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By Lydia3 BRONZE
Jacksonville, Florida

Its a short story about teens but mainly about this girl who is just like any other girl but cant seem to find the right friends ....
Lydia3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Always Expect The Unexpected For It Most Likely Won't Happen"

astrostar2 DIAMOND, Congers, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing is impossible, it is either probable or improbable.

Erin326 GOLD, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
The silence isn't so bad
'Till I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly.....

poohberin SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
It's straight up hiss up in Mug!

By NLink
American Canyon, California
NLink, American Canyon, California
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The_Devil_of_Life BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Abby McCarthy BRONZE, Wayland, Massachusetts
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By Ravens55246
Republic, Missouri
Ravens55246, Republic, Missouri
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RachHall BRONZE, Napa, California
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Favorite Quote:
I sit before flowers hoping they will train me in the art of opening up -Shane Koyzcan

By kingkiwi
Rochester Hills, Michigan
kingkiwi, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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madhatter5, Huntington, New York
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By Caspian GOLD
New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
Caspian GOLD, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing's impossible, just improbable.

By Lindsey31 GOLD
Rockford, Minnesota
Lindsey31 GOLD, Rockford, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
LIVE life ~ LAUGH always ~ LOVE lots

Smith Summer

Parkland Speaks