply from her. She responded and waited for a response back from him just staring at her phone until she heard a buzz from her phone. She quickly picked up her phone and her heart was racing to see what he replied. They talked all night and her heart fluttered with every message she sent and had received from him. She had a smile on her face the whole time, she has really bad depression and this night was really what she needed. They talked every night and even talked on the phone, he made her laugh and just plain happy. He cared for her, but she cared for him more than he would ever know. The distance never mattered for her, but to him it was everything. She always left hints to him that she liked him he never caught on until he pulled a prank on her that made her cry. He acted like his mom when she texted him saying that he had died, she had tears streaming down her face and her heart dropped and shattered. That night he realized how much she actually cared for him and that she would risk her life for him, even though she never actually met him. Eventually she told him she liked him and ended up heartbroken. He liked someone else that had a boyfriend and to be honest didn’t want an LDR (Long distance relationship). She felt her heart drop down to the bottom of her chest, she had to admit it hurt bad. It took her a couple days to “get over him” as she said. Although what she didn't realize was that she never really got over him she just thought she did, but her heart hadn’t gotten over him. They still were best friends as she wasn’t going to let that incident ruin their friendship. They had gotten closer over the weeks and her heart slowly came back together with love from him. She knew they would never be together and she was okay with that, as long as he was and stayed her best friend for the rest of least she hoped so.

Kathrine knew it was time to move on from Harry, but her heart couldn’t bare the thought of not being with him. She still talked to him, although the conversations got short and just plain awkward. Their friendship changed since she confessed how she liked him. He liked her too just not as much as the other girl. Will this be a happy ending? In reality there are no happy endings, reality hits people like a wrecking ball because it's full of pain. She tried to talk to other guys even though she just never felt a connection with them like she did with him. It hurt her inside and she hated herself for not getting over him. She always has dreams of her and Harry, such as one time they were under the stars making out. Harry ran his hands up her thighs as they kissed and she shivered with excitement. Sometimes they got dirty, but hey she’s a teenager! Everytime he would post about a girl a piece of her heart fell. They were always so beautiful compared to her even though he called her his princess. She just wanted to love her and make her feel special. Guys in reality aren’t as perfect as they are in books and the movies. She finally found a guy who was decent and she loved him, but all she thought about was Harry and it wasn’t fair to him. She broke up with him with tears down her eyes feeling as if she just made the biggest mistake of her life. She didn’t have many friends and generally she would talk to her dog because it was a good listener, unlike some people. People are cruel there isn’t a thing she can do to fix that. One night he texted her at 3 am. She had groaned and picked up her phone and read it. “Princess..I need you.” it read and she turned off her phone and went back to sleep ignoring it. He used her and she knew it too, but she couldn’t help but love him.  The next morning her phone was spammed with calls and texts from him, so she called him and he cried on the phone to her as he was worried sick about her. She calmed him down saying how she was only sleeping. She knew something bad had happened, he always told her things that would happen to her or him and it made her worry and even sometimes she thought she was having panic attacks. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her on purpose, at least her head thought that. How could she move on when he just made her love him more each day? Eventually they started to talk less each day and their friendship had faded like ink on paper that gets wet. Everything would be okay in time...well she hoped it would be.

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