A Family of Ganth

July 18, 2011
By Sophus_I BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Sophus_I BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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The ganth are a race of mountain-dwelling giants whose entire culture is based around war. When a ganth child is born, it not spoken to in the babbling baby voices employed by mothers of most other races; rather, as soon as the infant can see, it is taken into the father's custody, where it is taught the basics of war. Female children, on the other hand, are taken to the mother, who teaches them how to stay fit, heal the wounded, and stand up for one's self. During this time, they are allowed to play together, or with other ganth children, but only with toy replicas of such horrors as tanks, bomber planes, and napalm launchers.
When a child reaches the age of eight years, scouts from the government are sent to each ganth household to take said children to a training camp high in the mountains. (This ritual process is actually celebrated- indeed, it is not uncommon to find the parents of these child soldiers-to be holding "inception parties," feasts that celebrate the beginning of a new soldier's career.) The ganth children are trained in this brutal camp for ten years, until finally, at the age of eighteen, they are sent off to join the army.
The ganth army is known throughout all of Panmondus for its bestiality, savageness, and sadism. Indeed, standard-issue weapons focus mainly on fire, napalm, and cannonballs. Not only is this so, but the ganth are known to attack anything that even slightly unnerves them. For this reason, they are constantly at war with the super-religious bathyans. (But that is a story for another day.)
Finally, if a ganth soldier lives to the age of 150, (ganth have an average lifespan of about 200 years,) at which his fighting skills begin to wane, he is allowed to return home to his village. He is then paired with a wife and encouraged to have a child as soon as possible, so as to keep the military strong. When the retired soldier arrives, in addition to this, he also inherits his father's GF-12 Salamander, a napalm-blasting firearm that is- by decree of the government- passed down from generation to generation.
Most of Panmondus' other races see the ganth as barbarians, and some view their soldiers as even demons. Regardless, they should be avoided at all costs.
This picture was drawn by me by hand using a black Col-Erase pencil, and was then enhanced using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.

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