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Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1

Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14
Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14  « Hide author's note
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The One

I woke up the next morning and Katelynne and Sadie weren’t up yet, so I decided to get on Connect. I crawled out of bed and looked at my alarm clock, 7:00, oh well, I guess it’s just my habit of getting up early.
I walked over to the computer and sat down in my comfy purple desk chair and turned on the sleeping computer. It bubbled to life and I brought up Connect. I had a message from someone, I opened my messages and my mouth hit the floor when I saw who it was from. It was from, none other than, my major crush Cameron. I read it:
Dear Natalie, I know you liked me for a while and I kind of ignored it, but the truth is, I really like you. If you still like me back then I will apply to Galloping Hills for the second semester so we can be together. I wanted to wait until you were gone because it was too hard to do it face to face. I’m sorry I treated you like I did for so long, but I was trying to hide my true feelings.

Cameron ♥
I read it four times trying to comprehend what I was reading. I sat there and I had to think about what I was going to say, I wanted to date him more than I wanted to date Elijah, but I didn’t want to risk ruining our friendship. I thought about it and I new what my heart was telling me to do. I quickly typed my message before I changed my mind.
Dear Cameron,
I do still want to date you, you have been on my mind and I really want to see you. I hope that you get accepted considering how bad your grades have been. But you are amazing at basketball, so if you work on your grades you might get accepted. Can’t wait to here from you and we should totally video chat sometime soon, call or text me anytime.
Love always,
Natalie ♥
I heard Sadie start to get up and quickly shut my laptop and turned around to face her.
"What are you doing?" she asked in a tired voice.
"Just checking my email." I replied. I didn't want to tell her that I was emailing another one of my crushes and kind of cheating on Elijah.
"Want some tea?" I asked her.
"Sure." She mumbled. "How do you manage to get up so early?"
"It's just natural." I replied. She moaned as she got her clothes and went into the bathroom to change. I let out a sigh of relief, thankful that she wasn't suspicious of anything, because that was way too close. Just, what was I going to do about Elijah and Cameron?
I got up to go to the common room as Sadie was coming out of the bathroom in a baby blue short sleeve shirt and jeans.
“Want to come with me to pick out which one we want?” I asked
“Sure, let’s make a cup for Katelynne too, I’m sure she will be up in a few minutes.” She answered groggily.
We walked over to the common room and then I saw HER. Isabelle was sitting on the couch laughing into the phone. She looked up at us and gave as an angelic smile. She hung up and walked over to us.
“I guess you listened to me yesterday when I said you needed to practice more. I’m thinking that you’re heading to the barn in a few minutes to practice your buts off just to try to fix those beginner mistakes you know you still make.” Isabelle said still with an angelic smile across her face.
“Actually I was going to hang out with my BOYFRIEND. You know, the really cute one that you were eyeing yesterday, sitting beside me? But I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that since you don’t have one.” I answered with an equally cheery voice as she had.
“What ever, I guess we’ll see what team you make later this afternoon.” She said, almost in defeat.
“We’ll see.” Sadie said with a smirk on her face.
I walked over to the counter with Sadie following closely behind.
“What kind do you want? I like regular iced tea, but we can have what ever you want.” I asked her.
“Iced tea sounds good for me, I’m not big on tea, but that’s what I usually have.” She pointed to the iced tea.
“Okay, can you get down the mugs? I’ll get the water boiling.
Ten minutes later Katelynne, Sadie, and I were seated on our beds talking about how we think testing will go today.
“Okay, well I got to head to the stables to get ready for testing, are ya’ll coming?” Sadie asked.
“Let me get dressed in my riding cloths, then I’ll head to the stables with you.” I said.
“Me too, let me get a granola bar first though.” Katelynne put in.
A few minutes later we were walking to the stables in the warm September weather. I texted Elijah:
Sadie,Kate, and I r goin 2 the st. u comin?
I sent the text and my phone buzzed a couple seconds later.
Ya, in 5 min
I looked up smiling, part of me wanted that to be Cameron, but the other part was happy that I had a hot boyfriend.
I walked into the stables and Sadie went her way to find Lavendel, and Katelynne and I went our way to find Cheyenne and Justin.
“Hey boy, did you sleep well last night?” I asked, slipping into his stall. “ We have to test today to see what team Mr. West thinks we can ride on” I told him.
He bobbed his head up and down.
“Ok, let’s get you shining.” I put on his green halter and black lead rope and put him in the cross-ties in front of his stall. I grabbed the hoof pick first, that was Justin’s least favorite because he was abused before I got him, he gets nervous when ever someone messes with his hooves. After I picked his hooves I moved on to currying him, dust flew in the hair. His coat hold a lot of dirt and it makes it really hard to groom him. I left him for a second to go get my Lexmark saddle, green saddle pad, girth, and bridle. When I got back to him he had closed his eyes and was starting to doze off.
“Hey big guy, you can’t fall asleep yet, we have to go test silly.” I said, waking him up. I lifted the English saddle onto his tall back and fastened the girth. I got my helmet out of my tack box and put on his bridle.
We walked down the stable aisle and I met up with Sadie and Katelynne out in the stable yard.
“Are you guys ready to warm-up?” Katelynne asked.
“Lets wait for Elijah, he will be out her any minute.” Replied, looking into the stable for him.
Five minutes later I saw him walking down the aisle towards us.
“Hey, it took you long enough” I said jokingly.
“Well, I had a little run in with Isabelle, she talked to me about how I’m so much better than you and that I should date someone like her. I just told her to go away and that I liked you.” I answered giving me an extremely cute smile.
“Lets go get warmed up, Sadie tests in half an twenty minutes and I test right after her.” I answered in kind of a panic.
“Lets go then, I think the outdoor ring by the hay shed is empty.” Sadie said.
We walked our horses to the ring and started warming up. I didn’t a posting trot for two laps then dropped my stirrups and did figure eights and serpentines. I picked up my left lead canter and did a few circles, then a flying lead change. We had been working on those a lot lately and it took forever for him to get it, but we finally did about three weeks ago. I cantered a few more times, then pulled him up. Katelynne, Sadie, and Elijah did the same.
“You want to take those five jumping twice then head over to the indoor arena?” Sadie suggested.
“Yeah, definitely.” I said.
“Okay, you go first Elijah.” Katelynne said, smiling at him.
Elijah heeled Yaida into an even canter and headed to the first two-foot four vertical. They cleared it with ease and headed to the bending line. He jumped the first yellow vertical and cantered five strides to the purple oxar. They jumped the next jump and headed to the final jump. Yaida quickened his pace, but Elijah didn’t have enough time to pull up, he went with him but they knocked the rail. He rode over to us, disappointment clear on his face.
“That was amazing.” I said, proud of him.
“But I knocked the last rail, I should have been expecting that.” He said
“But that was still amazing and you learned from your mistake so next time you won’t do that.” I answered giving him a reassuring smile.
We all finished our rounds and Katelynne knocked a rail too, but the rest of her round was excellent. I walked over to the indoor arena trying to get a peek of how Sadie was doing, but I couldn’t see anything. I sat there for five minutes and then Sadie walked out with a smile on her face.
“How’d you do?” I asked her.
“Mr. West says he thinks I did good and that I have a lot of potential.” Sadie answered.
“Good job, I hope you make it.”
“Thanks, good luck with your test.” Sadie responded.
I walked through the big double doors and walked aver to Mr. West.
“Good morning Natalie? Are you ready to test?” Mr. West asked.
“Yes sir” I answered.
“Good, do you have any questions?” he asked
“No” I replied, barely able to get the word out, I was so nervous. I had to calm down, I didn’t want to make Justin nervous.
“Go out to the rail and pick up a posting trot.” Mr. West instructed.
I walked Justin to the rail and healed him into a trot. I did a lap around the ring, making sure that my heals were down and that I was looking ahead.
“I want you to do a posting canter. Do you know how to do that?” he asked.
“Yes.” I answered, nodding my head.
I got Justin to pick up his left lead canter and I sat a stride and stood a stride, to Justin rhythmical canter.
“Do a flying lead change.” He instructed.
My stomach fell, I had been practicing those, but he didn’t do them every time. I turned him towards the center of the arena and at the right second I signaled him to swap leads, I crossed my fingers. He finally did it, and we suspended in the air for a split second.
Yes, I thought. We cantered on the right lead for a lap and then Mr. West put his hand up for us to stop.
“I want you to take those four jumps and then you’ll be done.” He said.
I looked at the jumps of increasing heights up to about 2’4. I could totally do this. I urged Justin into a rocking horse canter and pointed him towards the first eighteen-inch vertical. I popped over it and we cantered four strides to the second jump, about two foot high. We cleared that one and the third and were cantering toward the final jump, a 2’4 oxar. I counted down strides in my head, Three, two, one. He popped over it and I walked over to Mr. West.
“Excellent job Natalie, there will be a meeting at 6 pm in my office to let you know my decision.” Mr. West told me.
As soon as I left the indoor arena with a smiling face, my face fell. Isabelle was standing right there in front of Elijah flirting and they were both laughing. I did not need this right now, I stormed up to her with Justin in toe.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I yelled at Isabelle.
“What am I doing? I’m just having a friendly little conversation with your boyfriend. Is that alright or do you need bodyguards around him at all times so no other girl can talk to him?” Isabelle said with a smirk on her face.
“It didn’t look like you were just having a friendly conversation from where I was standing! It looked like you were flirting with my boyfriend!”
“Stop it girls,” he said firmly. “Natalie, can I talk to you for a second?”
“Whatever you say to her, you can say to me,” Isabelle said.
“But you’re not my girlfriend, Natalie is,” Elijah said. “And I love her.” I looked into his eyes and blushed.
“Just remember you said you had a crush on me,” Isabelle said smirking in my direction. “And might I mention that he told me not to tell you.” Elijah turned pale and glared at Isabelle.
“You have no idea who you’re messing with.” Elijah said, gritting his teeth.
“What? You dated me last year, opps, wasn’t supposed to say that either,” Isabelle said, still smirking at me. “Our parents have known each other since we were in fourth grade. Guess Elijah forgot to tell you that tiny detail.” Isabelle said loving every minute of this torture.
I wanted to slap her across the face, but I held myself back.
“Natalie, come on, can we..” “Leave me alone,” I interrupted him. Tears stung my eyes but I didn’t show it, I pushed myself in between Isabelle and Elijah.
“Sounds like someone should stop keeping secrets.” Isabelle said looking at Elijah.
I couldn’t take this anymore, I had to get out of here. Justin, being the good sport that he is, stood there the whole time, quiet as a mouse.
“Come on boy, let’s get you back to your stall and cooled off.” I told him. We walked away leaving Isabelle and Elijah behind.
Twenty minutes later I was back in my dorm, emailing my parents to tell them how school was going.
Hey!” Katelynne and Sadie said as they walked in. But there smiles faded when they saw the look on my face.
“What’s wrong?” Katelynne asked.
“Isabelle dated Elijah last year, apparently they have known each other since fourth grade. Elijah told Isabelle that he had a crush on her and she’s ruining everything.” I practically screamed.
“That’s awful, how could he treat you like that.” Sadie said, sympathetically. If only they new I was doing almost the exact same thing to Elijah.
“I need to show ya’ll something.” I said truthfully.
We walked over to my laptop and pulled up my Connect account. I opened my messages from Cameron and let them read it.
“How can you be mad at him when your doing the same exact thing to him?” Sadie said in an upset tone.
“I have feelings for Elijah but I have stronger feelings for Cameron, I don’t know what to do. I wish I only liked one of them, it would make life so much easier.” I said truthfully.
“You have to figure things out, you can’t do that to both of them.” Katelynne said.
“I know, I just need time, but I think I’m going to have to tell Elijah that I like Cameron. They don’t like each other either, they both want to date me so it’s like a rivalry for them.
“Well, let’s watch some McLeod’s Daughters until it’s time to meet Mr. West, we only have three hour to kill.” Sadie suggested.
I watched the TV, allowing myself to get absorbed. I soon forgot everything that had happened in the past few minutes.
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