January 1, 2018
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I am an alien.
Not the bugged eyed gun wielding one in the movies.
A different type of foreign and lost creature,
I don't belong here.
I long to feel emotion like the humans
but the bittersweet smiles and salty stinging tears have given way to a void of numb
I could have been so beautiful
Maybe long ago I was, but I became a mindless vessel
Just an empty body.
When did that happen exactly?
Was it when I began spending my free time blankly staring at the wall?
When did I stop smiling?
Did it occur slowly over time?
Evolutions cruel joke.
I'm just reused stardust
that remembered its roots.
So much potential
I'm sorry I couldn't be like others
brimming with insights,
overflowing with inspiration.
But I'm just so empty.
No, on second thought I'm not an alien.
I'm nothing.

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