The Pulse of Technology

February 10, 2017
By era99, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
era99, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
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I think each board took about 3 ish hours as I hand cut, placed, and glued each tiny piece of the picture. I will warn people, some of the pictures do include vulgar language, so beware. These photos are based around the negative and positive comments people receive over social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I glued the cutouts onto a board in the shape of sound waves to portray the pulse of technology. Each design is unique to represent the need for us to shape technology's pulse to how we want it to look or be. The takeaway from these photos was intended to be stop the bad, accept the good, and thrive. We can’t separate ourselves from the technology, but we can take its pulse within us and shape it to the way we want it to be. Any who! Thank you for reading, enjoy!

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era99 said...
on Mar. 1 2017 at 9:12 am
era99, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
0 articles 1 photo 1 comment
To add to my statement above, I didn't realize that only one picture posts. So, my statement up there is talking about 7 other photos that I've done. Just so no one gets confused!

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