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Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1

Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14
Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14  « Hide author's note
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I had gotten Justin back to the barn and looked him over very carefully to make sure he wasn’t hurt. He looked to be in perfect condition. I started brushing and tacking him up then headed to the warm-up ring. I walked in and got him to stretch his legs out and then asked him for a trot. Cameron came into the ring a few minutes after and I just gave him a smile so I didn’t get distracted. I trotted for a few minutes then Isabelle and Elijah came in. I glanced at Cameron and immediately regretted the decision.
“God Natalie, you can’t even warm up your horse without making googly eyes at your boyfriend.” She scolded.
“It’s none of your business if I look at my boyfriend. How about you mind your own business.” I said in the exact same tone that she did.
“What ever, don’t come crying to me when you loose because your distracted by your boyfriend. “ she said, returning to her warm up.
I urged Justin into a canter and we cantered a few laps around the arena and then worked on flying lead changes. I got him to do two and then worked on the warm up jump in the ring. It was set at about 2’2. We cantered over it a few times in each direction and then I pulled him up and watched Cameron, Isabelle, and Elijah go. They did perfect and then Cameron and I headed to the indoor arena. They were at entry number 204 and Cameron was 207. I went right after he did.
“You’ll do great, I know you will.” I said, trying to reassure him.
“Thanks, you will too.” He said giving me a smile.
“Number 205 has a score of four faults and seventy two seconds.” The announcer said.
“Wow, know one has gone clear. If one of us goes clear that means we will win.” He said.
“Know, really?” I said sarcastically.
“Sorry, guess I’m just nervous.” I bumped my shoulder to his and smiled.
“I know, I’m just messing with you.”
“Number 206 please enter the ring.” The announcer said.
“Well, I guess I better mount and get ready, I’m on deck.” Cameron said.
He mounted Cherokee and walked to the entrance.
“Number 206 has a score of four faults and seventy three seconds.” The announcer said. “Number 207 please enter the ring.”
I mounted Justin and walked to the entrance of the ring so I could watch Cameron’s round. They flew around the course and I held by breath as they went over the final two jumps. He landed after the last oxar clear. Yes!
“Great job!” I said to Cameron excitedly. For a few seconds I forgot I was up next.
“Thanks, I cant believe I had a clear round.” Cameron said.
“Number 207 has a score of zero faults and seventy two seconds.” The announcer said. “Number 208 please enter the ring.” I gathered the reins and squeezed Justin. We walked to the starting line and waited for the bell. Ding!
Justin shot forward and I got him collected before the first blue and white vertical. He flew over it and cantered swiftly to the next jump. He cleared that and we made a sweeping turn to the first combination. He cleared the first half and two strides later we jumped a black and red oxar. We galloped a little to the next oxar and I settled him before the jump but he was still strung out. We took off way too early but he still cleared the spread. We cantered to the final obstacle, a triple combination. I slowed him by doing a half halt and started counting strides. Four, three, two, one! He lifted off the ground and cleared the vertical. We took one stride and took off for the second part. Then we took two strides to the final oxar. He took off early and I thought we weren’t going to make it over. He took off and we soared through the air and landed on the other side, I waited for a thud as my heart sank. I looked behind me and saw the pole wobbling in the holder, I held my breath. Finally, It settled in the holder and I finally took a deep breath. Yes! We had done it, we were going against Cameron, Isabelle, and Elijah in the jump off. I rode over to Cameron and gave him a high five. Then, we kissed, it was the most amazing thing ever.
“Great job Natalie, you and Justin were amazing.” He said, smiling t me.
“Thanks! Now we’re going head to head in the jump off with Isabelle and Elijah.” He stated.
“Williams, you ready to get your ass kicked?” Elijah said in a challenging but not at all joking way.
“Not by you, if by anybody, my girlfriend.” Cameron said in a stern way.
“Number 197 please enter the ring for the jump off.” The announcer said.
“Well, we’ll see after my girlfriend goes.” He said, turning Yaida away from us.
“Wow, he is way out of his league messing with me nad my girlfriend.” Cameron said and a serious way, like he would defend me with his life.
Isabelle galloped swiftly to the first jump and made it over cleanly and did a half halt before the next oxar. They cleared that and moved to the double combination. They jumped through that and galloped to the final two jumps. They made it over both with a time of fifty four seconds and zero faults.
“Number 207, please enter the ring for the jump off.” The announcer said.
“Good luck, I know you can do it.” He said.

“Number 207 has a time of fifty five seconds.” The announcer said.
“Great job Cameron, you did the pace that you felt was comfortable, don’t worry about it.” I said trying to reassure him, by the look on his face he was not happy that he was slower than Isabelle.
“Thanks Natalie.” Cameron said trying to smile.
“Number 208 please enter the ring for the jump off.” The announcer said. I cantered in and then urged him into a hand gallop and made my way through the coarse. We almost knocked down the second half of the double combination.
“Number 208 has a score of fifty….” please say two, please let me have done better. “two seconds.” Yes! I had done it!
“Great job Natalie, you did it.” Cameron gave me a kiss on the lips.
“Thanks, I can’t believe I had that time, I didn’t think I could beat her.” I said smiling. “Now I can bite my finger nails as I watch Elijah go.” I said, only half jokingly.
“Number 199 please enter the ring for the jump off.” The announcer said.
Elijah rode into the ring and Yaida shot forward. Elijah didn’t bother trying to slow him down before the first jump and the same thing happened with the second.
“What is he doing heading into the double going that fast, there not going to make it.” I said in a panic.
Yaida went to take off for the first part but stopped just short. He came down right on the bar for the jump and it broke under his feet.
“Oh my god!” I said in shock. I jumped off of Justin and dropped the reins, I walked briskly to Yaida. I was going to kill Elijah for this. Yaida was my favorite horse at my old barn. He was suck a sweet horse, if he was hurt I was going to kill Elijah. I had won but that didn’t matter.
I made it over to Yaida and he looked okay but he needed to be checked out by a vet.

At the end of the day I had a blue ribbon and a 3rd place in cross-country. Cameron got 3rd in show jumping and 4th at cross country. Yaida had pieces of wood in the bottom of his hoof and it was swollen. The vet said he needed time to see if anything else was wrong.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 16 17 18

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