Darkness (Bleeding from My Being)

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I wander through the darkness
Never finding peace
I’ve lost all of my sanity
I’ve become my own beast

Locked up in a jail cell
Never being free
Voices call and I damn them all
For only THEY will call to me

I’m all alone
Darkness becomes my home
Crawling forth from my despair
Ashes falling everywhere

Calling from the dark
I need you here
But you sneak away and I’m left to stay
Standing alone in fear

*Darkness, and voices that I hear
*darkness, voices everywhere…

I called for you every night
I wished you here by my side
I couldn’t stand to see the sight
You drift away into the night.

Causing pain and even then
I have lost my only friend
Now the voices call again
You said you’d be back but I don’t know when.

Calling from the dark
I feel so scared
Buy you leave me be so carelessly
I would have thought you’d care


The darkness consumes me
It eats me alive
It courses through my veins
My soul is rotting from inside

I needed you, You abandoned me
You left me out to dry,
Now I have this broken heart
Its bleeding out, bleeding till I die

Now Im all alone
Empty room of bones
They point and mock
They cry and talk
My sanity has finally gone


I’m bleeding from my being
Can’t you see me weeping?
My brain is twisted up in knots

I’m drowning in my sorrow
I’m hiding it so well though
I’m a better actor than you thought

Ill bleed and then I’ll cry
I’ll bleed out until I die.

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