Purple Snowmen

December 21, 2017
By SaltyLK, FREEPORT, Maine
SaltyLK, FREEPORT, Maine
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The work was made with a professional fat pen and crayons. I chose to create this work because the words I was given was “creative” and “artistic”, so to show my creativity, I redid I painting I made when I was 6! I showed how I changed in poses, cleanliness and style. Each snowman isn’t standing straight up, they have a cartoon feel to them. :)

I was originally going to copy the colors and have fun with the light to dark, but I didn’t have any more purple crayons. :( So, I just used other colors for substitutes!

The story behind this artwork: I was 6 when I originally made it for my mom. I remember that I screwed up with making the snowmen the same color, so I changed the snowmen from being light, to medium, to dark. So, now I wanted to show my improvement. I’m not entirely proud of the new one, however I’m proud of how different they are and how well I showed my proportions and creativity. :)
My project doesn’t really relate to my life, but it was fun to make.
To make it better, I would change the colors of the snowmen to different shades and lights of purple, so then it at least looks like the old colors. Plus, I would change the materials I used. Crayon isn’t the best shading tool… :)

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