December 31, 2017
By Aubziana PLATINUM, Tacoma, Washington
Aubziana PLATINUM, Tacoma, Washington
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I'm not your therapist man on the bus
I'm not your therapist acquaintance from school
I'm not your therapist kids from my class
I'm not even my closest friends therapist

For a reason

You drain the energy from my soul, the spark from my heart
All you do is take take take and never give
But now there is nothing left to take
You have drained all of me
I have no advice left to give

And I am sick of helping you
Because you refuse to help yourself

The author's comments:

I love my people, and this definatly doesn't apply to all my friends. I wrote this because even when I was little people would come to me with their problems, and usually i'm fine with it but now I have nothing left to offer.

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