The Forsaken Ruins of Dunwich

November 14, 2011
By daStig177, Columbus, Ohio
daStig177, Columbus, Ohio
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As the Lone Survivor stalked the wasteland, he came across the building, looking exactly as Scribe Rothchild had described it. As soon as he entered the building for loot, he sensed that something has gone terribly wrong. He had found a lone journal entry, on a table with what seemed to be the only light in the building. in that note, he had found that somebody else had come, and he sought out to find that person and to interrogate them on the happenings in this building. Carrying on down the dilapidated corridors, he saw scenes of carnage and heard moaning and grunting noises all around him. To maintain stealth, the survivor turned off his flashlight. For the first time in his life, he had become afraid of what awaited him as he came closer to the souce of the noises. Opening the door, he heard a raspy shrieking noise, and then racing footsteps headed for his direction. he turned around realizing that there was indeed a light behind him. He had been spotted. The second he turned his flashlight back on, a horribly disfigured face appeared. He managed to kill the thing out of fear and the sudden spike in adrenaline that occured at that moment.

As he went on, he encountered many of these things in the ever looming darkness, and had come across several ones that appeared to glow, and whenever he came near one, he heard his geiger counter tick. At last he had come across a single reinforced door, and entered. What lay on the other side stopped his heart for a few beats. A group of those horribly disfigured humanoids were worshipping a strange obelisk, and a sole man, whom he assumed was the one he had been looking for, Was reciting a menacing dialect that gave him the feeling of being dead, having his soul sucked from him. He could not take any more. He fired a single shot, putting a clean hole in the man's head. He ran out of the building as fast as he could.

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