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Cover Art Contest
Send your best photo or artwork and it could be published on the cover of Teen Ink magazine.

Nonfiction Contest

Two winners selected every month out of the following nonfiction sections: Nonfiction, Focus/Special Issue, College Essays, Heroes, Pride & Prejudice, Health, What Matters, and Sports.

Poetry Contest

Are you the next Maya Angelou or e.e. cummings? Serious, funny, long or short - send us your poems today! One winner selected each month!

Educator of the Year Contest
Nominate that amazing teacher in your life and give her the recognition she deserves.

Fiction Contest

Fairy tales, sci-fi, horror, romance - short stories galore!
Entries of all kinds are accepted throughout the year.

Travel & Culture Contest

Hiking in Yosemite. Strolling through Paris. Celebrating Chinese New Year – describe your latest cultural adventures at home or abroad.

Environment Contest

Hybrid cars? Required recycling? Tell us about a problem facing the planet ... and about your solutions and ideas. Winners selected annually.

Community Service Awards

What do you do to make the world a better place?
Tell us about it and win $100 for your favorite charity, plus a prize for you. Winners selected annually.

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