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Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1

Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14
Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14  « Hide author's note
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Two Shockers!

I woke up at 5:30 for my first class. I was so scared, all I did was talk. It’s one of my habits that if I’m excited or nervous I talk too much. Katelynne, Sadie, and I got ready fast and headed to the stables to see our horses. Sadie’s horse Lavendel was an eight year old bay gelding. Katelynne’s horse Cheyenne was a six year old chestnut gelding. We walked to the stables giggling the whole time and when we got there I thought I was going to pass out. There standing with his horse, was Elijah from my old stable. We are friends but he never told me he was coming to Galloping Hills. I ran over him and scared him half to death just by saying “hi”. He jumped and whirled around. When he saw me he had the biggest smile on his face. People think he’s weird for the way he looks but I think he is really cute. I’ve sort of always had a crush on him. He is the nicest person I have ever met in my life.
“Hey, I didn’t think I’d see you this soon. I was hoping to surprise you at lunch or something but it’s too late for that now.” He said a little too excitedly.
“You still surprised me. I can’t believe you came here. How did Yaida do on the trip here?”
Yaida was Elijah’s seven year old bay gelding he had had for three years. They hadn’t exactly clicked when they first meet each other but there was something about Yaida that Elijah loved. I had ridden Yaida three times when Elijah was sick. I loved the way he jumps.
“So do you want to come see Justin after you put Yaida away?” I asked him.
“Sure, that would be great.” He Exclaimed
These are my roommates and friends Sadie,” I pointed to the one with brown hair, “and Katelynne.” I pointed to the blond one. “Guess, this is Elijah Bullocks from my old stable, River Run Equestrian.”
“Nice to meet you.” They said reaching out there hand to shake his.
“Okay, lets take Yaida in then go meet Katelynne, Sadie, and I horses, okay?” I asked
“Okay, sounds good.” They said in unison.
We walked down the barn aisle scanning the silver name plates on each door for Yaida’s. We walked half way down the aisle and it was on the left. The stalls were huge here, bigger than I have ever seen. He walked him in then unhooked his halter and let him loose in his stall. Then we followed Katelynne to her horses stall, Cheyenne. He was right beside Justin. When we got there I gasped. Someone had given him a shot in the neck; we saw the blood from it. We ran to Mr. West’s office not even caring if we got caught. Katelynne was almost in tears by the time we got there. We knocked on the door.
“Come in.” he called.
“Mr. West, Katelynne’s horse has a spot on hi neck were he was given a shot.” I told him.
Sadie and I hugged Katelynne trying to calm her.
“Calm down Katelynne, we give all the horses a shot to see if they have any allergies and the beginning of the year. They are closely monitored to see if they have any reactions.” Mr. West soothed.
“Really? I was so scared someone had given him something bad.” Katelynne Cried.
“I’ll go take a look at Cheyenne to make sure he’s ok, but don’t worry we keep a close eye on all our horses here.” He said trying to calm her down.
We walked down the aisle to Cheyenne’s stall and Katelynne started crying again when she saw him. He was lying down breathing really hard. Mr. West looked pail.
“Katelynne I’m going o call the vet. I want you four to stay with him and try to keep him calm. Don’t panic Katelynne, if you do he will get nervous. Only two people in the stall at once, we don’t want him getting to excited.”
Mr. West walked briskly down the aisle to his office. I went into his stall and sat down beside him talking calmly to him. I tried to T Touch technique I had seen Amy Fleming use and it seemed to work. He calmed down after a few minutes and Katelynne came in and sat beside me stroking him.
“Katelynne he’ll be fine. Don’t worry I’m sure it’s nothing major. The vet will be here soon.” I soothed
We sat there for another few minutes and the vet arrived. She said Cheyenne was going to be fine. He had a mild case of colic, having nothing to do with the shot Mr. West had given him earlier. Katelynne was so relieved, I had a feeling I would be best friends with Katelynne and Sadie very soon.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 18 Next »

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