November 21, 2011
By Liam DeBeasi BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
Liam DeBeasi BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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“Fable III” is the latest installment in the popular game series developed by Lionhead Studios. The Fable series has come a long way since its first release in 2004. From the Hero of Oakvale to the Hero of Bowerstone and, finally, to the King or Queen of Albion, spanning 550 years, one theme has remained consistent: power. With every choice there are consequences.

The Fable games take place in a land called Albion, and in this version, Albion is entering an industrial age. The objective is to rise to power and lead a rebellion against the player's older brother, the Tyrant King.

“Fable III” has a lot of strong points. Unfortunately, it has its share of weak ones too. The loading and saving times are much improved. While it is loading, the game will compare a player's stats to his Xbox LIVE friends, and there are posters on the loading screen that keep up with the current events in the main story line. The animation is smooth with no lagging or choppiness. The combat is much improved as well. A person can easily switch from sword to gun to magic and back without delay.

A new feature is the pause menu. In “Fable II,” the pause menu was list after list of clothes, weapons, and other items. When a player presses “Start” on their Xbox Controller in “Fable III,” they are teleported to a room called The Sanctuary, an interactive pause menu that the player can walk around and view their clothes, dyes, and magic gauntlets. The Sanctuary is a creative way of displaying inventory.

Weapons are much more customizable than previous versions. There are no more augments; instead, the weapon morphs to what your character is like. Players can mix magic spells together by putting on different gauntlets, such as Fireball and Ice Storm or Blades and Ice Storm.

The dialogue is a big step up from “Fable II.” It is fantastic and very creative. The story line has a lot of depth, and players will get lost in the world of Albion. The main story is quite emotional. It has happy times and sad times, as well as some British humor.

Throughout, players get to know the characters, each with his own personality. Jasper is the one who cracks most of the jokes, even if they aren't very funny. Over all, the story line is the best script of all the Fable games.

As for difficulty, the game gets harder as you progress, but anyone should be able to pick up a controller and play it without too much difficulty.

The world of Albion changes based on a player's decisions, unlike “Fable II.” Once players become king or queen, they can change Albion to their liking. Players will actually feel powerful knowing that they can get rid of child labor – or bring it back. The world of Albion is huge, and there are interesting side quests.

“Fable III” has a handful of flaws. The graphics aren't a great representation of the capabilities of the Xbox 360. Also, some of the mechanics – like the touch feature – are a little buggy, and some parts of the story have anti-climatic endings. When in combat, slow-motion attacks occur much too often and can get annoying. Also, the game opens the player up to the world too quickly, which isn't a problem for those who have played Fable games, but can be bad for newbies.

The Fable series is so unique that it can't be compared to games like “Call of Duty” or “Halo.” Apart from the annoying bugs and the bits that could use touching up, this is a great game. I recommend it for anyone looking for exciting adventures and memorable characters.

It's rated “M” for Mature.

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on Jun. 30 2013 at 1:50 am
Cyber-Skull PLATINUM, Norfolk, Virginia
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Fable III is the best out of the Fable trilogy in my opinion.

Sinc321 BRONZE said...
on Dec. 9 2011 at 8:09 am
Sinc321 BRONZE, Centerville, Ohio
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Dude this game is boss, i agree with what you said on your 2nd paraghraph first senence i belive

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