Ocean Of Tears - Everyone s Their Brakes

September 18, 2017
By Arhepler22 GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
Arhepler22 GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
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When I was young,
I had many tears.
For ages - and - many years.
Nothing could set me free.
Thinking of all the oceans - and seas. -
And many tears on my face.
You'd never be my favorite in life.
But for every tear I'd learn a right, -
Bringing back the oceans of pain. -
Thinking of all the seas of rain -
Like a hurricane.
When I realized the tears weren't my part. From emotions. -
For all the notions of all the tears - I rain - all the pain in my heart. -
I'm only human human.
Everyone has their brakes.
Make or brake.
But everyone has their brakes.
When the tears on my part, were only lessons to the heart -
For I will take with me, and see the real me,
From the tears off the sea.
Everyone has their brakes.
Bringing back the pain -
Thinking of the seas of rain,
Like a hurricane. -
I'll always remember my part,
So I'll always be true to the heart.
When I learned what tears ment to me -
I knew the way to be.
I brought the sun, so be a wear.
Feelings of care and rooms full of air - to be free.
Everyone has their brakes,
With loved ones in their hearts.
Everyone has their brakes.

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