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Syracuse University: Summer College for HS Students

Summer College offers a broad range of courses, which represent the various colleges and schools at Syracuse University. Syracuse University Summer College offers high school students entering their junior or senior year the opportunity to explore college majors and experience college life with credit and noncredit programs along with commuter and residential options.

Rising sophomores may enroll in 2-week programs provided they are 15 years old when the program begins. Students move into the residence hall on Saturday, June 30. Classes formally start on Monday, July 2. The last day of classes is Friday, August 10.

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What draws teens to your program?

Explore a major, experience college life while still in high school, make friends from across the country and around the world.


What type of teen attends your program?

Students with academic curiosity and who are motivated and excited about going to college.


Where do your participants come from?

Students come from 30 US states and two dozen countries each summer.


What's a typical day like?

It's like the day of a college student!  Go to classes, utilize University academic and recreational resources and facilities, hang out with new friends in the residence hall or on campus, participate in residential activities, go on a weekend field trip to Niagara Falls.


What should participants expect to learn or take away from your program?

Faculty treat Summer College students like college students and students get a real sense of what it's like to live and learn on a college campus.  They leave Summer College with a new and broadened perspective on college.  They are more excited and motivated.  They go back to high school with a new sense readiness.


What are past participants saying about your program?

"Summer College was genuinely the best six weeks of my life.  I gained massive amounts of knowledge from the Media Literacy course. I explored abstract concepts and ideologies that are present in our society. The workload was strenuous, but filled with valuable information. My professors did not go easy on me. They treated all of us like college students. I learned the writing techniques and skills that are needed to analyze, explain, evaluate, and execute rhetoric flawlessly. I also learned how to prioritize and manage my time so that I can balance school work, friends, and my personal down time. I couldn’t have hoped to spend my summer any other way."
Nicole Azubuike, Summer College 2017

Ages: 15-18

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Physical Address:
700 University Ave.
Syracuse, NY USA 13244-2530

Mailing Address:
Summer College for High School Students, 700 University Ave.
Syracuse, NY USA 13244-2530

More Information:

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