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Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1

Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14
Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14  « Hide author's note
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First Day Gitters

Katelynne, Sadie, and I walked to class together. We had finally talked Katelynne into leaving Cheyenne. Katelynne and I had our first class together, Ace.
“Bye Sadie, see you at lunch.” Katelynne and I said.
“Bye, good luck with your first class.” She called.
As Katelynne and I walked silently to the foreign language and elective building I admired the view. I had told Eli to find me at lunch so we could sit together and he had agreed. We walked into the building and found our classroom. There weren’t very many people in there yet so we took our seats in the back. The classroom started filling up and I took out my baby blue phone.
Wats ur first class
I sent it to Eli. Katelynne looked over with a giant smile on her face.
“Sadie likes Eli, she thinks he’s cute.” Katelynne said
“I know, she told me.” I said unhappily.
Just then the teacher walked in, Mrs.Edin
“Good morning class, I’m going to take role and then we’ll get started.”
I half way zoned out waiting for him to call my name. that class flew by and so did the next, before I new it, it was lunch time. I found Katelynne and Sadie and walked to the lunch line. I got chicken and rice, a bowl of grapes, and a piece of chocolate pie. We found table with two people sitting there, I guess they new that we lived in Cedarspring because they waved us over.
“Hi, I’m Natalie, and this is Sadie and Katelynne.” I said introducing us.
“Hi, I’m Penelope and this is Qween. We ride too, out horses names are Vincent and Cathargo. We saw you guys at the barn yesterday, I’m glad your horse is feeling better. I think they should warn the riders about that because riders freak out a lot.”
“Yeah that is a good idea. So how many years have you been at Galloping Hills?” Sadie asked.
“I have been here for a year and this is Qween’s first year.”
We sat in silence for a few minutes and ate then started talking about the riding program here and our horses. We finished our lunches then Sadie, Katelynne, and I headed to the barn.
“Oh-my-gosh, I am so nervous about our lesson this afternoon.” I confessed.
“Me too.” Sadie said
“Me three.” Katelynne said
We walked into the stable and Katelynne and I walked down the aisle towards our horses stalls since they were right next to each other. We had twelve minutes until we had to be at our next class.
“Hey boy.” I cooed
He nuzzled my arm and I gave him a kiss on his muzzle.
“Look what I have boy.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out two peppermints. He ate them like he hadn’t eaten in days. I said goodbye to him and walked out of his stall, closing it behind me.
“Katelynne, you ready to go, we only have eight minutes before our next class.”
“Yeah I’m coming.”
We walked down the aisle to Sadie and then walked out of the barn together and to our dorm.
“Ok, I have English next, does anyone else?” I asked
“I do.” Sadie said.
“Yes, I’m glad we all have classes together.”
We walked out of our dorm and Katelynne went her way and Sadie and I went our way. We walked into our class and found seats in the back. A minute later Eli walks in.
“Hey, come sit over here.” I motioned to the seat beside me. Oh-my-gosh I forgot how cute he is.
“Tonight we should go to the Sugar Shoppe. I heard they have really good milkshakes.” Eli suggested.
“That’s a great idea, Katelynne, Sadie and I aren’t doing anything except riding and homework. Well, I might drown in it though.” I said laughing.
“Yeah, I’d love to go. I’ll text Katelynne and ask her.” Sadie responded.
We talked for a few minutes then Sadie texted back and said she’d love to come too. Our teacher, Mrs.Edin walked in and took role. Then handed out folders and paperwork to fill out. We talked while we filled it out about riding. Turns out we all ride together, for now.
Class let out and Eli and I headed to Spanish class.
“I need to tell you why I really came here.” Eli said
My heart started racing.
“I didn’t come her for the academic reasons. A little for the equestrian. But mostly for you. I missed you in the five days I didn’t see you over vacation and I realized I had to come here. I really like you Natalie and I hope you feel the same about me.”
I didn’t know what to say. I was in shock, I had always liked him and I thought he was so cute. “I don’t know what to say. I really like you too, and I think your really, really cute. If you’re asking me to go out with you I don’t think I’m ready yet, just give me a few weeks. I need to settle in but after that I would love to go out with you.” I answered.
“I hoped you would say that. So, for now were just friends. Deal!” We smiled at each other and walked into the Elective building. He got the door for me and we found room 204.
We walked in and sat in the back together. I hate sitting in the front, I feel like everyone is watching my every move. The teacher walked in and smiled at the class.
“Hi, on your schedule you have me as Mrs. Hall but you are to call me Senora Hall. I will take role and then explain the syllabus.”
She took role then started explaining our Syllabus.
“You will sit were you are sitting now and this will be your study buddy. This is a high school credit class so I expect nothing but A’s, B’s ,and high C’s. You need to study for at least thirty minutes every night.”
She went on for the rest of the block and Eli and I kept sneaking glances at each other. We walked out of the Spanish building together and split up were our dorms were.
“I’ll see you in a few minutes at the stable.” He said.
“Ok, see you in a few.” I walked away beaming. I couldn’t wait to tell Sadie and Katelynne.
I walked into my dorm and started getting ready for my riding lesson.
“Hey guys, you’ll never guess what Eli said to me.”
“What did he say?” they both asked.
“He said he came her for me. He couldn’t bare being away from me. He asked me out and I said that I would love to in a few weeks after we settle in. He was so happy and so am I. I think he is so cute its not even funny.” I said smiling.
“Well were happy for you.” Sadie said. I guess she didn’t like him as much as I thought she did.
We walked to the stable together and into the indoor arena. We had a meeting in there before our lesson. We sat beside Eli, who was already in there and started talking. All I could do was stare at him and he stared at me too. Mr. West walked in and looked at all of us.
“Welcome, I’m glad to see some familiar faces, and for those of you who are new, I am your riding instructor, Mr. West. You will practice in the afternoon and sometimes in the morning. Now, what time you practice depends on what team you make, weather its beginner or intermediate. For now I have split you into groups. I will teach one group and Mrs. Good will teach the other, she is new and has only been her a day so be nice to her and listen to her.”
I looked at Eli with wide eyes. After the meeting I asked Mr. West if the teacher’s first name was Charlene and he said yes. Eli and I speed walked into the barn and found Char walking down the aisle. We ran up to her and gave her a hug.
“I can’t believe you’re here. Why didn’t you tell us?” we questioned.
“I wanted it to be a surprise just like it was for Eli. Now you guys need to go get ready, I’ll talk to ya’ll later.”
Eli and I went to Yaida and Justin’s stalls and got them ready super quick. I walked outside and mounted Justin. Mr. West was about to announce who our teacher was and I hoped I was with Eli, Sadie, and Katelynne.
“Ok, Mrs. Good who has asked that she be called Charlene, is teaching Maggen, Khloe, Izzy, and Walker. I will be teaching Sadie, Natalie, Eli, Katelynne, and Isabelle. Group one goes to the indoor arena and my kids follow me.” We walked with him and started warming up. Posting, sitting, 2-point, no stirrups.
“Ok, were going to work on jumping. The jumps are set really low at two foot three so everyone can jump them comfortably.”
Isabelle rolled her eyes at that comment but Mr. West didn’t Notice. I was a little nervous about riding in front of everybody but I new Justin would do great.
“Ok, Natalie you can go first.”
My stomach flip flopped. I collected Justin and got him into a trot. I did circle then cantered to the first jump. He cleared it by a mile and I galloped a little to the second jump. He was a little up on his toes since he was in a new place. We cleared the third and fourth jump with three strides in-between. Next was a white gate. He soared over it and we headed to the final jump, a purple and yellow oxar. We made a clear round and I trotted over to the group and Eli, Katelynne, and Sadie all gave me a smile. Isabelle looked mad, almost like she was mad at me for doing good.
“Very good Natalie, you new just how to get Justin to the next jump without being to slow. Next it Eli, then Katelynne, Isabelle, then finally Sadie.”
Eli did just how I new he would do and got all praise from Mr. West. So did Katelynne, I thought she handled Cheyenne really well for him being so spirited. Isabelle did a perfect round, as I suspected she would and so did Sadie, even though she was the least experienced out of all of us.
“Ok, all of you did a great job today, I’ll see you tomorrow, remember that on Saturday you will be testing.”
Isabelle gave me a look like You know that comment was directed to me right? We cooled our horses out then untacked them. We walked to our dorm and agreed to me at the Sugar Shoppe in and hour.
We got ready, talking about our riding lesson and what they thought the Sugar Shoppe would look like. We walked down the side walk and walked into the cozy little Shoppe. Eli was sitting at a table in a suite and I beamed. He was Hot!
“Hey I said, you look amazing.” I said. I had worn a purple strapless dress with black wedges.
“So do you.” He replied back. We just smiled at each other for a while.
“Um, guys, can we sit down?” Katelynne said jerking me out of my daze.
“Uh, yeah sorry.” I answered
“So I ordered you and I chocolate milkshakes since I new that’s what you would want. Sorry I didn’t know what to order you girls.” Elijah answered.
Personally, I like Elijah better than Eli, but that’s what he likes to be called.
“That sounds, great, thanks Elijah. You know, I like Elijah better than Eli.” I said
“Well if you really like Elijah better you can call me that but only you can call me that.” he said.
We all ate our milkshakes and talked for an hour and a half then headed back to our dorms. I hated say good bye to him but I would see him tomorrow. That was the best night ever. I couldn’t wait to be his official girlfriend. We went back to our dorm and got ready for bed.
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