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Kentucky Native American Honoring Museum

February 22, 2017
By AnthonyLugar13, Burlington, Kentucky
AnthonyLugar13, Burlington, Kentucky
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Will a museum to honor and respect the native americans be the solution to the problem of how we can repay the natives for what we did to them in the past? For our proposal we decided that a museum would pay back their respect and return back the gratitude they need to survive. We owe them in a form that we can’t imagine, and this museum will bring that. The museum will be called the Kentucky Native American Honoring Museum or for short-K.N.A.H.M, which is based on the idea that they don’t like to be called Americans, but only the name of their tribes. This museum will have its own seal to show respect for the tribes. On the inside it will have one floor for each part of their culture. For example, the bottom floor will be history, the middle floor will be traditions , and the top floor will be religion. We will do not have actual floors in the model because, it is obviously a model. This museum will not be used as a joke, but it will be important and serious. The job for this building is to teach children and adults about the history of the tribes of America. Our job is to educate and teach children and an important part of this is our tribes who were here before us, and who we ran off to live on small cramped up reservations, we act like they did nothing for us and were useless. These are the ones who mean the most to us, that is why we need to respect them and say that we are sorry for how foolish we acted, and build the museum in honor of them. This is an important and serious matter for us to care for, and the museum will show that. Critics may argue that a museum will not change a native americans thought about what we did. That is true because we cannot change the past, but this museum is just to give awareness about how they suffer and teach young people or people who don’t know about native americans about how serious this is. We as americans need to realize what we in the past did wrong even though we can’t change the past.

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