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same city, different world

June 1, 2014
By Justinian BRONZE, Encinitas, California
Justinian BRONZE, Encinitas, California
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When I was walking around the city, I took this very interesting shot of the people walking. Honestly, I do not know how I managed to created that blur effect, but it brought a lot of thought to me when it focused on the woman walking, minding her own business.
This may seem like overanalyzing a little bit, but I realized that we pass by so many different people with their own stories without even wondering about it at all. And I think thats a mistake we all make: we are so obsessed with ourselves and our own lives that we don't bother to step out and learn about other people, talk to someone new, or even look at a stranger in the eye. Its like we all live in the same place physically, but inside, our minds travel to another dimension and do not even bother opening up to new ideas and new people. Just a thought.

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