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Morphers: Character Designs 1

February 23, 2010
By Pagerda SILVER, Senatobia, Mississippi
Pagerda SILVER, Senatobia, Mississippi
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These are the main characters of my beginning novel-in-progress, Morphers.
So far, my rewrite of the first chapter only includes Kathy, the character in focus of the book, and Sara, her kind-hearted best friend. However, if/when I post it up here, I'll at least have three chapters done, so it'll be a while before I can ask for some revising aid when I post it so I can finalize the chapters and continue on.

To keep in mind, this began as a very crummy, first-person story that was unfinished and ill-prepared. However, I've been working on it, and when I do plan on posting them, the chapters should be close to my publications. Keep in mind that these designs are pretty old, but still close enough to final designs.

The Characters:

Morphers is written (typed now) in first-person, giving Kathy, a young teenage Morpher/Skin Shifter, and circulates mainly around her life of staying alive and keeping from the human's clutches, and even more so, Vascure's. She's the protagonist of the story, though has more issues with deciding between right and wrong, so her friend Sara must help her to move along the right path a lot. So perhaps she's a little drifty on that side of her personality, but otherwise, she's a tomboyish girl that believes she is quite average, despite her abnormal abilities. She sometimes even wishes to just be a human instead of what fate has given to her, but it would seem that she is to be the furthest thing from it----I'll end that there to rid of spoilers.

Sara is Kathy's best friend and secretive Skin Shifter. She has known about her abilities since she was very young and knows how to morph better than even Brenton, though she just seems to have a natural talent for it. She's the good-decision maker for Kathy, whom regularly hesitates before responding to such situations. However, Sara is quick to discover what is right and what is wrong.

Brenton is the stranger of the group, always seeming to hide something but yet act so casual and cool like nothing has happened. He is a young skilled Skin Shifter, but still is no match for Vascure and the Clan. However, he has also collected a small group, mainly teenagers, to stand by his side in the Great War. He has his suspicions about Kathy, but Sara is a welcome addition to the resistance.

Vascure is the main 'villain', or antagonist, of the story. His main goals are: conquest over the humans and ridding the world of all humanly things (including domesticated animals, since they are 'slaves' to the human race). He is very mild-mannered and calm, but he will stop at nothing to get what he wants and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. His right eye contains special abilities, since he was cursed there long ago (Skin Shifters can live up to three times longer than the average human), whilst his left eye is a normal, icy steel-blue. The scar over his eye doesn't heal or disappear with morphing, and that eye in particular is always the same color with every transformation. He is the leader of the Clan, which is a large mass of Morphers that also dislike humans; soon, he plans to build an army for the Great War against the humans.

Terra is truly a wicked little girl. Her father's power and money have allowed her to rise to top ranks in the Clan, which has earned her the position in Mageec Developments. That ability just could stop the resistance and finally learn the secret to morphing power. She has an extreme distaste for human life and always wants to show off to Vascure, despite that he rarely ever cares for this behavior. She likes looking her best and is extremely vain. Keeping in control of things and being the boss while Vascure is away is her pleasure, and she wont mind taking down a few of their less-than-loyal followers.

Facts of the Skin Shifters
In case you didn't notice, their ears have a little edge to them, and that's because it's a trait most Skin Shifters have which they believe they gained from the elves of past centuries
Oh, and the markings are all over their bodies and appear after the painful first morph; they only appear, however, whilst they're morphing
Their clothing (if natural, which most of it that Morphers wear is since that's the type of time period it is then and it's traditional) transforms with them, similar to Animorphs and the lycanthians of Werewolf Rising, but anything unnatural and completely man-made doesn't (like Kathy's necklace, which she either must remove or allow it to morph with her and stay on)
Morphers heal every time they transform to and from a creature, though the more injuries, the longer it takes to change forms

characters/art/Morphers (c) Paige D. R.

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