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Gifted and Talented Silicon Valley Innovators

Gifted And Talented Silicon Valley Innovators (“GATSVI”) is the only high school entrepreneurship program that brings together the top resources in Silicon Valley to mentor and guide you and your like-minded peers (from all over the world!) to not only launch and accelerate your own startup company, but also pitch your business to actual investors for real Silicon Valley funding.

GATSVI Summer is a high impact summer immersion program made possible through the generous support from distinguished members of the Silicon Valley community, including renown faculty from Stanford University and UC Berkeley, and corporate executives and investors from Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Udacity, Tesla, Samsung, Sony, and Plug-and-Play Tech Center.

What is GATSVI?

GATSVI is Silicon Valley’s Gifted and Talented program for high school entrepreneurs. 40 students from around the globe gather in Silicon Valley to put to practice the core belief that high school entrepreneurs can impact the world. High school entrepreneurs have creative ideas dancing in their heads. All they need is the right platform, dedicated mentors, and startup resources to turn their imagination into reality. At GATSVI we provide all of the above and so much more because we take high school entrepreneurs and their ideas seriously.

What draws teens to your program?

1) 1:1 Mentor and coach
2) Exclusive inside access and courses at Stanford University and UC Berkeley
2) Privileged access and hands-on experience at Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Udacity, Tesla, Samsung, Sony, and Plug-and-Play Tech Center

Is GATSVI for me?

Is your mind an amazing idea lab? What if your idea is worth a billion dollars? What if real investors gave you 20 minutes? If you are an innovator, entrepreneur, leader, developer, change-maker, and smart-disrupter, GATSVI Summer is the perfect program for you. Even if you haven’t started thinking about your future by now, GATSVI will prepare you for college as well as entrepreneurship career success.

Where do your participants come from?

Globally from all 50 states and international countries.

What's a typical day like? 

Morning: Attend classes at Stanford University / UC Berkeley about design thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Immerse yourself in a fun, rigorous, college-level education and learning environment.
Visit and attend workshops and roundtable talks at Silicon Valley’s top companies. Work on your startup ideas with your team.
Enjoy fun team-building activities and share late-night discussions with your mentors. Have 1:1 Visioneering session with your counselor.

What should participants expect to learn or take away from your program?

1) Real Relationship with Mentor
2) Launch a real company
3) Certification from Stanford University professors
4) Improved pitching, presentation and public speaking skills
5) Prep for college & career
6) Recommendation letters
7) Global friendships
8) Professional network
9) Insider access to Silicon Valley
10) Having made the world a better place

Ages: 14-18

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

More Information:
(415) 828-5074

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Shantanuroy4141, Pleasanton, California
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This is the BEST program for rising entrepreneurs. People that attend will launch a company and pitch to investors for real money.

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