Content or Not Content? The Scope of Human Emotion

January 21, 2018
By lil.the.pil, Boise, Idaho
lil.the.pil, Boise, Idaho
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It was made clear that we should not attach human like emotions to wild animals because, unlike us, they are very black and white, much like this owl. They're either content, or not content. It's that simple. So what can we do, as humans, to help fill that grey area? I examine the essentials of human emotion carefully and I can only think of one thing: happiness. It seems basic on the surface and perhaps it is, but it's everywhere and talked about every time someone brings up the future. Only, it's not the right word for the fundamental human trait. Instead, we, as humans should ask ourselves: are we happy, or are we fulfilled? That's the ultimate question.

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