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Proof That Teen Voices Matter

by Teen Ink Staff Writer
May 21, 2018

It has come to a point in America where the ripping apart of lives, families, and communities due to school shootings is becoming so consistent that this has become the new norm. It is absolutely not normal for students to go to school each day wondering if something as terrible as death will befall them. It is not normal for students to have to carry clear book bags and go through metal detectors to attend classes. It is not normal for a person’s reaction to a school shooting to be “Again?”

It seems like all the decisions are in the hands of those who are quick to debate and speak out for or against policy, but extremely slow to enact any real change. You might think that you are too young to make a difference, that your voice won’t matter because the people in charge aren’t listening.

Well we want to give you hope and give you motivation because SOMEONE is always listening. They may not always respond, but the leaders, the lawmakers and the policy changers want to hear from you. You don’t have to wait until you are legally old enough to run for office or to vote to influence change.

Here is proof that someone is always listening.

Annika is a teen just like you. In early April, after the Parkland shooting, she wrote a letter to her senator, Bob Casey, Jr., and submitted it to Teen Ink. (Click Here to Read Annika’s Article: A Letter to My Senator on School Violence)

Within days of her article being published, Teen Ink’s editors were contacted by Senator Casey’s team regarding Annika’s letter. They had read the letter and Senator Casey wanted to let her know she had been heard. Senator Casey and his team agreed to an interview with Annika. She was able to ask the hard-hitting questions regarding school shootings and how these events have impacted Senator Casey’s actions. (Click Here to Read Annika’s Full Interview with Senator Casey)

Someone is always listening, so don’t ever stop voicing your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and stories.

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