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Julian Krinsky Pre-College Summer Programs

(Villanova University): At our Villanova University campus, students have five different summer programs to choose from (ages 14-18). You can take part in our two-week summer programs in either Business, Cooking, esports or Coding. In these immersive programs, you will dive headfirst and learn what it takes to bring your passion and skills to the next level. You will learn from industry professionals and gain the tools for success. Another option is our one-week Enrichment program where you choose a morning and afternoon class. With this summer program, you can pair classes like Psychology and Engineering, Stock Market Trading and Music, or Photography and Public Speaking. With over 30 classes to choose from, you can create the summer of your dreams. Learn more!

(Yale University): This summer, we have partnered with Yale University for our Yale Pre-College Summer Program, an immersive academic experience for high school students (ages 15-16). During this two-week program, participants will take an interactive rotation of academic enrichment classes and learn the topics and skills needed to work on a group sustainability project. The groups will work together to select a project topic relating to an environmental issue facing our local or global communities. Students will use the knowledge learned in their classes to work toward raising awareness, creating a solution and inspiring change. Aside from the academic aspect of this program, students will live on Yale University’s campus and enjoy many social opportunities like time to explore Yale’s campus, evening activities on and off campus, activities organized and ran by residential staff and a weekend day trip to New York City. Learn more!

What draws teens to your program?

(Villanova Programs): Teens love the variety of choices that our programs offer. They can really follow their passions and create the summer of their choice. (Yale Program): Teens love the topic of environmental sustainability and have a passion for making an impact in the world. They are a natural leaders and enjoy connecting with peers from all over the world.

What type of teen attends your program?

The types of teens that are interested in our summer program are ones that are interested in exploring possible career paths through their existing passions and by discovering new passions. These students are interested in topics such as Arts, Sciences, Cooking, esports, Sports, Business, Coding, Stock Market Trading, and much more.


Where do your participants come from?

Our participants come from all over the world.


What's a typical day like?

(Villanova Programs): Students will have a morning and an afternoon class, with lunch in between. There will be some down time/afternoon activity before dinner. After dinner, they will enjoy on-and-off campus evening activities such as going to see a movie, going bowling, or participating in an on-campus casino night. If students are staying for more than one week, they will have the choice of different Saturday trips to places like NYC, D.C., and Hershey Park; as well as a more local Sunday trip to places like Downtown Philadelphia, going to see a baseball game, or having a relaxing day on campus.

(Yale Program): A typical day for students will be wake up and enjoy breakfast in one of Yale University’s cafeteria’s. Although no two days will be exactly the same, a typical day would be similar to that of a college schedule. Students will spend their day in a rotation of one to two academic courses, as well as spend time in their group working towards their project. Before dinner, they will have some free time to explore Yale University’s campus, or relax. After dinner, student’s will participate in on and off campus evening activities with the residential staff.

What should participants expect to learn or take away from your program?

Students should expect to spend their time with us in a fun, diverse environment. They should expect to make friends with people from all over the world, and learn from industry professionals. Many alumni who have participated in our program have told us that their summers spent with us helped them to turn their passions into a career.


What are past participants saying about your program?

"Not even in my wildest dreams could I devise a summer experience that would better prepare me for my future or build me better connections than JKCP did." - Brittany L.

Ages: 14-17

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Mailing Address:
610 South Henderson Road
King of Prussia, PA USA 19406

More Information:

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