The Threads of Altruism

April 21, 2015
By nzaman, jamaica, New York
nzaman, Jamaica, New York
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Upon first glance, the image of a ball of yarn may seem to lack much of a connection to the idea of generosity. But it is through the object of a ball of yarn that I find myself truly understanding the art of generosity. The ball of yarn itself represents generosity as a theme. The idea of the ball of yarn is used to represent the pure essence of generosity because in it’s literal nature it is immensely difficult to find the initial, beginning point of the ball of yarn. Likewise, generosity should be such that it is difficult to discover who the giver is, and a sense of anonymity should be prevalent in acts of giving.Yarn is usually recognized as being tangled up and soft in touch and this expresses the fact that within generosity, many people’s lives are intertwined without the knowledge of the giver, and it is the softness in their hearts that truly impacts the receiving end of generous deeds. The significance of the infinity sign is to represent generosity as an infinite virtue. What this means is that there are no limits or end to generous deeds. It is an infinite cycle of giving.

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