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Most Recent Academic Books


Here are the most recent academic books:

The World's Religions and Cultures
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Its about 7 main religions of the world. It talks about how the religion affects the country and the history is has had in the world but more specifically that country. 

(more »)
The Einstein-Szilard Letter
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Einstein, Roosevelt, and the atomic bomb. A historical paper on the rights and responsibilities exercised in the writing of a letter and how that letter changed the world. (more »)
{Screenplay} Theatres
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A Mercenary is hired by a theater owning mafia to protect them from a rival theatre (more »)
The Definitive Guide to Making a Peanut Butter...
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Ever wondered how to make a genuine, upper-echelon pb&j? Look no further! (more »)
The other side of my sister
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Its a short story about teens but mainly about this girl who is just like any other girl but cant seem to find the right friends .... (more »)
Birthdays Are the Best Time of the Year
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Birthdays happen every year but all the memories last a life time. Every birthday something always happens that is unexpected. (more »)
Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1
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Natalie arrives at galloping hills academy. (more »)
Never Give Up
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Bridget befriends a boy named Luke, the outlier of her ravenous male classmates. He is shy, and quiet, yet filled with anger. When he opens up, though, it opens thousands of new doors. (more »)
13 Ways to Survive 8th Grade
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A Mini Book for all the Odyssey students about to face this um, unique year....... (more »)
Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation...
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Abraham Lincoln is the Great Emancipator who freed the slaves with a stroke of his pen, right? Wrong! The story about the Great Emancipator is completely false. (more »)
Elizabeth Blackwell: Opening the Door of the...
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This is a biography of Elizabeth Blackwell discussing her medical career. (more »)

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