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Computer Camps

Web design and software programming are perhaps the most sought-after skills in this hi-tech era. For tech-savvy students who want a leg up in the competition by building critical computer skills early in life, or for students who just love design and logic, Education Unlimited’s summer Computer Camps offers hands-on instruction in both creative and practical computer skills. Experienced instructors encourage students to use their imaginations while exploring fundamental and emerging technologies and software.

We offer courses in the following: Python, Java Programming 1, Java Programming 2, SNAP, Graphic Design/3D Imaging, Web Design - CSS & HTML, Web Design 2 - Javascript.


What draws teens to your program?

Education Unlimited Computer Camp programs allow students to learn new computer skills with their peers who share their interests in an environment that is positive, cooperative, and exciting. Our students are eager to broaden their knowledge and work together with others to create awesome projects. They have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals who provide them with the knowledge and techniques that will help them get ahead in their chosen topics.

What type of teen attends your program?

Our computer camp programs offer students with varying skill levels enrichment material related to computer programming. Some students have already done some programming and are looking to work together with others on larger projects; others may be curious about programming but have never explored it on their own or in a classroom. Our students are curious about technology and enjoy solving problems.

Where do your participants come from?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and locations. We welcome students from across the United States and from other countries who are interested in learning about computer science in a university campus environment.

What's a typical day like?

Our instructors start the day by providing students with some background information on a topic, which is then scaffolded by allowing the students to practice the techniques that were introduced. Classroom segments are broken into 90-minute blocks separated by short breaks and meals. Later in the day, students may continue to work on their projects, or may elect to experience our outdoor recreation activities such as glow-in-the-dark capture the flag.

What should participants expect to learn or take away from your program?

We hope to provide our students with a fun and memorable experience that taught them not only about computer programming, but also about teamwork, friendship, and achievement. Our students leave computer camp with the basis for developing their skills with programming, as well as a better sense of the world of opportunities that may arise from continuing their studies in computer science. They also take with them a completed programming project that they can use as a portfolio piece as they begin to look for internships and jobs down the line.

What are past participants saying about your program?

“The best feature of this camp was the amazing amount of time we spent doing practice applications with the programming language, gaining lots of hands-on experience.”

- Murtaza M., Computer camp participant

Ages: 9-18

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Mailing Address:
Education Unlimited, 1700 Shattuck Ave #305
Berkeley, CA USA 94709

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matthew said...
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i am student in high school and want to learn about computers i have some Disibilites but like computers

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