July 20, 2013
By Sadako-xD, Dittmannsdorf, Other
Sadako-xD, Dittmannsdorf, Other
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My first typografic artwork for my application portfolio. :)

Genre: Traditional Art; Original; Design
Time: 8 hours
Size: DIN A3
Drawing Tools/Programs: 0,7mm HB mechanical pencil; COPIC 0,3mm Multi Liner black; blue/black conventional marker; 30cm ruler; silver gel-pen

(Yes, the misspelling of "Typography" is deliberately ;D)
"VIEH" is German and essentially means "livestock".

I have never really addressed the issue of typography before which was a fatal error since it IS required for a design application portfolio ~.

On the other hand, it's an absolute unknown area for me and because of this, I always imagine "typography" as some kind of a monster.
I then developed this thought further until the word "monster" became "animal" and"animal" became "livestock" or in German "VIEH".

Therefore, the English lettering "How to TAME it?" stays in contrast to the remaining parts of the design and is supposed to indicate that I am still uncertain when it comes to dealing with typography and that I still have to learn or "tame" the foundations of it yet.

All in all, I included 45 (!) animals - believe it or not ;D

The list:
- dragonfly - giraffe - jellyfish (2x) - lizard - chick - ladybug - axolotl (♥) - red panda (♥) - frog - orca - rabbit - owl - scalar - cat - butterfly - cow - snake - tiger - elephant - crocodil - dolphin - parrot - eagle - shark - deer - turtle - caterpillar - penguin - moose - dog - seal - cheetah- zebra - peacock - Chameleon - squirrel - rhino - tukan - monkey - swan - lion - horse - panda - iguana (♥)

(I drew the animals without a pre-sketch!)

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