Stupid Games

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I'm slipping through the cracks of your stupid games
You give me the same old cards
So I don't- play the same.
You know the world I came from?
Guise what! you came from it too.
Can you change cause I'm trying to- change for you?

I'll give it to you-
I'm not your clay.
I'm not gonna play your
Stupid games.
I may be clay-

It doesn't mean you can do it your way.

I know it's hard sometimes,
But you can't fix yourself by shaping someone else.
I said I would die for you.
But you say to me,
Your just clay.
I'm never gonna get my way.

So I'm learning to forgive and forget,
Although you may shape me
But I won't let it be.
I'm not your clay.
So I guise I need to teach you-

Cause I'm not your clay.
So Don't shape me that way.
You and your silly games,
Always getting your way.
So don't let it go
Just change your mind.

I would be there for you.
Would you be there for me...
So change to be just friends.
It's not just me but it is you.
If you don't I'll forgive you anyway.
But I'm not your clay.
But you can't shape me that way.
You can't fix yourself by shaping someone else.

I know you
You will tell a lie
But inside you really want to tell the truth
Why don't you try the truth
So adjust.
You can't fix your self by shaping someone else.

Adjust, fix yourself

Cause you can't play your stupid games,
Cause I'm not clay
I've played your stupid game too long
So you through me away.

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