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Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1

Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14
Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14  « Hide author's note
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Something Wonderful

I had survived my first week at Galloping Hills. A couple of times I wondered if I was going to drown in homework, but I didn’t. I had to test for the riding team tomorrow, so I had to go to the barn and practice and so did Sadie and Katelynne.
“Hey, guys you ready to go to the barn.” I asked
“Yeah, so ready. Lets go.” We walked out the door and down the sidewalk, to the barn. When we got there Elijah was riding, it turns out that Sadie doesn’t like Elijah after all. We were all dressed in tan riding breaches and yellow shirts, we had decided to all match.
“Hey, how’s Yaida doing?” I asked Elijah.
“Good, we need to work on our leads though, he seems to want to pick up the wrong lead.”
“Can we practice with you? If you don’t mind waiting ten minutes for us to get ready.”
“Sure, meet you in the outdoor arena in ten minutes.” Elijah answered.
I walked to Justin’s stall and walked inside. “Hey, boy.” He reached out and rubbed his head on my arm. I put his halter on and hooked the lead line to his halter. We walked out into the aisle and got the pair of cross-ties right in front of his stall and Katelynne was at the pair in front of us.
I went through the motions of grooming, Curry comb, hard brush, soft brush, hoof pick, and mane and tail comb. Then I put the light blue saddle pad on his back then the black gel pad. After that I placed the saddle gently on his back and fastened the girth under his belly. He stood quietly while I tightened it then got my helmet on. I put on his bridle and waited for Katelynne to finish putting her bridle on.
We walked out of the barn meeting Sadie out there at the same exact moment. We mounted our horses and walked to the biggest outdoor arena. Elijah looked like he was day dreaming.
“What are you staring at?” I asked. He jumped when I said it.
“Oh nothing.” He said in an innocent voice. Sadie, Katelynne, and I walked in and stood beside Elijah.
“How about we do flatwork then jump?” Elijah suggested.
“Ok sounds good.” I answered smiling at him.
We spread out and started walking. I walked for a lap then did a posting and sitting trot. I dropped my stirrups and did posting and sitting, then I did some stretches in my saddle. I cantered a little each direction working on keeping an even pace and doing flying lead changes.
“Ok, I’m ready to jump when ya’ll are.” I said pulling Justin up.
“Ok, the jumps look like there about two foot four so that’s good. Who wants to go first?” I asked.
“I'll go” Katelynne said.
Katelynne collected Cheyenne and turned her towards the first jump at a rocking horse canter. They soared over the first purple and yellow jump and moved toward the second black oxar. They kept moving around the coarse and Katelynne road back to us beaming.
“That was really good. You should make sure you don't throw yourself at the jump and keep your hands down and together.” I said.
Everyone else gave there feedback and then it was Elijah's turn. He turned Yaida at the first jump and jumped it cleanly. They soared over the rest of the coarse and he rode back to us. For some reason he was frowning.
“Why the long face?” I asked him.
“I kept throwing myself at the jump.”
“It was really good except for the part of throwing yourself at the jump. You kept Yaida at an even pace.”
“That was really good, just that one thing.” Katelynne answered.
Sadie went next and she had the most amazing ride. She trotted over on Lavendel smiling a mile wide.
“That was amazing, you and Lavendel were flawless.” I said.
“That was spectacular.” Elijah and Katelynne said.
“Do you want to walk our horses out then go to the sugar shop?” Katelynne asked.
“Sounds good to me.” Everyone answered.
We untacked our horses. I gave Justin a really good groom, gave him a treat, and put him in his stall. I put my tack in the tackroom and put my grooming box in my trunk. I walked down the aisle and found Elijah in Yaida's stall.
“Hey, hows it going.” I asked him walking into the stall.
“Good, I'm almost done. I just need to brush out his mane and tail, then I'm done.” Elijah answered, smiling at me.
“So, you have really improved on your riding. You and Yaida have really bonded.” I complimented.
“Thanks, I really appreciate that compliment, it feels like I'm not getting anywhere with him.” He answered.
We walked out of the stall together and down the aisle to Sadie, and Katelynne was there too.
“You want to go change and meet at the Sugar Shoppe in fifteen minutes?” Sadie asked.
“Yeah, that sounds great.” Elijah answered.
We walked towards our dorms until we had to split up. We walked into our dorm and I called the bathroom first. We got ready fast. I wore a black shirt and a green skirt, Sadie wore black dress pants and a blue shirt, and Katelynne wore a black sun dress. We walked out the door with our purses, towards the Sugar Shoppe. As we walked down the sidewalk I noticed the trees starting to turn colors. We turned the corner and ran right into Elijah, I started to fall but Elijah caught me.
“ Thanks, I would have hit the ground if it wasn’t for you.” I said smiling at him.
“Your more than welcome.” He answered smiling back at me.
“Well lets go, we don’t want to miss the six o’clock sale.” Elijah said teasingly.
I gave him THE look, like that was so not funny. But your so cute for trying.
He just smiled back as we walked to the Sugar Shoppe and I stopped outside.
“You guys go in, I need to talk to Elijah alone for a minute.”
I said
They walked inside and I just stared right into Elijah’s gorgeous eyes.
“So, I’ve been thinking about what you said, and, if you still want to I would love to go out with you now, I just needed to rap my brain around everything but I really like you.”
“So do I, I can’t wait to go on our first date alone, just the two of us.” He said back smiling a mile wide.
“Lets go inside then, I don’t want Sadie and Katelynne to order without us.” I said only half jokingly.
He opened the door for me and I walked in and found Sadie and Katelynne in a corner table for four. I walked over and sat across from Katelynne and beside Elijah.
“Hey guys, guess what?”
“Elijah and I are dating now.” I said excitedly.
“Wow, that's good. So, Elijah, do you know how do to do Dressage?” Katelynne said.
“A little, Natalie and I took a summer camp together, it was 4 weeks long and it covered mostly dressage and cross-country” Elijah said.
"Well, that's good, I'm nervous about trying out for the advanced team, since Cheyenne is so inexperienced" Katelynne admitted.
"I think we all are, I mean Elijah and I are new, and Sadie has only been riding for two years." I said.
"Well, Isabell is really competitive and will do whatever it takes to win." Sadie said.
"So, Elijah, how long have you been riding?" Katelynne asked.
"I've been riding for five years, but I started off riding at a place that didn't teach for showing, that's were Natalie and I originaly ment." Elijah answred, giving me a quick smile.
"So what are you going to order?" I asked Elijah.
"I'm going to get a chocolate milkshake and give you the cherry, since I know you love them." He smiled and then put his arm around me. My heart skipped a beat and I started to feel a bit of butterflies forming in my stomach. I could feel my face start to hurt from smiling and I knew that my face was red from blushing.
"That sounds good." came from somewhere behind me. I saw Sadie's eyes grow huge for a second, and then I turned around to face Isabelle and her two other friends. I gave her a look that said go away, this is my boyfriend.
"Oh, I'm sorry Natalie, did I interrupt something?" Isabelle said in an angelic voice that made me want to pull her hair out.
"Know, but I didn't know you listened to other people's conversations." I said in an equally as angelic voice as hers.
"What ever, you think you’re so special because you have a super cute boyfriend that you've know forever from that little hick town of yours."
"It is not a hick town, you don't know what you’re talking about, so just but out." Elijah answered annoyed at her rudeness.
"We'll see what you think when I kick your but at the schooling show, then we'll see who's from a hick town and who's not." Isabelle said, turning around as her friends followed giving us a look.
I turned back around to face Sadie, and saw that she was was glaring after them.
"Who do they think they are?" Sadie said in a clearly pissed-off voice, but quiet enough to where the "trio" couldn't hear how much they'd gotten to her.
"All I know is that they are going to get pay-back next time they decide to be obnoxious little know-it-alls."
"Ok, from now on, this is war between us and the trio." Katelynne said.
"I know we have our own work to be doing, but what have we ever done to Isabelle and her friends?"
"Yeah we do need to show them their place." I said.
After we received our desserts, we talked for 45 minutes about anything else other than the "trio".
“We have to practice tomorrow since it’s Sunday.” I said.
“We should practice together.” Katelynne suggested.
“Yeah, I can do that.” Elijah answered.
“What time can you meet us?” Katelynne asked.
“Is 10:00 ok?” Elijah asked.
“Yeah, 10:00 is perfect.” I said, not giving Katelynne a chance to answer.
As we left the Sugar Shoppe I knew that I was going to step up my game to survive here and make the advanced team.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 18 Next »

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