Lady In Red

May 28, 2009
By Austin Carder, Lubbock, Texas
Austin Carder, Lubbock, Texas
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Create a photograph that contains a theme with the environment or surrounding area (s)

I selected to use my friend Kaulie, who is a redhead, a pose her in front of a red brick building. The final product was amazing!

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Sid Says said...
on Jun. 4 2009 at 6:09 pm
Dear Olivia:

As one of the teachers of these most amazing students (as I know you are an amazing student as well) I will reply to your question. Each photograph (or work of art) our students take we ask that they have a focus or theme assigned to it. Some photos are taken in class and some outside of class as a specific assignment. Many times this "challenge" is in the artist mind (or sometimes it is spontanious) when they begin the process of creating art... and other times they see the challenge or theme when editing the photo for publication. All great artists have a passion for what they do. Part of that passion is the ability to verbalize or vocalize the intent behind the work. And although the viewer may see something totaly different than the theme presented, the only responsibility of the artist to make the viewer think or feel about their subject matter. If they are able to do both, then the artist and the viewer may feel fortunate indeed in the experience.

There are many ways to create great photography. This is only one path among many. Our challenge is only a "nudge" for the viewer to see the work of art (photograph in this instance) from the minds eye of the artist. Hope this answer helps!

Thank you for asking such a great question! I appreciate your inquisitive mind. Keep up the great work.

Teacher: Sid

Sid Says said...
on Jun. 4 2009 at 5:48 pm
wow! impressive!

What A Talent! You are amazing!

You have that IT Factor that makes you photos come alive!

They have magic in them!


on Jun. 2 2009 at 4:08 pm
RougePhotography SILVER, Alto, Michigan
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"Why would I want you to sweep me off my feet? You'll probably drop me sooner or later."

Gorgeous! Question: I've seen many photos on here with the "challenge" thing in the author/artist notes. Are these "challenges" for an art class or something?

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