Lets Break This!

February 14, 2010
By Rebecca Dyer, Highland Village, Texas
Rebecca Dyer, Highland Village, Texas
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First off, no i do not have an addiction to alcohol. But after tonights discussion with my mom and andrea at dinner, about an old friend who was hurting me more than helping me I talked about how she had an alcohol addiction and used to call me when she was drunk. When i got back to Andrea's house she suggested to do something about alcohol and "breaking" the addiction. I have been thinking more about this and i can hear it in the back of my mind, i hope she really is okay. There is a lot of teens now, who go out on saturday, friday whatever night and get drunk. I don't know how it works, because i have never personally done it but i have seen very many young lives thrown away because of one decision, to drunk. I have heard of all the people be killed in car wrecks, and many priviledges and have saw goals taken away from being caught. I have been told that i don't have any fun, i am sheltering and hurting only myself, and i will never get to experience life. I have turned the other cheek in many situations where i've let people say this to me, and judge me on my beliefs. I have also come home crying over it, i have let words affect me. I don't believe drinking is wrong, i do not as long as you are over age or you are at home and you aren't drinking it excessively, but i think the parties, the excessive drinking and drinking to get drunk is wrong and i pray for the people that do that and that they can see how it affects their loved ones.

I felt the need to address this, to explain a little how i watch this everyday and i bite my lip and turn my head so i don't make others angry. I have lost friends, but still watch them suffer from this everyday. And just like how i have pledged my purity, i have also made a promise with God to stay away from drugs and alcohol and keep myself clean. I have let others try to change my mind, and just try it. Turns out, just trying it, can become something worse. This is something i stand firmly on, and this was unbelievably hard to write and express. It really really bugs me when people brag about how they got wasted or had the night of their lives last night, you just sound stupid. You don't sound classy or well together. I just wish people could understand that it's okay to break this addiction, and it's okay to stand firmly in what you believe. People can make you feel stupid, but really in the end they are only hurting themselves.

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RaeJae BRONZE said...
on Feb. 15 2010 at 4:04 pm
RaeJae BRONZE, Fayette, Other
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this is great i think this photo really focuses on teen issues these days! great work


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