March 8, 2018
By Renea42 BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
Renea42 BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
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You are unstoppable! What you believe you can do is possible.

Every day she goes around with a smile on her face to please those around her. She makes sure that they are happy and content. Also makes sure that the people closest to her are satisfied. Little by little she gives pieces of herself up to others, even those who hurt her. The people that hurt her receive the biggest pieces of herself in hopes by doing so they will stop hurting her. No matter how much shes gives up, she is still subjected to being hurt.
At the end of every day she goes to be alone, looks at herself, and at the end of each day, she sees someone different than the day before. She sees someone broken, weak, tethered, torn, and now hollow. So hollow that there is nothing left of herself to give up. No more pieces to give away. She is done. Done with it all. Done with a fake smile just to survive the day.
So at the end of today, she will enter the darkness. She will end it all. She will escape all the pain and suffering. Escape all the people, the ones who have done right and wrong by her. Through the darkness she will be guided to the light. The light will show her only goodness; for the light is right and just. She who will be with the light will soon be no longer broken, torn, nor hollow, but free.

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