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UC Irvine x Gifted and Talented Institute ("GATI") offers pre-collegiate summer programs dedicated to providing gifted students with courses that give them an edge in the college admissions process and beyond.

The BEAM Program is recommended for students who are interested in exploring various STEM fields, including pre-med, dentistry, engineering, biology, chemistry, AI, robotics, and technology. Students accepted to the program can choose between the Research Track and the Innovation Track. 

Research Track students engage in cutting edge research with top professors and lab professionals with the ultimate goal of having their research published by the conclusion of the program. Innovation Track students get the unique experience of turning ideas into reality in the exciting world of business and technology startup.

What is UCI x GATI BEAM?

UCI, renowned for its latest advancements in the fields of Bio, Engineering, AI and Medicine (“BEAM”), provides real world STEM research and innovation opportunities. Research students have publication opportunities and innovation students have presentation opportunities. High tech research labs and state of the art facilities along with prominent professors and distinguished mentors are among the top resources at summer students’ disposal.

UCI x GATI BEAM invites a cohort of 40 high school students, who aspire to be future leaders in Bio Engineering AI and Medicine, to live, research, and innovate at the UCI campus. Students who are accepted into the program will choose from a list of research topics and be assigned to the corresponding research team, which usually consists of graduate level Ph.D students and professors. Innovation students will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of bio and technology startups that are changing the world as well as get hand on experience of turning their idea into reality.

What draws teens to your program?

The opportunity to experience real hands-on lab research and innovation projects while discovering the intersection between various fields in bio-engineering, AI, and medicine. Not only will you see a project from beginning to end, but you will have the opportunity to have your research published in a real publication and/or pitch your innovation before panelists.

Is UCI x BEAM for me?

If you are in high school and you are interested in the following subjects, BEAM is the perfect summer program for you:

- Engineering
- Biology
- Bio-tech
- Robotics
- AI
- Big Data

Where do your participants come from?

Globally from all 50 states and international countries.

What's a typical day like?

Morning: Take college-level workshops and classes in the fields of Bio Engineering AI and Medicine. Learn about the cutting-edge, up-to-date innovation that is shaking the world. Engage with the professors and field experts.
Afternoon: Work on your research at UCI lab with your research mentor. Have access to the state-of-the-art research lab and library. Visit top bio-medical device companies and leading life science companies in Irvine.
Evening: Meet with our mentors who help you discover and develop your unique talents and gifts. Build long-lasting relationships with them and other gifted and talented students through team-building activities.

What should participants expect to learn or take away from your program?

1) Research skills
2) Innovation
3) Science Writing
4) Presentation skills
5) Collaboration skills
6) Recommendation letter
7) Certificate of Completion

Ages: 14-19

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

More Information:
(415) 828-5074

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