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The Trap MAG
By Megabite SILVER
Dublin, Ohio
Megabite SILVER, Dublin, Ohio
9 articles 5 photos 8 comments
By cmayer SILVER
Navarre, Florida
cmayer SILVER, Navarre, Florida
5 articles 1 photo 0 comments

Favorite Quote:
Simplicity is the key for anonymity.

By Antlers GOLD
Perryton, Texas
Antlers GOLD, Perryton, Texas
10 articles 17 photos 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
Evil is non-existent in the eyes of the heart.

By EMarie GOLD
Joplin, Missouri
EMarie GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
19 articles 7 photos 23 comments

Favorite Quote:
Courage comes in all sizes, but fits only a few.
What is wise is not always right and what is right is not always wise.
Knowing what is wrong and right is not choosing which to fight.
-All of these are by me

By BeatSunshine
Puyallup, Washington
BeatSunshine, Puyallup, Washington
0 articles 1 photo 0 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Come at me, Scrublord, I'm ripped!" -Ross O'Donovan

Broken MAG
By AlisonWonderland BRONZE
Ottawa, Other
AlisonWonderland BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
2 articles 9 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
Lewis Carroll

By Meena-kg
Lagos, Other
Meena-kg, Lagos, Other
0 articles 5 photos 0 comments

Favorite Quote:
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything

PreposterouslyNonsensical SILVER, Menasha, Wisconsin
6 articles 38 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art." - Neil Gaiman

By musiclover255
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
musiclover255, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
0 articles 1 photo 0 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I only write music for myself, I don't try and appeal to anyone else." (Bryan Adams)

By There_Is_No_Forever SILVER
Marshville, North Carolina
There_Is_No_Forever SILVER, Marshville, North Carolina
6 articles 2 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Love what you have while you have it."

By hachoo GOLD
Brooklyn, New York
hachoo GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
16 articles 10 photos 10 comments

Favorite Quote:
“Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day. ”
― Markus Zusak

By BlurAngel GOLD
Bexleyheath, Other
BlurAngel GOLD, Bexleyheath, Other
16 articles 16 photos 58 comments

Favorite Quote:
Love is an Emotion of strong Affection and Personal Attachment.....

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