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The New School: Summer Intensive Studies with Parsons School of Design

New York. Paris. These are just some of the culturally and artistically diverse urban locations where you can live and create with summer intensive programs with Parsons School of Design, recently ranked the top art and design school in the country, at The New School’s Open Campus.

Offered June through August, our intensives in art and design are tailored for high school students who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to fearlessly pursuing their dreams to take their talents further. In these immersive courses, which include animation, painting, fashion, graphic design, game design, and more, you'll encounter new paths of inquiry and master state-of-the-art techniques to earn credit towards future study at college or university, build your portfolio, network with mentors working in the industry, and grow your practice.

Parsons School of Design (New York, NY)

Summer Intensive Studies
July 9-27 | Ages 16-18

This three-week, three-credit program is open to high schoolers wishing to deepen their knowledge of art and design in the rigorous and stimulating environment of Parsons. This intensive three-week, three-credit program is open to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of art and design in an academically rigorous and artistically stimulating environment. Students spend five days a week in studio classes and receive demanding homework assignments. Courses are supplemented by special events, including portfolio reviews, Parsons alumni career panels, and industry guest lecturers, all designed to prepare students for admission to design school or direct them toward relevant career paths. Subjects of study include animation, design and management, fashion, graphic design, game design, painting, photography, interior design, and more.
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Parsons Pre-College Academy
August 6-17 | Grades 3-12
Explore art and design through creative, hands-on projects that develop students’ art and design techniques and collaborative abilities. A wide selection of courses are offered, on subjects including animation, fashion, graphic design, interior design, drawing, painting, cartooning, photography, and portfolio development. Parsons Pre-College Academy is a noncredit program.
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Parsons Paris (Paris, France)

Summer Intensive Studies
June 30-July 22 | Ages 16-18
Experience Paris as an insider, exploring contemporary European art, design, fashion, and photography firsthand in the city’s many design studios and museums. Taught at Parsons Paris, this three-week, three-credit program for high school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates surrounds students with a close-knit learning community in which they work directly with leading faculty and peers from around the world. Subjects of study include draping design, fashion photography, graphic design, and more.
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Q&A with The New School

Q: What makes The New School's summer intensives so much cooler than all the others?

A: Lots of things make The New School awesome, but we'll keep it brief. At The New School we're unapologetically passionate about everything we do and stand for: innovative approaches to thinking, creativity as a basic human capacity, social justice advocacy as a catalyst for human progress, radical inquiry as the key to unlocking your potential. And we thrive in the world's most modern, culturally diverse metropolises. That's pretty cool, too.

Q: Describe a typical day in your program.

A: The New School is a place where you can let your imagination run wild and are expected to work hard – we named our summer program "intensive" for a reason! We take our inspiration from New York, the city that never sleeps (although we will certainly give you time to sleep!). You’ll learn through guest lectures by industry professionals; encounters with New York City’s resources (museums, galleries, studios, architecture, and attitude); peer-to-peer critiques and class time, enabling you to develop quickly and dramatically; and assignments that expand your skill set as you work alongside other creative and passionate students.

In short, you'll experience each day in a way that is anything but typical.

Q: Where will I be staying and learning?

A: In New York, where most of our students choose to study, you'll live and learn in the heart of Greenwich Village (a historic center of American counterculture). After class and on the weekends, you're free to immerse yourself in downtown life, grab dinner with friends, and dive deeper into the riches of the city and your craft.

In Paris, we're in the very center of the city—right in the first arrondissement. You can read more about what's in store for you at Parsons Paris and where you’ll be living here.

Q: Who will I be learning from at The New School?

A: We offer you an experience that’s much like college, including classes taught by our outstanding regular full-time and part-time faculty, local artists, and industry professionals.

Q: What kinds of activities will I have the opportunity to participate in outside the classroom?

A: One of the great things about studying in New York or Paris is that there are many opportunities to redefine what is meant by "classroom." At The New School, the city is our laboratory—and our living room. We schedule plenty of activities to help you get familiar with and take full advantage of the vast resources at your fingertips. Check out our Local Guide and start dreaming up your first adventure.

Q: If The New School were a rock star, who would it be?

A: If we had to choose, maybe a mix of Lorde, Michael Franti, and Bob Dylan? (OK, we know you didn’t ask that, but we wanted give you a sense of the community you’ll be learning with here at The New School.)

Q: What have other teens been saying about The New School's summer intensives?

A: "I would encourage any future student to enroll in the summer program at Parsons. You’re on the go from day one."

More questions?

Call us at (212) 229-8933 ext. 4076 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, or find us on Facebook.

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