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Bhavi_y SILVER, Ajmer, Other
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By randompanda18 GOLD
Irvington, New York
randompanda18 GOLD, Irvington, New York
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Downtown MAG
By Lindylu03 SILVER
Anderson, South Carolina
Lindylu03 SILVER, Anderson, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"You're entirely bonkers! But i'll tell you a secret, all the best people are."
-The mad hatter

By biscuitlevitation BRONZE
Washington, District Of Columbia
biscuitlevitation BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
"Besides, I can't get to where I want to go by conscious or unconscious suicide. I've got my strange little life to lead. Leading it the best I can -- that's how I buy the ticket to where I want to be." - Forever Odd, by Dean Koontz

By kauls BRONZE
Hillsborough, New Jersey
kauls BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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By VeryCiya SILVER
Dalton, Georgia
VeryCiya SILVER, Dalton, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"So it goes." Kurt Vonnegut

By reach4mars GOLD
State College, Pennsylvania
reach4mars GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
I already know how it ends, I'm just here for the ride :)

By kentuckyfriedgerber BRONZE
Anaheim, California
kentuckyfriedgerber BRONZE, Anaheim, California
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Favorite Quote:
"And I, infinitesimal being,
drunk with the great starry
likeness, image of
felt myself a pure part
of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
,y heart broke loose on the wind.

By Earthshine00 BRONZE
Berlin, Connecticut
Earthshine00 BRONZE, Berlin, Connecticut
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By amelie.sophia
Edgewater, Maryland
amelie.sophia, Edgewater, Maryland
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hctown SILVER, Auburn, New York
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Rain days MAG
By Anissia_w
Bronx, New York
Anissia_w, Bronx, New York
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