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University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute

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Ages: 13-18

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Physical & Mailing Address:
The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, 320 S. Broad St.,
Philadelphia, PA USA 19102

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The University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute in Philadelphia offers intensive summer programs for high school students in art, media + design, creative writing, dance, music, music business and theater. Read More!

About University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute

Students Choose from SIX Distinct Programs of Study:

  • Art, Media + Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Music Business
  • Theater (Musical Theater or Acting)

Set among Philadelphia’s vibrant urban landscape, the only distractions at the Pre-College Summer Institute are ones that feed your creative skills, discipline and spirit. In programs ranging from two to four weeks, students from across the globe tap into UArts’ 130 years of experience, letting our unparalleled location and acclaimed teaching staff uphold our legacy as the nation’s most dynamic summer arts program for high school students.

We exist at the true intersection of tradition and experimentation, collaboration and concentration. Classroom time, city exploration, and disciplines constantly overlap, so you’re as likely to be inspired by an instructor as by a street artist, or by a student studying up the hall.

The only thing more enduring than the memories? The skills, discipline and college credit you take with you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

A. What makes your program unique?

Our Location + Our Teachers

Philly. The city’s storied history, centuries-old architecture and booming art, music and dining scene. The best of Philly’s past, present and future sits within blocks of the University of the Arts’s doors, accessible by foot, bus or train. On any given day, experience renowned architecture, public art and performance just by walking from your residence hall to class.

Teachers. UArts brings world-renown practicing artists together to teach, create and collaborate with students from almost every conceivable art, design, performing arts and writing discipline.


B. Describe a typical day in your camp or program.

There is no typical day in the Summer Institute - in addition to core classes and electives you will be attending performances, gallery shows, lectures, master classes and museum exhibitions. Between impromptu jam sessions, dances, open studio hours and videogame-equipped student lounges, life after class is just as enriching as the time spent in the studios. 


C. What type of teenager participates in your program?

Our students are motivated and dedicated to their craft, whether Art, Dance, Music, Theater, Writing or Music Business. They come from across the globe to experience our innovative programs and work with our faculty.


D. Where do your participants come from?

Everywhere! Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and all of the states in between.


E. What is the housing like and what can you tell us about the meals?

Apartment-style air-conditioned residences that come with shared bedroom (2 per room), living room, kitchenette, and private bath for each unit.

Meal plans are provided by the University’s dining hall and include options for any dietary need including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and more.


F. Please describe what teens have to say about your program.

“This program was one of self discovery. I will be leaving the program with a clear understanding (for the first time) of what I want to go into, what living away from home will be like, and the steps I need to take to achieve my goals.”

“I really enjoyed this program, not only because the classes I attended were very helpful to me as an aspiring visual arts major, but because the experience of living independently in a city and meeting new people was unique and exciting. I never considered applying to this school, but after attending this program I am definitely considering it. After coming here, I am now very excited to go to college and major in visual or fine arts. And I can say that I am sad to leave UArts and attend regular school again in the fall.”

“I love it here. Yes, the classes were challenging and I learned a lot about pushing myself and growing as an artist, but even more so, I felt free and open and absolutely willing to throw out my inhibitions and enjoy myself .”

“Every teacher I had was talented both as an artist and as a teacher. I learned so much from them and from my fellow artists. It was great to meet so many people who have the same passions as me.”

“I learned that I really want to continue to write for a living. From working on my art seven hours a day, five days a week, I realized that it's what I want to do for the rest of my life, which is a pretty big revelation.”

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Comments about University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute

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ekahne said...
Jan. 5, 2013 at 5:55 pm
Everything about the program was outstanding! The people I met and all the teachers continue to inspire me every day not only to be a better actor, but to be more aware of my surroundings and to be a compassionate person. If you're looking for an intense learning experience not only about your craft but about yourself, and you're willing to expand your mindset about what's possible, I highly recommend this program. 
ideaengine13 replied...
Jan. 11, 2016 at 5:36 pm
is financial aid given out often do you know?

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