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February 22, 2016
By Woo_art, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Woo_art, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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From a distance, it is an aesthetically pleasing baroque style painting. However, a closer look reveals a message our society must become more aware of. Since it has the most vibrant color, the eye naturally goes first to the center of the painting, and because of this, the bread. Breaking bread represents a social gathering, similar to the way that wine has also represents a sociable environment. The key/butterknife leaned against the plate is pointing to the bread and wine to say that the key preventing tragedy is to talk. Next to the wine bottle is a small candle to symbolize hope. The four items are all placed on top of a red book: the foundation of the cause. To be able to read all the book titles, one must get a closer look. Once they do take a closer look, one will notice that the titles are all associated with the Holocaust, peace, and war.
The key to solving genocide and violence is to understand it on a deeper level and educate the population by talking about. People often make quicksnap judgements about others and certain subjects. It takes time to get to know others. If we took more time to break bread, examine the past, and identify the lessons to be learned from the Holocaust, we could prevent genocides. From the Holocaust, society must recognize that genocide is not a thing of the past. We often indulge ourselves in the luxuries of living in a third world country and become oblivious to other humans becoming dehumanized in an ocean of agony. However, genocide is not a topic that is often approached by the general public. This painting was created in hopes to attract viewers by its composition and beauty then shift their attention towards the issue of genocides. The title of the wine bottle speaks what we need in our community: a Revelation.

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