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Galloping Hills Academy 1 part 1

Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14
Author's note: some content not sutible for kids under the age of 14  « Hide author's note
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A Big Mistake

“Mom, I’ll be fine.” I put a peice of strawberry kiwi flavored gum in my mouth and started chewing. Even though I wasn’t so sure that I would be fine, but I didn’t want my parents taking me home now.
As we pulled into the driveway of the elite Galloping Hills Academy, I took in everything around me. The white fences holding horses in, the ivy covered fences, the remarkable stone buildings that looked to be a hundred years old.
“Natalie, I want you to be happy. Are you sure this is what you want sweetie?” my dad asked concerned.
“I’m sure dad, Justin and I need this. The riding program here can take us so many places.”
We pulled into an empty parking place and got out of the car. So many people were there already. Parents and kids rolled luggage down the sidewalks to there dorms. My dorm was called Cedarspring. We unloaded my horse, Justin. He was a black, 5 year old, Morgan Gelding. I had Justin for 2 years and it had been love at first site for both of us.
As I unloaded him he looked around, excited to be in a new place.
“Do you need any help taking him to the barn?” Mom asked
“No, I got it I’ll meet you in my dorm.” I reassured
I followed the signs to the stable and as I walked in, a prissy looking girl eyed me carefully. She walked so close to Justin I thought she was going to run into him. Just as she was pacing Justin reached out and chomped down on her arm. The girls let out a piercing scream.
“I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” I asked her.
She glared at me with piercing eyes. Great, now she's crying. A man I assumed was Mr.West, my riding instructor, strode down the aisle. He didn't look happy. Oh, perfect timing! Right when this priss starts with the water works.
“What is going on over here Isabelle?”
“This new girl’s horse just bit me.” She sobbed.
He turned to me. “What happened?”
“She walked really close to my horse and he reached out and lightly bit her. He's never done anything like this before. I think he’s nervous, he doesn’t trust many people and he’s young.”
“Alright, well it sounds like it won’t happen again so I’ll let it go but be sure it never happens again!” He boomed
“Alright Isabelle, lets get you to the infirmary.
“Yes sir, Mr.West” Isabelle wimpered.

After I found Justin’s stall and checked him in, I made sure he had water and hay. I walked back, following the signs to Cedarspring. When I finally got there I decided not to tell my parents what had just happened. I didn’t need them getting into my problems. I walked inside the old, stone building and found my parents in the corner of the hall holding my luggage.
“Okay, lets go to my room. My information sheet says its on the second floor, room eight.” I told my parents.
“We’ll follow you.” My mother said.
I walked up the stairs with my parents following close behind me. After pacing down the hall I finally found my room, I knocked to see if anyone was there.
“Come in” A female vocie said from behind the door.
We walked inside the spacious room. It had a desk to the side with bookshelves everywhere. Everything was so organized. I looked at the desk chair where a petite women with blond hair was sitting at.
“Hi, I’m Olivia your dorm moniter.” She said as she turned around in the chair and stood up to greet us.
“I’m Natalie.”
“Well here’s the key to your room Natalie," She said handing over a small bronze key with the Galloping Hills Academy crest on the end. "If you have any questions let me know.” We walked out and headed down the hallway to my room. I unlocked the door and walked in. There were two beds to the right and a closet and desk to the left. Another closet and desk was straight ahead and the backroom was in the far corner. There was one more bed in the back of the room and it looked like it had already been claimed. There were two girls on there beds. One with blond hair about waist level the other with brown hair just below her shoulders.
“Hi, I’m Natalie.”
“Hi I’m Sadie” the girl with brown hair said
“I’m Katelynne. Welcome to Galloping Hills.” The other girl said.
"Thanks" I said.
Mom and dad sat my stuff down on the unclaimed bed. We said our goodbyes in the other room, my mom shed a few tears before long and I tried to keep from the same teary fate as my mother and my dad walked out of the door. Sadie and Katelynne tried to chear me up and so I had forgotten all about the stupid priss at the barn.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 18 Next »

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